November 23, 2014


Ohio Republicans want to offer in-state tuition to college students who register to vote in Ohio

COLUMBUS — Ohio Republicans want to force universities to offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students who request documents from the schools in order to register to vote in Ohio.

Republicans in the House have included the provision in the state budget now being considered in the Senate. They say they’re trying to streamline the system.

Universities often provide documents to serve as students’ proof of residency when they register to vote. The provision would require universities continuing to provide that documentation to charge those students the lower tuition offered to Ohio residents.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, critics are saying it’s really designed to prevent universities from making voting easy for out-of-state students, who mostly vote Democratic.

Universities say it would cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Joe Smith

    If they are not residents of Ohio, they should not vote in Ohio. I do not want an out of state person influencing what goes on in our state. They can vote absentee in their own state.

  • Phillip

    If college students live in Ohio 9 months of the year, which they do, they have every right to vote in Ohio. By law they can register to vote here, and the practical reality is that they are much more invested in Ohio’s politics and policy than those of their home state. However, voting should have nothing to do with in-state or out-of-state tuition…it’s a tax issue. Ohio residents’ taxes help fund Ohio’s public universities, which is why they get cheaper tuition. It also entices good students to stay in Ohio. As the law stands right now, at least for Ohio State, out-of-state students who attended an Ohio high school for 4 years receive in-state tuition, which makes total sense because they are, in an academic sense, an Ohio student. If anyone willing to register to vote can get in-state tuition, then the benefits for Ohio students are largely lost.

    • Joe Smith

      Going to college does not make them a resident of Ohio, if that was the case, there would be no such thing as in state or out of state tuition as all full time students would be residents and get in state tuition.

  • angelandfire

    “What the bill would do is penalize public universities for providing
    their students with the documents they need to vote,” Daniel Tokaji, a
    professor and election law expert at Ohio State University told TPM.
    “It’s a transparent effort at vote suppression — about the most blatant
    and shameful we’ve seen in this state, which is saying quite a lot.”

    The legislation is a provision in the state budget that was
    backed by the Republican majority in the Ohio House of Representatives.
    It is now headed to the Ohio Senate, which also has a GOP majority.

    • angelandfire

      AND is it just me or does the headline in the CT not even get close to what is really going on in this legislation. CT…..when you read this story in other sources one gets the impression YOU are minimizing what is really in this legislation and how harmful it is. THIS is voter suppression in the worst way.

  • Michael A. Figueroa

    More voter suppression from the sore-loser GOP. One of the many reasons why they got trounced in the last elections.

    • Joe Smith

      You mean more stopping of illegal votes .
      If they want to vote Ohio, fine, become a Ohio resident, get an Ohio licence plate and driver licence and pay Ohio taxes and then you would get in state tuition.Do it the honest moral way.