November 24, 2014


Body found near wooded lot on Lexington in Lorain

LORAIN — Police are investigating the death of a male whose body was found near a wooded lot on Lexington Avenue.
According to witnesses, the body was discovered around
8 p.m. Friday after a woman and man drove past, observing wild turkeys.
“I saw the turkey and then I looked down and saw the shirt,” said the woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she was helping the police with their investigation.
The woman then called 911.
Residents of the neighborhood were distraught and were awaiting word of the victim’s identity.
Another witness said he had walked down Lexington Avenue earlier in the evening but did not notice the body lying in the grass.
“We just want to know if he was from around here,” the youth said.
Lorain police Detective Steve Curry did not comment on the case.
The incident is under investigation.
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  • Phil Blank

    Who wrote this story?
    Explain how the police got there BEFORE she called 911?
    Cause that is the way its written!

  • Jason Clark

    No, Phil Blank. Normally, that line would read “I saw the turkey and then I looked down and saw the shirt,” said Jane Doe. She then called 911. The woman chose not to be identified so they are explaining that she is not being identified because she is cooperating with police. Nowhere does it say “Police arrived and the woman helped with the investigation, then she called 911.”

  • Shelley Miller

    Ya know how we know that stories like this are way too common.. people couldn’t care less about the victim, his family nor the way he died… it’s all about how the article was written. Hmmmm.. wonder what that says about us :-(