November 26, 2014


Elyria takes steps to put tax renewal on November ballot

ELYRIA — City officials took the first steps Monday toward placing a 0.5 percent income tax renewal issue on the upcoming November ballot.

By passing two ordinances saying they intend to go to the electorate in the near future and support efforts to pass the issue, City Council members are beginning the process OF starting a campaign geared toward educating voters on the issue. Every five years, city officials must have residents pass a ballot issue so the city can continue to collect 0.5 percent of the total 1.75 percent income tax rate. It does not increase the amount of money taxpayers pay, but must be voted on before it expires to ensure collection can continue.

The temporary tax accounts for roughly $6 million in yearly revenue for the city.

“We just need to do this before we can go on the ballot and I wanted to start now before Council goes into its summer schedule,” said Law Director Scott Serazin.

Mayor Holly Brinda said the one is the most important issue facing the city this year. If it fails, the city finance director would have to reduce next year’s expected revenue by millions and a second vote could not happen until November 2014.

“This will help us,” Brinda told Council members after the unanimous passage. “I think an ordinance of support will put us in a much better position to rally volunteers for the campaign, by showing a united front between Council and the administration.”

The November general election is set for Nov. 5. So far, the income tax renewal is the only city issue to appear on the ballot. City officials have until Aug. 7 to certify to the Lorain County Board of Elections that it plans to place an issue on the ballot.”

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  • Joe Smith

    Cut costs 0.5 percent

  • Anonymous

    We already pay this tax so it should have no problem being passed. If it doesn’t pass the citizens of Elyria will suffer! Many things we have become accustomed to will be gone & these things aren’t even offered by other cities that pay a hell of alot more in taxes! Do your research before you vote!!!

  • Mark

    “Elyria will suffer! Many things we have become accustomed to will be gone & these things aren’t even offered by other cities that pay a hell of alot more in taxes”
    Such as trash everywhere down town. Break-in’s every night . Money wasted on changing our ambulance service that dont need changed! City workers that mow lawn but have no clue how to use a string trimmer. City workers that patch pot holes and tamp down the hot mix with a shovel , instead of doing it right and useing the small steam roller the city owns. Not to mention the pot hole patching machines the city owns , but never use. This city is just as wasteful now as it was when Grace was in office. The Good ole Boy mentality is just the same or stronger. Cant wait till the next Mayoral election.

    • John

      Glad you’re part of the problem Mark!

  • Anonymous

    Well I don’t know about you however where I live potholes are always taken care of, leaves are always picked up, & the streets are always plowed! Also when you have idiots that don’t give a crap about the city, it doesn’t matter how many city workers clean there will be more trash thrown on the street the next day! Just another point, the inadequate job you think the city does wont even offer these services at all if this doesn’t pass! I would rather have potholes filled than not at all or the roads plowed even if its not up to your self entitled standards! You think things are bad now just watch the city get even worse if this issues doesnt pass! Oh and I don’t know what you think another mayor is going to do different! They are all the same with their own agendas!