October 31, 2014


Cleveland plans to double number of red-light cameras

CLEVELAND — State lawmakers may be considering a ban of controversial red-light cameras, but one of Ohio’s largest cities is planning to double the number they have in service.

Cleveland City Council approved a contract Monday with a vendor that will add the cameras to 26 more intersections in the city. The city already has 23 cameras operating.

Camera-generated tickets are civil infractions that carry $100 fines.

The Plain Dealer reports that council members credited red-light cameras with increasing drivers’ awareness of their speed and carelessness at red lights.

More than a dozen Ohio cities use traffic-enforcement cameras. Cleveland collected nearly $6 million from them last year.

  • hottamomma

    of course they are going to waste money to buy them and then when they become illegal, then they gonna say we couldve spent that money on schools. and if they r getting more cameras, they must going to lay off more officers since we dont need them cause we got cameras, and yes i no some a-hole gonna say well the officers can pay attention to hig crime areas. well thats really where they need the cameras at, where people commit felonies, not where people commit misdemeanors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000447612584 Joe Smith

    You have the right to question your accuser in court which you can’t do with a camera and accidents increase in area where these cameras are installed, but that’s ok as long as the city gets more money.

  • JoyceEarly

    Hopefully the state will pass the law to make them illegal as they should be and Cleveland will have wasted the money.

    • John V-O Meschke

      I don’t understand why the red light cam should be illegal. If you drive like an idiot you should be fined.