October 20, 2014


Ohio Internet cafe crackdown advancing

COLUMBUS — State lawmakers in Ohio are moving fast on proposals cracking down on storefront sweepstakes parlors whose legality has been questioned.

Committee votes were scheduled today on a pair of bills, one effectively banning the so-called Internet cafes and another extending an existing moratorium on setting up any new venues. Floor votes on both could come as soon as Wednesday.

The bills follow raids on the establishments in Cleveland and Youngstown joined by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. DeWine has pointed to a recent court ruling that declares the establishments illegal. Backers say if they weren’t legal then legislators wouldn’t need to make the changes to Ohio law they have planned.

  • john demirjian

    why the interest in shutting down internet cafes. They seem harmless.

    • logdog

      People just don’t realize the seriousness of gambling in the Internet Cafes ! It could lead to playing the Lottery ! While we’re at it, how about a crackdown on sports pools at work ? Because that could lead to gambling at the Internet Cafes ! And we thought we had a problem with drugs, robbery and murder ! Don’t laugh,,, this is serious $h17 !!!