November 27, 2014


Mom guilty in case of wandering child

ELYRIA — The Elyria mother whose 3-year-old child was found walking down the road alone four times was found guilty Tuesday of child endangering in Elyria Municipal Court.

Latasha Andrewski, 33, was sentenced to pay $444 in fines and court costs, according to court records. A 30-day jail sentence was suspended on the condition that Andrewski has no further incidents for two years.

Andrewski was charged with two counts of child endangering after her arrest Feb. 14, when police officers found her 3-year-old son in the area of East Avenue and Sixth Street at 9:10 a.m.

Police said it was 35 degrees outside and the boy was dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and rubber boots.

Andrewski was cited for child endangering Feb. 13 for a similar incident. Police said Andrewski was sleeping and she was surprised her son had gotten outside.

The boy was also found alone twice before — once while in the care of his father, police said.

Andrewski’s second child endangering charge was dismissed in court Tuesday.

  • Joe Smith

    If the kid is that small, all you have to do is put one of those locking chains on the door near the top to stop this.

  • Crystal

    Seriously?!? You should have invested in locks installed higher on the door and out of the child’s reach or door alarms, which alarm you when the door(s) has been opened.

  • Just Saying….

    I have to wonder if this will be one of those cases where something horrible happens to that child and everyone asks why no one saw the warning signs and nothing was done to protect the him. Like all the issues Children’s Services is dealing with for not removing children living in terrible conditions.

  • RL71

    The Judge should have given the child a 30-day sentence, he would be safer in jail….

  • Carrie Watson

    I am utterly baffled at how they could let this happen 2 days in a row and not give this woman jail time.