November 27, 2014


Lorain business charged in fraud operation

LORAIN — A Lorain business and six Lorain County residents were charged as part of a $582,000 food stamp fraud operation.
Adames Deli and Grocery Inc., 1700 E. 31st St., was indicted on one count of theft and 10 counts of illegal use of food stamps Wednesday by the Lorain County grand jury. The indictment was part of a 15-month investigation by the Ohio Investigative Unit, the Lorain Police Department and Lorain County Drug Task Force.
Among those charged with illegal use of food stamps was Erica Perez, 29, of Lorain.
Perez was sentenced to probation in January after she was convicted of seven counts of child endangering and resisting arrest. Perez was arrested July 5 after police found her seven children — one child was not home — in a filthy home with very little food.
Also charged with illegal use of food stamps were Lorain residents Monica Perez and Lydia Vega, both 31, and Elyria residents Malivnanh Phouthavong, 23, and Marlon Charley, 38.
Greg Croft, the agent in charge of the Cleveland District Office for the Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit, said he could not comment on the specific charges, but he said five of the people who were indicted admitted to making illegal purchases with their food stamp cards.
Perez was under investigation prior to her arrest in July in relation to the food stamp fraud, he said.
The investigation of Adames Deli and Grocery began 15 months ago after a citizen’s complaint to the Ohio Investigative Unit. Investigators used a confidential informant to purchase newspapers, lighters and cigarettes at the store, he said, and the informant also was able to pay off a cell phone card using food stamp benefits.
“It was a typical low-scale operation,” he said. “At least, that’s what we thought at the time.”
During the course of the investigation, Croft said investigators allege that the business operator, Rafeal Coll, 41, of Lorain, had been defrauding the food stamp system for three years, resulting in a theft of $582,000. Coll was indicted on 10 counts of illegal use of food stamps.
According to the Ohio Investigative Unit, it is illegal to use someone else’s food stamp card or sell a food stamp card. It is also illegal to purchase beer, liquor, cigarettes or other non-food items with the card.
The owner of Adames Deli and Grocery was not charged as investigators could not prove he had participated in food stamp fraud.
“The owner was actually out of state,” Croft said. “We couldn’t link him to any involvement.”
A phone number listed for Adames Deli and Grocery was not a working number, and the store was closed Friday afternoon.
According to a news release from the Ohio Investigative Unit, the findings of the investigation will be presented to the Liquor Control Commission after criminal proceedings are complete. Possible penalties include fines or a suspension or revocation of the store’s liquor permit.
Croft said the investigation was not related to an investigation at Shopway Food Mart in Elyria, which was closed temporarily after investigators at the Ohio Investigative Unit uncovered what they believe was food stamp fraud involving the store and a nearby cake shop. He said, however, that investigators will continue to examine complaints from area residents.
Anyone who suspects retailers are participating in food stamp fraud are encouraged to contact the Ohio Investigative Unit by dialing #677 on their cell phones.
“It’s not just the taxpayers that are paying the price, it’s the children who have to go without food,” Croft said. “It’s a shame. Every time we do these investigations, it just breaks my heart.”
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  • chelle

    Typical ghetto ass lazy people with 7 f#&$ing kids that I’m F$@&ing supporting as I fight breast cancer while I have to work so these FU$&@ING LOSERS CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DAMN SYSTEM!!!! I DON’T FEEL BAD FOR MOST PEOPLE ON THE DAMN SYSTEM!!!!Hope they go to prison.

    • JesseJames

      Liar…no one supports this behavior…but don’t try to seed the conversation.

  • Mark

    what are the odds of Perez getting caught, again? Almost sounds like they were watching her… that said, they didn’t even scratch a problem more gargantuan than a aircraft carrier in size. Many “welfare” receipients network and keep each other up to speed on the who, what, where, when, and how and of how to scam with their debit card, get cigarettes on it, etc. I was surprised to see some of the autopart stores accept it! For what, the chips they sell? Walmart has – on their gas pumps – that they accept the card. For gas??
    Let’m (those milking the system, and perpetuating the milking) starve a bit; they’ll slowly learn to find work and actually work for food.

  • hottamomma

    i hear you can buy stuff like that now in other states with ur food stamp card. like california. you can even use it at mcdonalds and burger king. now thats messed up and its coming here soon. i think food stamps should be used for needs only not wants! the govt better get their sh*t together

  • hottamomma

    marty give me some food stamps! LOL LOL LOL

  • Joe Smith

    “Perez was arrested July 5 after police found her seven children — one child was not home — in a filthy home with very little food.”

    So she was charged with food stamp fraud yet did have food for her kids?