November 23, 2014


Woman charged with robbing landlord

VERMILION — A 23-year-old woman was arrested after she was accused of robbing her 72-year-old landlord who had evicted her.



The landlord, Robert Masters, told police he was in the process of evicting Krystalyn Morris from her apartment on Devonshire Road, and he locked her bedroom window, which is how she entered the apartment.

Masters said Morris returned to the apartment and began yelling at him for locking her out. Masters told police Morris then pushed him down and grabbed his wallet, which contained approximately $100 cash.

During the struggle, Masters hit the panic alarm on his key chain, which set off his car alarm, and Morris took Masters’ phone and left the area, according to a police report.

A neighbor, who heard the panic alarm, told police he saw Morris leaving, and she told him she was going to call police on Masters for locking her out.

Police found Morris walking with a man on Edgewater Drive, and she was arrested and charged with robbery. She was additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after police found what appeared to be a homemade crack pipe.

Morris denied that the pipe was hers, and she said she was holding it for a friend. She also denied robbing her landlord and said she only confronted him about locking her out and going through her belongings.

A preliminary hearing on the charges was set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at Vermilion Municipal Court.

  • Mark

    it’s not my pipe. I’m holding it for a friend. And I got tired of the plastic back making my pocket/leg sweat, so I smoked the marijauna… but again, I did it for my friend…

    I have yet to meet a smart drunk or crackhead.

    • Paul Lewis

      She was also likely “holding” the old guy’s wallet for him, too.
      She was probably afraid he would lose it’s content after she knocked him out.

  • scunnered74

    Wow. what a waste of life.

  • suzie

    Wow if people only knew the truth. Masters was her SugarDaddy and mostlikly mad because she was sneaking her boyfriend in and out the window. She just got out of a drug treatment program not 2 months ago. See what drugs and bad parenting causes when put together!

    • denise

      dam u jus put her bussiness on blast.. not coolo, not cool! Let me guess
      ur perfect?

      • soldier4mine

        Way to go Denise defend the assailant crackhead…not the injured 72 year old man… what is this world coming to?

    • soldier4mine

      First off Suzie let’s say hypothetically u r correct …does that give her the right to harm a 72 year old man that obviously at some point tried to help her….also Suzie your comment makes a person wonder how u know such personal details ……hmmmmmmmm…..ask yourself Suzie. what if it was your father would you be so loose lipped?