November 25, 2014


Ohio gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon

CLEVELAND — Ohio motorists are grumbling as gas prices begin to hover around $4 a gallon.

Rising oil prices amid fears about refinery problems in the Great Lakes have pushed pump prices up over the dreaded $4 mark at some stations across the state.

According to auto club AAA, the state average for a gallon of regular gas was $3.93 today, an increase of 9 cents from Wednesday. And it’s 27 cents higher than a week ago.

An analyst tells The Plain Dealer the supply of gasoline has been unstable in the Great Lakes region, where two large refineries are either partly shut or fully shut down for maintenance.

The national average today is $3.63, up just 2 cents from a week ago.

  • Dan Lawrence

    The out of control gas prices are a perfect example of leadership that no longer exists. Where are elected officials who would stand up and remove the wrongs on behalf of the people? Where are the editors who knew how to attack a situation that they knew was wrong? We have some talk show hosts that continue to challenge issues like this and even they are getting pressure from those who are attempting to restrict the American people.

    • Scott

      They are in the pockets of the oil companies. Who are getting richer from the American people. Soon it will be $5.00 a gallon. There is a bolt loose at the refinery, better raise the prices.

      • Mark

        and it is like that song two steps forward three steps back… they raise is – always in 20 or 25c jumps, then sllllowwwly trickle it down… but it never gets to the original amount – but then jumps, again, 20-25c… it is slowly going higher and higher, but the decreases help our attention wander…

        Remember a year or two ago? It jumped near $4, and everyone screamed “alternative fuels. Battery power”… even bama got up there on his podium and pushed for it… and what happened? The oil and gas companies slowly lowered prices (so kept making a profit, but slowly lost the amount) until…. we all forgot, and stopped pushing for alternative fuels… so they won, as they got us all back.

        and now it is time on their agenda to start ripping us off again, fully waiting for us to react. If we don’t, it means we condone it.

        Notice it is higher than it’s ever been (or close to it) and no one is saying a word?

        How soon we forget…

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    When there were a couple temporary price increases during Bush’s years, the papers and world wide web were placing the blame on him. But the lame stream media is giving Obama a pass while citizens are getting raped at the pump. The price of gas was around $1.86 when Obama entered office and suggested that he’d help raise the price so people would be motivated to work on green energy.

    This has been the HIGHEST four year average in history!

  • Mark

    PA, who for the past 3 yrs has been 20-30c more a gallon, is a full 60c a gallon CHEAPER right now. Ohio is robbing us…