November 22, 2014


6-year-old hospitalized for dog bite

LORAIN — A 6-year old boy was taken to a hospital after he received a severe dog bite Tuesday. 
The boy was playing in a neighbor’s yard with the neighbor’s children on East 24th Street when police said the neighbor’s 2-year-old akita dog bit the boy several times.
According to a police report, the dog’s owner warned the boy not to play with or pet the dog because he was unsure if it would bite. The man told police he was at the front of the home when he heard the boy screaming.
Police and an ambulance were called, and officers arrived to find the boy with a “deep laceration” to the left side of his neck and chest. Police said the tip of the boy’s finger had been nearly severed and his left ear was torn.
The boy was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center, but a hospital spokeswoman would not comment on whether he was still a patient or on his condition because the child is a minor.
The dog’s owner requested that the dog be removed from his home and euthanized, according to a police report. The man was told to keep the dog inside until the Lorain County dog warden and the city Health Department were contacted.

  • grannyof6

    If the “idiot” warned a 6 yr. old about the dog why didn’t he just put the dog in the house before going into the front yard. So now he says, “Oh take the dog away and have it put down”! This little boy has a long road ahead of him along with his parents. Wishing a speedy recovery.

  • d c c

    what a “dumb” move by the adult, confine that dog while the children are playing, get out your wallet you need to pay the medical bills and have that dog put down

  • TRB SR.

    When are our downstate legislators going to pass a bill making it a felony charge against the OWNER for vicious crimes committed by their monster dogs? Probably never. These akita dogs are for hunting bear and wild boars for God’s sake! Not a season goes by without a child being maimed by a vicious dog in Lorain. The dog removed and euthanized ain’t gonna help heal the child who was brutalized.

    • Smira29595

      My Akitas ( I have 2) are gentle as can be it is how they are raised.

      • TRB SR.

        That’s because you are a responsible owner. I don’t know if you spend any time in Lorain or live there, but there are serious threats all the time from mean dogs owned by irresponsible owners

        • Smira29595

          No I moved from the area. But keep up on local news. Thank you are right it is the owner not the breed. and yes owners should be responsible for injuries if their dogs attack.

    • Todd Lattea

      Why should the dog owner be charge with a felony or anything for that matter in this case? From what I read the kid was trespassing and was even warned it wasn’t good idea to pet or play with the dog. If anything the kids parents should be charge for trespassing and child neglect . It not the dog owners fault the kid wasn’t being supervised. These dogs may be use in some cases for hunting bear and wild boars but humans are hunters of animals and other humans in some cases too. But hope the child has a speedy recovery. And hope parents read this and learn to teach kids not to play or pet unknown animals like they suppose to ,along with not talking to strangers.

      • TRB SR.

        Sounds like you’re implying that the animal was the victim. You mean to tell me that people actually hunt other people! Man I was in the U,S. Army for 3 yrs. and I’m just now finding out! Wow, what an atrocity!

        • Todd Lattea

          Clearly i was referring to humans killing other humans when i said hunt each other. But the dog is a victim to a point. Most likely the dog is going to be put to sleep cause of this, when the dog was on his owners property and someone was intruding. Not the other way around. Plus wouldnt be surprised if this kid was hitting the dog instead of petting it as most young kids do,and the dog could of been defending itself. But my main point is that this country has enough dumb laws and dont need another one like you suggest

          • TRB SR.

            Oh, OK. Let’s give animal equal rights too. That makes a lot of sense. Did you see the child getting ripped up?

      • PitOwner

        “The boy was playing in a neighbor’s yard with the neighbor’s children”

        Doesn’t sound like he was trespassing to me.

  • jmgatskiejr

    It breaks my heart to hear about another kid being bitten or mauled. I personally owned an Akita for several years and did have a problem if he got loose where he would chase kids on bikes and try to grab the rear tire. I thought it was just a quirk till I read historical studies that showed they brought down their prey by slashing hamstrings of the animals they pursued.
    Despite this he never showed any aggression toward anyone until it was almost too late. My newborn son about two months old when my wife was changing his clothes on a couch and turned away to grab something when she heard him growl and the snap of his jaws. She turned back to see him about a foot away from the couch still tensed up, grumbling. He had not actually bitten my son and we will never know what transpired, if he came over and accidentally Got kicked…, but it doesn’t matter one iota. I came flying home from work, took the dog to a relatives fenced in yard for the night and the humane society the next day.
    After having had the dog for 6 years, it took the blink of an eye for him to almost change our lives terribly.
    These animals are muscular, athletic, dangerous and have the jaw structure to rip a person up in a heartbeat. They have no business in a household with children. No matter how good the history has been, it only takes a moment.

  • Michelle

    Our neighbor who since moved had an akita and the DAMN dog would get loose and run in our yard. Jumped on my daughter who was 3 at the time but the dog wanted to play. We had a lab at the time and we would tie him out a few times they would attack each other but not once had I heard the skits growl. Doesn’t matter what kind of dog, you never know how they may act. Most big dogs like our lab/hound mix don’t realize how strong they are. Even if they are playing they can get carried away and bite hard.

  • SweetScarlet

    I’d like to know where the kid’s parents were in all of this. The neighbor tried to warn him not to go near the dog… is it now the responsibility of random neighbors to watch kids? If I’ve got MY dog in MY yard and I warn a trespasser about him, and I’ve got him secured… the next logical question is, where is the supervision for this child? The parents should have been there to watch the 6 year old.

  • Bob Sweatt

    I am on the fance about this one. The neighbor if he knew that the dog might be unsafe. He should have had the common sense to take the dog into the house before going to the front of his house.
    But like someone said, Where was this 6 yo’s parents at why wasn’t someone watching this kid.
    I think both the dog owner and the kids parents are to blame. Hope they all learned a lesson from this.

  • Linda Groves

    We don’t have an Akita, but we have a German Shepherd in a fenced yard!! I have seen stupid kids teasing her, and even throwing rocks at her ,BUT IF she was to bite any of these brats , we would be held AT FAULT!! That’s not fair to me or my dog!! Our fence is at least 20 inches away from the sidewalk ,maybe more. The city of Elyria says the fence has to be 18 inches from the sidewalk. So IF any of these BRATS should get bit, why should we be held responsible?? Parents need to be responsible for their kids being BRATS!!!