November 24, 2014


Man cited for possession after he told police his marijuana was stolen

LORAIN — A Lorain man was cited for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia around 11:35 a.m. Saturday after he told police someone had stolen his marijuana.

Derrick Boone admitted to having a small amount of marijuana after police responded to an unwanted man call in the 4700 block of Chelsea Avenue. Boone, 34, of the 3700 block of Gary Avenue, pulled police Officer Rudy Arce aside to speak with him privately about being upset that someone stole his marijuana, according to Arce’s report. When asked, Boone said he was carrying marijuana in his sweatpants.

A small amount of marijuana was seized. Boone’s girlfriend said she called police after he became angry with her and accused her sons of stealing the marijuana.

  • Wanderer

    And he was one of the smart ones…..

  • Greg Saltis

    Yeah, the kids that took my dope are driving around in the car I stole and spending the money I got from that bank robbery. What can you do for me officer?

  • Mark

    sadly, these same geniuses have a drivers license… or plain don’t but drive anyway. If they had a gun instead of a 3,500 pound missiles, they’d be arrested.

  • agent5959

    Yeah, the priority is the person with naturally growing plants in their pocket, not the thief. Another example of jumbled priorities in the War on Drugs.

    • Traci Anne Wolford

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • hottamomma

    i hope they investigated to theft like they r suppose to when someone file a complaint

  • hottamomma

    y didnt they arrest they guy who got robbed trying to buy marijuana about a month or so ago? but they arrested the guys who robbed him.

  • sueishere

    Just legalize it for crying out loud. Geez

  • Zaccheus Abraham

    This article, like the Chronicle-Telegram, is an anachronism.