November 23, 2014


Animal group demands firing of North Ridgeville humane officer over kitten deaths

NORTH RIDGEVILLE — The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is calling for a local humane officer to be fired and prosecuted for his alleged shooting of five kittens in the backyard of a local home Monday.

“Our stance is that Officer Accorti should be charged with five counts of animal cruelty and dismissed,” Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA said today.

“This man needs to lose his job,” Landon said, referring to Humane Officer Barry Accorti, a long-time police officer who retired a few years ago and was re-hired as one of the city’s humane officers through the police department.

“Nothing could justify these actions,” Landon said.

The Ohio SPCA will be sending letters to Mayor David Gillock and Police Chief Michael Freeman demanding that Accorti lose his job and face charges for the alleged incident, Landon said.

Calls to North Ridgeville police were not returned today, but an initial call to city hall verified city officials are fully aware of the incident, and an investigation is or will shortly be underway.

According to a posting today on the North Ridgeville Police Facebook page, the department took down the page Monday night “due to the overwhelming abuse.”

“Obviously, we are aware of the complaint against H.O. (Humane Officer) Accorti and are looking into it,” the posting said.

The post continued, stating “we understand that emotions run high in this type of incident we absolutely will not tolerate any threats made toward ANYONE on our page.”

The police department posting went on to say that while the city’s law enforcement branch “are firm believers in everyone having their right to express their opinions about what we do, even dissenting, but they must maintain a level of common decency.”

Landon said her agency was aware that the police and city hall were being flooded with online postings and calls regarding the alleged shooting of the kittens.

The state SPCA cannot take any legal action in the matter as it has no jurisdiction over the county or law enforcement agencies located here, Landon said.

Landon said the SPCA understands there are situations in which police or humane officers must act if they are faced with a violent or attacking or badly injured animal.

“If an officer is being charged or there is an animal hit by a car that is suffering greatly, then they must act,” Landon said.

“We’re horrified that this man did this,” Landon said. “He does not deserve the title of humane officer.”

Landon said she had been in contact with the family at whose residence the supposed shootings occurred.

“They do not want people to know who they are or where it happened,” Landon said.

“They are very traumatized by this and they are trying to work through the police department,” Landon said. “They feel the department is being supportive and is on their side.”

Landon added “we don’t buy that. We know how these situations go down and are certain it would be their (police) preference to keep this quiet.”

  • Shelley Miller

    Seriously??? I believe the title he carries is INhumane officer… why is the world does this moron even have a gun? Does North Ridgeville do random drug tests because that is the only explaination possible!

  • Greg White

    I can see him being canned, But prosecuted for what? Where are you going to put him? If it comes between housing a rapist who hurt a child and this guy, Well this guy is walking. I got 2 dogs and I love them but come on folks dogs and cats and cows and chickens are PROPERTY! under the eyes of the law.

    • Melissa Merrill Snyder

      Greg, you know my feelings about animals so we won’t go there.
      The HO fired his weapon without cause, within city limits, 15 feet from kids. The firing of his weapon was not called for and was dangerous. If I had done that, you bet I’d be prosecuted.

    • dutch from Ohio

      They are feral (WILD) cats that were turned loose by irresponsible owners.Can owners be trained?Can the world afford to support other peoples mistakes? NO! You have to start to control this problem some where.Myself,I use a sack,a brick,and a bucket of water.Job finished!!

  • mikken

    People with such poor judgment should not be carrying weapons or acting in an official capacity. The man is clearly a danger to those around him and needs to be removed immediately.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Go to the City of North Ridgeville website and send your comments to everyone there.

  • Willie Mahaffey

    There is no justification for such a cruel action. And to think he is a retired police officer of Ridgeville? What other judgements did he make that werent right while an officer? Charges should be brought up on this man, if it was a home owner doing this, they would be in jail. Not to mention the children who witnessed this violent action and the officer who has no remorse. He is not a Humane officer, he is an INHUMANE PERSON!

  • Tom Hall

    Barry Accorti… Big man with a gun.

    • Michele From Ohio

      And a teeny weeine

    • Lori Blake

      Maybe his lack of hair on top of his head made him into the bully he is today. Lack of confidence with no hair made him Little Chief with Big Gun!

  • Jennifer L. Ludwig

    Can him. It was unjustified for him to shoot. How about he answer questions from the residents of that city. He just gave all the good cops a bad name.

  • Ed H

    What a sick, sick so-called “humane officer”

    • blackcatlover

      I remember the serial killer in Kansas had previously worked for the city as a dog catcher. These types are frequently attracted to such work not because they love animals but because they hate them and want to exert control.

  • AES

    These cats were not euthanized, they were murdered. Euthanized
    cats are PUT TO SLEEP HUMANELY, with a drug not a bullet.

  • betty

    We can’t stand by and let this man play judge, jury and excutioner.

  • SweetScarlet
    • blackcatlover

      Signed. Is there a phone number or email address for the “humane” department?

  • Michele From Ohio

    “According to a posting today on the North Ridgeville Police Facebook
    page, the department took down the page Monday night “due to the
    overwhelming abuse.”

    Abuse like shooting little kittens in front of children? That kind of abuse?? The poor, poor NR police. They will all need therapy after this incident *sarcasm*

    • blackcatlover

      Right……posters were abusive but they were not in the shooting of five kittens. Oh give me a break. I hope the Ohio Humane Society goes after these guys big time.

    • Lori Blake

      They can dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Ava Alectrick

    This man needs to be fired and sent to jail for his actions. My God, he works for the HUMANE SOCIETY…this is totally INHUMANE!

  • Ava Alectrick

    My Mother has cat rescue with mainly feral cats…NE Ohio…she would have taken them…There is no reason for killing these kittens and right there in front of children, Mother and others. How can this man work for the Humane Society? If this is what he does in front of people, can you imagine what he does when no one is looking? I bet he has stock pile of bones in his back yard. He sounds like a Sociopath. Probably abuses people. The next thing you know…he will be killing children. Against the law. Inhumane. These kittens were not dangerous. Wow!

    • Lori Blake

      I have TNR for over 20 yrs. Had several living their days out in my yard. First never had a problem with fleas and second, never had a problem with mice. I live by the water so people feel like they can just dump their cats in the boat yard and will survive. These people also need to be held accountable for their actions. I feel the same way Ava. What else has he done and we don’t know. This guy needs help.

  • HeatherT

    This is not how a member of law enforcement serves and protects. This guy has got to go!

    • blackcatlover

      He has got to go and it sounds like his supervisor should too! There is something very wrong with this place in Ohio!

  • Vanessa Me

    This is NOT humane! You dont euthanize kittens by shooting them. If they were such a problem, why werent they caught and taken to a shelter??? He needs to be fired. How would he like it if someone shot him everytime he caused a problem?!?!?!!!!!

  • blackcatlover

    What a terrible example this officer is for children!!! This was inhumane and if an average citizen did it , he would have been arrested! Cruelty to animals will no longer be tolerated……even in the wild, wild west of the suburbs of Cleveland!!!

  • Nicole

    That was just sickening. Everyone knows how stray cats can be, even the mother cats as they do what they can to protect their babies as a human would. And there are reason’s why a solution was made, he should have followed the rules. I feel horrible for what that family is going through. In PA, there are laws about discharging a firearm in a residential area, especially at an animal, there has to be a threat. There was no threat to him, and no reason to do such a horrible thing. It was pure laziness because he didn’t want to have to try and catch them all, and for a police chief to defend that man, he’s not much better, they should both be fired. If I was that mother, you could bet I would be hiring lawyer and suing them both for the emotional distress and the issue’s my children could encounter down the road. Everyone in that area should go to the council meetings and get those 2 voted out and relieved of their duties.

    • Lori Blake

      I read in an earlier post that the town of North Ridgeville has a big problem with the people sitting on council so this man was going to get away with what ever he did. Imagine having to move the wood to shoot those poor little things.

  • sheilabryant

    Outrageous and the superior officer brushes it off like it’s no big deal. Grrrrr!

  • Lori Blake

    Sounds like this guy hadn’t fired his gun lately and wanted to get his jollies killing big,man-eating kittens. North Ridgeville really needs to educate themselves on where and when a gun is needed and it certainly wasn’t needed killing kittens in a neighborhood filled with children.

  • Amedeus

    Humane Society This guy is the devil himself