November 26, 2014


Cleveland police: One supervisor fired, 2 demoted, 9 suspended for fatal pursuit

CLEVELAND — Cleveland police say one supervisor was fired, two were demoted and nine were suspended for their roles in a chase in which officers fired 137 shots and killed a fleeing driver and his passenger.

Mayor Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief Michael McGrath announced the disciplinary action Tuesday. The fired officer was a sergeant accused of parking his car and failing to supervise the November pursuit.

One of the suspended officers could face harsher discipline when his case goes before the city safety director.

McGrath has said supervisors failed to take control of the 19-mile chase that wound through neighborhoods before ending in a barrage of gunfire.

The county prosecutor is conducting a separate grand jury investigation.

The police union said the shootings were justified because the driver tried to ram an officer.

  • Joe Smith

    So officers can fire 137 shots at one unarmed person, but the average citizen is expected to take care of any situation with 10 rounds or less against any armed or multiple people that are armed.

    • Lou White

      Sure, gun control is the issue here Joe, right?

      How about, the fact that if somebody is killed during a crime, every participant will be found guilty of murder whether or not they personally assaulted the victim, but in this case of police murder, they are being judged situationally… and more than likely, not a single one will be charged with murder.

      • Joe Smith

        Gun control is always an issue when our rights are being attacked like they are, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy , but I agree with your assessment about the charges.

        Be safe Lou