October 31, 2014


Humane officer allegedly shoots 5 kittens

A complaint was filed with the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after a call to the North Ridgeville Police Department for help in removing what the caller described as a feral cat and her kittens.

Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA, said when Humane Officer Barry Accorti arrived at the North Ridgeville residence, he told the homeowner that the mother cat and her five kittens “were going to kitty heaven.”

According to the complaint filed with the Ohio SPCA, Accorti went to his truck and returned with what the homeowner assumed was a tranquilizer gun then fired at the kittens, killing them. The mother cat ran from the scene and survived.

The law regarding how to deal with problem animals in Ohio doesn’t specifically bar shooting an animal, but Landon said this is an unusual case.

“This is new ground for us,” she said. “We’ve dealt with a lot of humane societies and animal control officers, but I can’t imagine an officer from any county in Ohio shooting kittens. If a dog charges you that’s one thing, but those kittens certainly didn’t charge anyone.”

According to Landon, she talked to a lieutenant at the police department and was told Accorti “wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday” so the lieutenant “couldn’t speak to the matter.”

The woman who filed the report with the Ohio SPCA didn’t want to give her name or discuss what happened.

“In all honesty, I’m kind of putting faith in my city right now to do the right thing, and I’m hoping they do the right thing,” the woman said. “I’ve talked to the chief already and tomorrow I’ll be talking to the mayor.”

  • Christine E.

    You have got to be kidding!

  • Zianini

    Thank you Ohio SPCA for getting this info out. People need to know who they are dealing with!

  • Rae Ingram

    What the Heck!? Seems pretty anxious to kill something! That is scary.

  • Greg White

    There has to be a more humane way of dealing with the feral, Which means wild kittens and cat. Of course if the shelter is full would you put wild cats in with housepets? The kittens should not have been offed like that in front of the kids but the real question is what do you do with them? The county pound is full and put 2 dogs to sleep already. You cant save them all.

    • Kortnee aka Foster Kitty Mama

      Its called TNR Trap Neuter Release. they trap them, then spay or neuter them and then turn them back out. In return they typically will stop most new cats from moving in Plus they cant have more babies. They also help keep rodent populations down which in turn helps keep disease down. I know a lot of community cats and barn cats alike. I also know that not all of them can be saved especially if they are aggressive or sick. But not all are suited for house living, many ferals just want to be left alone. But the way this guy handled this particular kitty family was wrong. Ive handled many so called “feral” kittens in the past and many still make good pets,

      • sueishere

        I have had feral cats too. They can be tamed and it doesn’t take long.

    • sissy700

      NOOO, you can’t save them all, BUT he should have captured them and used his common sense on the proper way to remedy the situation! I just can’t imagine him shooting those kittens in front of a young family!!He surely must of been off his medication that particular day…’How Sad’

    • sueishere

      Feral cats can be tamed in about 2 weeks. I have done it!

  • James Douglass

    Officer Accorti needs to lose his badge for irresponsible use of his sidearm, and then be tried for cruelty to animals. Just because he’s a cop should not excuse this kind of reckless behavior. Personally, I’d like to shoot his ignorant ass and send him to ‘Piggie Heaven.’

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    If this is true, this officer needs to be relieved of duty immediately. He should be directed to get care from a mental health facility. And if this isn’t an unlawful discharge of a weapon, the law needs to be changed ASAP.

  • Mike Smeck

    Guess we should start shooting our homeless, as well…WTF does this guy think “humane” means…If this is true, this guy has no business in being anywhere close to animals…

  • DogGone

    how disgusting! and the poor woman and her children

  • kirsten zielinski

    i don’t doubt this at all. my neighbor is trapping groundhogs and either the lorain county ‘humane’ officer comes and shots them after they are trapped (or from his truck in the street if the groundhogs have not been trapped but are outside their holes on this persons back yard) or the police come and shoot them if it is ‘after hours’ for the humane officer. this is in north ridgeville on a street in a development.. i am really tired of walking out of my house and seeing the humane officer in his truck shooting 180 feet into the neighbors backyard. it is dangerous and not what a humane officer should be doing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1762437349 Melissa Merrill Snyder

      I’m pretty sure the Lorain County Humane officer isn’t shooting groundhogs. NR HO? possibly but not the Lorain County HO.

      • kirsten zielinski

        i corrected the post. it was the north ridgeville humane (ha, ha) officer.

        • maxiemom

          In other words, not only are they not humane, but they ARE sociopaths.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1762437349 Melissa Merrill Snyder

          OK, I didn’t see the change. I know the HO’s for Lorain County..they wouldn’t do such a thing. This whole thing has just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • sueishere

      Gosh what a waste of bullets that ALL NR taxpayers pay for. I’d complain. I can’t believe they take time to do this.

  • Ginnie Hahne Thorburn

    Apparently the definition of “humane” has been re-written. I always thought that meant, DO NO HARM and treat animals with love and concern. Officer Accorti should lose his job immediately for using such horrific means to “remove” the kittens from the scene. His snarky comment, “these kittens are going to kitty Heaven” was sick and cold. And to do this in front of a mom and her kids showed such a lack of common sense and concern; I am sure the children will be traumatized for life. WHAT was he thinking??? One has to wonder what is next with him. Terminate immediately.

  • Janet Withers

    That was insane what the officer did and to begin with Ferel Cats are great for keeping mice and rats away from your property. They very seldom bother ppl because they are wild so, leave them the H… alone! This guy should be fired!!!!!!!!!

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Feral cats can and do make great house cats. We rescued our two cats when they were very small kittens and they are incredibly friendly and affectionate. Of course we never let them outside as they have become accustomed to being pampered and we don’t want them dying at a young age.

    • sueishere

      I have tamed feral cats and it doesn’t take long.

      • sissy700

        ‘Shame’ on North Ridgerville for standing by this so called Humane Officer…he probably NEVER had a pet in his lifetime!!

  • Robin V

    How can the police department even state ‘they’ll look into this’? This ‘humane’ officer should be fired immediately and charged with animal cruelty.

  • Fred

    I wonder who the officer was. It does not say and I often see different people driving the vehicle.

    • T6

      Barry Accorti – retired Captain with NRPD. He of all people should know better.

  • SweetScarlet

    This is absolutely disgusting, horrifying and angering. I have known Accordi for a long time, and when I first saw him in that Humane Officer patrol truck, I thought, “Oh my God, why in the world would they ever appoint HIM to be a Humane Officer?!” This guy worked for NRPD prior for many many years and rose in the ranks. After he retired, he decided he didn’t want to reture fully, so, somehow, he wrangled this position. Let me tell you, Accordi is a very… strict man who is not the most kind person I have ever met. I’m sure he made a good Cop, but Humane Officer was certainly not a good choice for him. I know News Channel 5 tried to get the story from NRPD and they refused to talk. NRPD needs to step up to the plate here and do what’s best for their CITIZENS, and NOT cover their own behind. Please do the right thing, NRPD.

    • kirsten zielinski

      i am sure he is the one that is shooting the ground hogs in my neighbors yard. he sits in the truck in the street and when he sees them he shoots them. that is 180 feet between houses on a family friendly street. not too bright if you ask me.

    • sueishere

      They didn’t…

  • GetAGrip

    Why didn’t the mom take the kittens and momma cat in to save them? Did she think the nice police officer was going to take them to raise at the police station?Why didn’t she catch them and take them to a shelter? What would she have rather they done about it? Gas Chamber? Lethal Injection? Drowning?

    Because she knew that the shelters were over crowded and nobody else would take them. She obviously didn’t want them otherwise she would have done something herself.

    A little more tact may have been appropriate, however it was a judgement call that did not physically harm any humans.
    This officer is not a rookie fresh on the streets, he is a seasoned officer who has kept the citizens of North Ridgeville safe for probably 30+ years.

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Firing a weapon is NOT something that should happen often and only when your life is in danger as a last resort. If this story is accurate, this guy is a hazard. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume this ex-cop has some serious mental issues. TAKE HIS GUNS AWAY IMMEDIATELY!

    • kirsten zielinski

      safe from kittens? what a man..

  • Abel

    This guy needs jail time for animal cruelty. When will the public realize we need to start putting our foot down and punishing this sick twisted people!

  • aprobst

    We have feral cat colonies here in NYC. We’ve found TNR (trap/ neuter, return) programs are the most effective way to deal with feral cats. Shooting kittens, seriously?! Discharging a firearm in close proximity to children?! Really??? Not only is Barry Accorti in the wrong job, he should be charged with animal cruelty and child endangerment. I grew up in that area. There is all sorts of wildlife – deer, racoon, skunks… we never felt the need to destroy them. I’ll be making a donation to the OSPCA.

  • SweetScarlet

    UPDATE: NRPD has just issued a press release that said upon further review, Humane Officer Accordi did nothing wrong *AND WILL NOT BE PUNISHED.* I was also told that these feral cats (and kittens!) were a “threat” for disease, and growled and hissed (duh, like most scared cats do…) I told them at the Mayors office that there are trap and release programs and that there are rescue agencies who work with feral cats and his reponse was, “no, there are not to my knowledge, and certainly none in this area.”

    • cares4communitycats

      I just googled Ohio Feral Cat TNR organizations. They exist. Perhaps a person would have to take some time and drive some, but the organizations and resources exist all over Ohio.

    • sueishere

      I picked up a feral kitten from the side of the road. He weighed less then a pound. Yes it did spit at me, I thought it was funny because how in world could he have hurt me? Disease? Well I am 58 and in the best of health. Oh and my sister adopted the “mean” kitten, lol. He is a sweet, sweet boy.

  • William Linden

    Someone could kill a person and not have this many posts written….
    lets put things into perspective. While this may be a questionable act, and not very nice, they are after all just cats. Lets get out there and get worked-up about something that really matters.

    • kirsten zielinski

      please.. just because it isn’t a person does not make it correct. what..we are all supposed to sit here and say nothing until he does it to a person? he has no regard for his title ..HUMANE does not mean i will shoot kittens in the head.

    • sueishere

      The people who care about people care about animals too.

    • sissy700

      When a person is killed, they have their friends and family left to defend them….as an animal lover these poor kittens don’t have anyone soooo here we all are doing ‘our’ best to make sure this doesn’t happen again!!!

    • maxiemom

      They are COMPANION animals, Most people regard family pets as family, not ‘just cats’.

      Clearly, the word ‘people’ does not apply to everyone who can type.

      However, the word ‘heartless’ clearly does to those who defend this or think this kind of cruelty does not matter.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Go to the City of North Ridgeville website and send your comments to everyone there.

  • Willie Mahaffey

    Willie Mahaffey•a few seconds ago



    Flag as inappropriate

    There is no justification for such a cruel action. And to think he is a retired police officer of Ridgeville? What other judgements did he make that werent right while an officer? Charges should be brought up on this man, if it was a home owner doing this, they would be in jail. Not to mention the children who witnessed this violent action and the officer who has no remorse. He is not a Humane officer, he is an INHUMANE PERSON!

  • Scott Poledna

    Fire him! He has no business working with animals and should not be given the chance to ever hurt another animal again!

  • Blue

    Um, excuse me, I don’t think you’re doing your job right. If you think that going gun-happy and shooting anything that you don’t think can be saved, then you’re living with the same mentality as all those school shooters and the Boston bombers. A disregarding of life is why we have all these tragedies.

  • SweetScarlet
  • ruby120

    Send this officer over to Lorain PLEASE!!!!! We need to get rid of alot of cats here! In the garbage and blocking the streets so we can’t drive down the street!

    • sueishere

      Trust me you have a lot more things to worry about in Lorain than the cats…

    • maxiemom

      Sounds like some of the people there qualify as ‘garbage’……

  • jay whit

    This guy should be locked up in a mental institute and go to jail for animal cruelty.

  • me

    cop is low life scum bag…. has no use for life….. you do not discharge your gun in public…… get rid of him and the chief..

  • Ava Alectrick

    What this Officer did, is inhumane and illegal, to say the least. This man is evil SOCIOPATH. If he does this in front of people, imagine what he does when no one is looking. He most likely abuses people also. He needs to be fired and put in jail before he starts shooting at innocent children.

  • Ava Alectrick

    My Mother also has cat rescue in NE Ohio. Many of her cats are feral cats and unwanted. Feral cats are extremely good cats, very beautiful and are no threat what-so ever! There are many people just NE of Cleveland that also do the same, so no reason to kill these kittens. It is sad that even the Mother who called just wanted these kittens dead, instead of finding them a rescue or forever home..there are great deal of people with hearts.

  • Ava Alectrick

    According to the Humane Society of US, this man was an Officer who is under control of the Friendship APL,,,which is a NO KILL SHELTER…Unreal.

  • Ava Alectrick

    I am big fat beautiful feral cat also. I was rescued with my 1/8 Brother. I am beginning to think people are racist against my relatives, when we are really the most lovable cats ever!

  • Matt Bible

    Do you all want to see disgusting? This guy started a change.org petition to make it legal in Ohio to hunt feral cats. Yes, because sending a bunch of brain dead imbeciles out to shoot cats won’t end in any person accidentally getting shot: http://www.change.org/petitions/ohio-division-of-wildlife-allow-hunting-of-feral-cats

  • TRB SR.

    Another tough day of law enforcement in the violence ridden city of ‘Bugtussle’…Oh, I meant to say North Ridgeville. Way to go pro. Poor little kitties.

  • G. Livas

    depending on the area this needs to be done. There are so many cats and kittens whether I live that no shelter within 100 miles will take any because they are so overrun with them. Neither will farmers or ranchers because they have plenty too. so the poor animals just live in crawl spaces and pop out bunches of kittens all the time! And most of the kittens die horrible deaths because of poor nutrition, environment, and disease. I’ve found one dead kitten in my grass, and we’ve had to ‘put down’ two already. And I know of at least two more litters under my house. It’s a major problem and it kills me that we have to put them down, but what choice do we have. Even the veterinary offices in the area, all of them, tell us that’s what we need to do. The animals just get sick and die if they aren’t gotten rid of.

  • Amy Rose

    Yeah he sure showed those kittens and their mom. What a loser. American cops really come across as gun happy psychos.