November 26, 2014


Police chief: No discipline for kitten-killing cop

NORTH RIDGEVILLE – Despite calls for the firing of Humane Officer Barry Accorti, who shot and killed five feral kittens in the backyard of a Vista Lake Way home Monday, the city’s police chief has decided his actions do not warrant discipline.

In a written account of the incident signed by Police Chief Michael Freeman that was released to news media Tuesday afternoon, Freeman said “at no time does this agency condone or allow the indiscriminate killing of animals” while noting police believed the incident proposed the health and safety risks posed by the feral animals.

After visiting the home, talking with Accorti and re-interviewing the complainant, Freeman said “I have decided his actions were appropriate and have decided not to impose any disciplinary measures.”

Freeman added the department will speak with its humane officers “about improving their communications with the public.”

This latter step comes in response to comments by the homeowner who told police she was aware a decision had been made by Accorti to euthanize the feral cats, but she did not believe that action was going to take place on her property.

The head of the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has called for Accorti to be fired and prosecuted for his shooting of the kittens.

“Our stance is that Officer Accorti should be charged with five counts of animal cruelty and dismissed,” Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA said today. “This man needs to lose his job.”

Accorti was a long-time police officer who retired in January 2011, the same time as former Police Chief Rick Thomas, after 32 years with the force. Accorti was later re-hired as a humane officer through the Police Department.

“Nothing could justify these actions to needlessly shoot a cat and her kittens in someone’s backyard,” Landon said.




  • Animal Lover

    FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHITSHOW of a police force !!

    • Melissa Merrill Snyder

      While I don’t agree with your words, love your message.

    • sueishere

      A state highway patrol officer hit a deer in front of my sister’s house and just left it. The neighbor witnessed this and said the guy was more concerned about the car. He should have had it removed. He didn’t even leave a note. What the heck is the matter with these so called “officers?”

  • Melissa Merrill Snyder

    So, he shoots five innocent kittens, in the city limits within sight/hearing of children and he gets away with it? Seriously?

    At least remove the animals from the property. Bad move, folks, bad move. You’ve just said it’s OK to hurt an animal using inhumane methods.

  • Uno Ojo

    That “officer” deserves the same thing……

  • Jimnmys Schubert

    Lack of common sense, Dude? He should have taken the litter to a shelter and had them euthanized peacefully/humanely IF the cats were feral and had no hope to be rehabilitated. How could he make that call on the spot like that? The situation is even more sad for the homeowner who had to deal with that happening in her yard. WHY don’t people use their heads these days? Why is there no forethought or common decency any more? I wonder if the police chief would allow him to keep his job had that been some unruly first-graders in the yeard. REALLY???? mys

    • sueishere

      Feral cats can be tamed very easily. I have done it. It takes a couple of weeks.

      • Michele From Ohio

        Same here. I doubt they were truly feral. A feral mother cat knows to hide her kittens far away from jack-holes with guns.

  • The Incredible Hulk

    This an absolute travesty of epic proportions, Humane Officer? who do you represent? what message are you giving the masses? This organization is supposed to protect these animals in these situations. When killing helpless, innocent kittens is your solution, maybe you need to find another job, where your causing harm and misrepresenting and embarrassing your organization. this city would be better off without you Barry Accorti

  • plemdog

    what a joke. First his wife gets charged with theft and gives avon pd a bunch of crap for it, then he wont discipline or remove an officer who had NO reason to kill an innocent cat for doing nothing but trying to survive. I think the mayor or safety service director needs to remove the chief who is making POOR decisions

  • Mary Jo Irescuerotties

    Don’t worry…mama cat escaped before she could be spayed and released thereby ensuring AT LEAST another litter of woodpile kittens for Officer Accorti to blow the heads off of.

    • sueishere

      You’re right! She’ll go into heat very quickly when her milk dries up.

    • veronica dickey

      Without having practiced the humane and only effective way of managing feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) you are exactly correct here Mary Jo. The mamma cat will soon be pregnant again with another litter in the same woodpile, Hopefully now the homeowner knows not to call the in-humane, humane officier, but will call the Ohio SPCA or other local rescue group!

    • sueishere

      I just wonder why type on gun he used on these babies.

  • plemdog

    He had a life and a north ridgeville officer took if without cause

  • plemdog

    what a joke. first his wife gets arrested for theft and he gives avon pd a bunch of crap for it, then he fails to discipline or remove an officer who killed harmless kittens without cause. the mayor or safety service director needs to act and remove the chief who is making POOR decisions

    • sueishere

      Feral cats can be tamed very easily. Shame on the monster that did this.

      • Melissa Merrill Snyder

        YOUNG feral cats can be tamed easily….older ones not so easy.

        • Michele From Ohio

          They come around, but they usually won’t let you pet them. They still will enjoy your company (at a distance) if you are kind to them.

          • Carol

            While I do believe there is any proof that these kittens were feral, feral kittens can be tamed if they are socialized before a couple months. These babies were 8 to 10 weeks, still young enough and could have been rehomed but the POS who shot them does not have a heart and he could not be bothered. It is a sad day for our society when even people who are supposed to care about animals show the world it is okay to murder for no good reason. Shame on this evil person and hope that he gets him karma.

          • Carol

            I meant there is NO proof these kittens were feral!

          • Michele From Ohio

            I agree with you 100% Carol. I take care of a group of 10 homeless ( I prefer that term) cats that live on my block. I had them all neutered, through PetResQ’s Trap, Neuter and Release program that operated in Lorain County before they lost funding :( Most of the cats I care for love me now, but a few love me at a distance, lol

            I ‘helped’ a mother cat raise her kittens, and the good folks at PetResQ helped place the kittens (got them neutered too)

            It makes me sad in this day and age people still don’t spay and neuter and then allow their pets to run free. This is the end result of such short-sightedness and it is heartbreaking. There are a lot of cruel people in this world….

        • Carol

          Who is to say they were feral? They could have been just homeless. It does not look like they were feral. There may be more harmful spiders in that woodpile than those poor defenseless kittens.

        • fiona64

          These were *kittens* … you know, YOUNG. And nothing in the article indicates they were feral.

        • sueishere

          My sister tamed an older feral cat. I, of course, don’t know how old. If you know anything about cats you’d know if the mother were really, really feral, NO ONE would have found the kittens. The kittens were probably huddled together when he shot them, if not they would have scattered. Brave ,huh????

        • Lin

          I have saved a few feral adult cats over the years, and they can be tamed. I also was able to pet them after I worked hard to get them to trust me.

      • Resa Sunshine

        I don’t know about Feral cats, but Feral kittens are easy if you get them young enough.

  • Greg White

    And that’s the end of that! I don’t agree with how the cats were offed but the homeowner apparently changed her tune so end of the story.

  • plemdog

    7307 Avon Belden Rd.
    North Ridgeville, OH 44039

    The North Ridgeville Safety Service Director is Jeffrey Armbstuster and the MAYOR is David Gillock

    Both should be contacted about this horrible incident

    • veronica dickey

      I have written to the mayor and the council members. My guess is they will stick up for their police officiers and Mr. Accoti. So glad I do not live in such a backwards and cruel community!

  • Ray Venn


  • JoyceEarly

    I’m just fine with it as long as you change his title to “inhumane officer”!

  • deborahstinson

    This is not the only incident of police shooting cats. It’s happened also in Stryker OH and I am outraged that one woman said the police chief shouldn’t lose his job because it’s ‘just a cat’. Well it was not just one cat. It was many feral cats that the police shot and then dumped in the river. Many people do not value animals and their thinking needs to be examined and changed. It will happen one day that someone justifies killing people using similar words (It was just another person). The chief should not only have lost his job but he should have been made to set up a program to trap and neuter the feral cats and release them back to a safe location. Ohio and many other states really need to examine their animal cruelty laws and stop sweeping the problem under the rug.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Freeman is a bigger moron than Accorti.

    Come down here with your guns, punk.

  • Amy J. Carter

    This situation is wrong on so many levels. First, as far as the lady who called this inhumane officer….were 5 kittens and their mother that big of a problem? Could you not try to fix them and let them have a life. If you assumed that these “wild animals” (as channel 3 news called them….ridiculous by the way) carried diseases..then just image the diseases that the mice they would have gotten rid of carry. Second, why was it the first, and apparently, the only option for this so called officer to blast these poor babies to death. Being a humane officer you would think he would be capable of thinking of other options. His actions were heartless. They were cold and pathetic. If I go to work and do not do my job properly then I would be fired. This pathetic and cold person needs to lose his job. How can anyone feel that they can call someone for help and feel that they are going to do anything but blow them away to death. Finally, I am so disappointed with the Channel 3 news reporter who used the term “wild” when referring to the kittens. Really? These kittens were babies not mountain lions. The woman who called and the officer acted like jerks. It is so sad when animals have to suffer because of stupid~self centered~ignorant people.

    • Carol

      People who just don’t like cats propagate lies that they are full of diseases, leave carcasses of dead prey laying around and are aggressive to children. All not true. The woman who called the “inhumane” person to take care of the “problem” is just as much to blame. What did she think was going to happen to the kittens? The actions by the POS inhumane kitten murderer are incomprehensible and for the so-called “chief” to condone his behavior — it is an outrage. I am so mad about this I am seeing stars. Our society is teaching people that it is okay to murder innocent lives. Where does it stop? This POS should be fired and also the POS chief should be removed from his position. Grrrrrrrrrr Ignorant is right. Sociopathic also comes to mind.

      • sueishere

        Thank God, a sane person! I have been wondering about these diseases myself since I am 58 and have cats. I have also tamed cats, no big deal. I didn’t have to use a whip and a chair, I just sat with them until they decided that I was okay. Best feeling in the world when a cat that was afraid is now lying on your lap.

        • Zen Grouch

          I’ve taken in several feral kittens from the back yard that were ill or abandoned by their mothers. The three who are still with me make fine pets, the oldest of which is about 14 years old. None has a desire to leave the house… ever.

          OK, that said…

          According to the Morning Journal, these poor little kittens who have lost their mittens were 10 months old.

          I’d pay good money to watch you try and keep one of these twitchy bundles of raw nerves, with razor sharp claws on your lap for more than 10 seconds.

          • Michele From Ohio

            The picture I saw was of kittens who looked to be about 4 weeks old. Ten months is almost a full grown cat. If they were that old they would have known to run like hell from that fat a**hole cop.

    • sueishere

      I had heard of a neighbor hood coming together to get some cats fixed. I can’t believe he’d just shoot them.

  • Anonymousrabbit

    I hate cats, but I’m sure there would’ve been a more humane way to deal with them. Like take them to the local ASPCA if they were full I’m sure there were other Animal rescue that would’ve taken them in. There was no need to shoot them.

  • SweetScarlet
  • Michele From Ohio

    What the hell???? What kind of a sick POS is the North Ridgeville “humane” officer. Officer Tinydic is a real big man shooting kittens in front of kids. Get rid of this creep, God only knows what he’s doing to the animals in lock up.

  • Michele From Ohio

    I guess shooting cats is standard operating procedure in Ohio these days

  • Feral Kittens Must be Stopped

    I for one am glad. These disease carrying creatures dig in my trash all the time.

    They should have set the borough on fire to make sure they got all of them, and so they cant breed there any more.

    • leapinleopard

      might we suggest a metal can with a lid for your trash, where you so obviously belong? Which is more diseased? A feral cat who kills rodents, or sociopaths such as yourself?

  • hottamomma

    great job for getting rid of the disease carrying cats

  • Adam Brunt

    all praise the benefits and time saving powers of police firearms. taking shortcuts whenever possible is the key to a civilized society.

    • leapinleopard

      Careful and complete removal of sociopaths such as the inhumane officer and Adam Brunt is the key to a civilized society.

      • Adam Brunt

        how do you propose a society would cleanly and efficiently begin a complete removal of sociopaths? also, do you understand sarcasm?

  • Larry Reilly

    some so-called ‘animal lovers’ talk and act like animal’s rights supersede human rights at times.

    • Steven

      I see no reason that animal rights shouldn’t be equal to humans. Why are humans so special? We do nothing but destroy the environment in which we live.

  • JDH

    If you want a cat keep it in your home or it should be killed before it kills a single songbird.

    • leapinleopard

      as you slobber over your big mac…..

  • pj
  • Zen Grouch

    Ten month old feral “kittens” aren’t fuzzy little balls of cute that can be picked up, placed in a cardboard box to be taken from view of the people who called the authorities on them in the first place, to be killed somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

    If you disagree with me, the next time you see one, why not bend over and pick up that poor creature to save it from the big bad Inhumane officer… but first you better stock up on butterfly bandaids and Mercurochrome from the local Walmart, cuz those little critters will take out an eye if you give ‘em half a chance.

    So… would you people vilifying the shooter, rather see taxpayer dollars go towards spending days trying to trap all of the kittens in a humane way, or just cut out the middle man and be done with it?

    My hat is off to anyone who can kill all those wild animals before they scattered and became someone else’s problem.

    • Robert Shaffer III

      You need to trapped neutered and released, people like you should not be allowed to breed!

      • Zen Grouch

        Well thank you for your concern regarding my reproductive health!

        ***If at the first, second or third attempts you don’t succeed…

        …try, try again! Fourth time around might be the charm, even if the odds are against it, breeder.***

  • Resa Sunshine

    Change his title to Inhumane Officer.

  • Connie

    Rally tonight at 7:00 at park across from library

  • Timewilltell

    Is this another ex cop/humane officer double dipping? Police chief defends his buddy for shooting cats. The citizens of NR need to evaluate who is protecting them. The chief is too controversial, is this the same chief who’s wife got locked up with their child for shoplifting at Target and then criticizes the arresting police dept.? Needs to get his act together!

  • Foster Mom Pam

    You have to be kidding Mr. Police Chief Freeman. This man should be prosecuted. It was JUST WRONG how he did this! You are telling everyone its ok to kill animals. These kittens posed no threat at the time of their death. They should have been removed and taken to a shelter! SHAME ON YOU MICHAEL FREEMAN!!!

  • Lin

    The police chief needs to be fired too.

  • Will

    Really I think he needs to be disciplined because of the damage his actions have caused. The actions I am speaking of are the lack of clear communication, which is integral part of a police officer or anyone who carrys a gun’s job. especially since in this case he was about to discharge his firearm.

  • MarxistMangler

    The porker would not hesitate to blast your children either.

  • Troy May

    Any person who is heartless enough to shoot little kittens is one scary man. He is not someone with a gun that I would want in my community. They say psycho killers start with killing innocent animals and eventually move on to humans. The man had other options and should have been disciplined in some way. What an evil man and most likely he doesn’t even see himself or the act as evil. That makes it even more scary. Lets pray that there aren’t more men like him.