November 27, 2014


Woman says she was robbed at gunpoint

ELYRIA — A woman told police she was robbed of $500 by a man with a gun who forced his way into her home.

The woman called police at 6:53 p.m. Tuesday to report that she had been robbed at her home on Brunswick Drive. She said she had been followed into a parking lot near her home by a “newer” blue or gray SUV.

The woman said she let her dog out of the vehicle, and she walked into her backyard. The man from the SUV was standing in a neighboring yard by her dog, she said.

The woman said she walked toward her back porch when the man approached her and pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at her head. The man asked her, “where’s the money?” and he forced his way into her home, the woman told police.

According to the woman, she gave the man $40 cash, and when he demanded more money, she gave him an additional $460 that she was keeping for rent. The man then ran out of the back door and into his vehicle, leaving the area, according to a police report.

Police were unable to find the man or the vehicle.

The woman reported in addition to the cash, her blue Rebel flip phone was missing from her home.

She described the suspect as a black male in his mid 20s with a medium skin tone. She said he was approximately 5-feet, 7-inches tall, weighing between 150 and 160 pounds, with short hair and distinctive green eyes with long eyelashes.

The man was last seen wearing an unzipped blue hooded sweatshirt with a blue T-shirt underneath and dark colored jeans that hung below his buttocks, according to the police report.

  • Byron M

    I smell b.s!!!

    • Bob Sweatt

      I am wondering the same thing. She couldn’t provide the plate number for the SUV and said that it was either blue or grey. Sorry but even my 6 yo autistic son knows the difference between blue and grey

      • jz

        Where do you get she doesn,t know the difference between blue or grey?

        • Bob Sweatt

          Well I will admit. I assume she is the one who gave the description.

      • Money Mach

        your 6yo autistic son is probably smarter than you ya stupid B#$ch!!!!

  • jessica mccallister

    and who carries $500

  • J.M.

    What was the dog doing this whole time?

  • john demirjian

    Just another broke Black man who doesn’t want to work but in fact steals. This story is living proof.

  • Don Grantzki

    If he were five inches taller, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.
    It appears that he may be headed for the same fate, too should he select the wrong person to rob at their home.

    • Byron M

      You people sound stupid. Get a life!!

  • mommaseeta

    I wonder if it was this month’s rent (late) or next months? As to the color of the SUV, it’s irrelevant, the cops aren’t going to look for the guy anyway.