November 21, 2014


GOP-backed bill would expand Ohio’s abortion rules

COLUMBUS — Women seeking an abortion in Ohio would have to wait longer to undergo the procedure and listen to their doctors describe all of the fetus’ “relevant features” under a measure being considered by state lawmakers.

The Republican-led Legislature’s most recent attempt at curbing abortions would also require doctors to tell women that the procedure increases the risk of breast cancer and may cause pain to the fetus.

The bill will be presented Wednesday at a House committee hearing.

The measure would also increase the time women must wait to undergo an abortion from 24 to 48 hours.

Supporters say the bill is meant to help women be better informed about the consequences of the procedure.

Critics say some of the information doctors will be forced to tell patients is bogus.

  • Paul Facinelli

    “Supporters say the bill is meant to help women be better informed about the consequences of the procedure.” The mandatory childbirth crowd, the ones who care about human life all the way from conception to delivery, always attach some lofty purpose to its anti-freedom, anti-woman agenda. After all, saying instead that “we wanted to throw some red meat to the religious fanatics in our base” just doesn’t have the same ring. More to the point, these measures have been struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. My puzzlement is how these clowns get elected, that in election after election, a majority of Ohioans can be persuaded to vote against their own self-interests. Amazing. Somewhere Orwell is smiling.

  • Beth

    “procedure increases the risk of breast cancer and may cause pain to the fetus”

    Breast cancer risk has never been established (otherwise a woman who has a miscarriage would be at higher risk) and there is no way to measure the amount of pain a fetus might feel. So both counts are unsubstantiated.

    • Zen Grouch

      They could also throw in there that abortion “may cause” the baby Jebus to cry, and technically they’d be telling the truth.

  • sueishere

    I wish they would do away with abortion forever. So sad….

    • Zen Grouch

      I’m with ya’!

      I wish that instead of giving women abortions, they would give ‘em flying ‘electric pink’ unicorns!

  • Shaking my head

    I have some ideas for reducing the number of abortions in Ohio: Let’s start with JOBS. GOP, focus on creating decent jobs that pay a living wage for families. Let’s focus on affordable healthcare. Adding a child to my insurance plan at work with eat up almost 1/2 of my take home pay. How about better family/maternity leave for new mothers/fathers? Let’s work on quality and affordable child care as well and don’t forget about making higher education an affordable possibility. Find real answers, not ridiculous rules and red tape that further alienate women from the republican party. You’re just shooting yourselves in the foot! Women have had abortions since the beginning of time. Nothing will change that but if you want to reduce the number of them, come up with real answers rather than “solutions” that just result in more poverty.

  • Bob Owens


  • hottamomma

    im not for abortions, but i dont believe its up to the goverment to tell a person what they can and cant do with their bodies, next thing you know they will be telling women how many babies they can have. and like they r trying to do in one of those other countries, they r trying to make the bottle illegal so women will have to breastfeed whether they want to or not.( thats a shame)

  • Roxanne

    this is getting really old.. why are these people who want to crawl into my body and play god do something important for once?