November 23, 2014


Mom pleads guilty to letting ex-boyfriend beat son to death while twin brothers watched

YOUNGSTOWN — A Northeast Ohio woman has admitted allowing her ex-boyfriend to fatally beat one of her sons while his twin brothers watched.

Shain Widdersheim pleaded guilty Monday in Mahoning County to four counts of child endangering and one count of obstruction of justice in the January death of her 14-year-old son, Teddy Foltz.

The Vindicator reports that prosecutors have recommended a 10-year prison term when a judge sentences her later.

Widdersheim’s ex-boyfriend, 42-year-old Zaryl Bush, is accused of beating and torturing Teddy and twins over at least two years.

Prosecutors say Bush punched Teddy, made him stand outside until he was frostbitten, walk on hot coals, and slammed his head into walls.

Bush’s trial on murder and other charges is scheduled for next week.

  • William Linden

    Let us see if we get as many comments, follow-up stories and organize protests as the little kitties that were shot. This should make your blood boil more than some feral cat.

    • donna

      I have been saying this all along. I am all for the proper treatment of animals but it is amazing how thre is a much bigger outrage over dogs and cats than humans

    • TheDon Corleone

      Very sad indeed. Those cat protesting morons could care less about humans.

  • hottamomma

    this is so sad, but yet the kitten lovers dont care

  • ebrock

    I think the mother should have been charged w murder as well, if u assist someone in committing a felony and someone dies in the process everyone involved is charged w the death so why is she any different. And as far as the piece of @%$& boyturd give him to me for a week ill give him proper punishment.

    • sueishere

      I agree. She’s just as guilty.

  • J.M.

    Both need beat to an inch of their life, then locked up permanently.

  • Euclidus

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Those poor children. There is a special demon in hell waiting for both that mother and that murdering psychopath. Those twin boys need to get lots of help for all of the awful things that they have witnessed and endured.

  • Sue Z

    they both need to fry.

  • sueishere

    I hope she gets the death penalty!!!!

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Only a 10 year prison term? What the heck is the matter with our justice system? Neither of these monsters deserves to take another breathe of air on this planet. Friggin’ unbelievable.

  • Carrie Watson

    They both should be locked up for the rest of their lives, and throw away the key.

  • Melissa Merrill Snyder

    That is just downright disgusting. In a world where women who want children can’t have them, this ‘woman’ is Blessed with THREE and allows them to be victimized like this. it’s just wrong. I hope she gets some punishment

  • RDM72

    This makes me physically sick. Heartbreaking. Ten years is way too easy.