November 24, 2014


Turnpike tolls expected to increase each year over next decade

BEREA — Higher tolls on the Ohio Turnpike over the next decade will back $1 billion in bonds that will help pay for northern Ohio road projects.

Tolls will increase 2.7 percent a year to pay for work that would otherwise face years of delay because of lower revenue at the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The Plain Dealer reports that the turnpike commission is expected to approve the toll increases at a meeting July 15. The bonds are expected to be issued in August.

The $1 billion bond issue will include $70 million toward the replacement of the turnpike’s 60-year-old concrete base. The work is expected to last 25 years and cost a total of $1.2 billion.

  • agent5959

    It’s not due to lower revenue. This problem originates with Governor Kasich redirecting toll funds to non-turnpike projects. We pay to use the turnpike and those funds are only supposed to go to the turnpike.

  • Joe Smith

    We expect rate hikes continuously for as long as we drive

  • hottamomma

    keep the damn OHP from pulling people of for lane violation, then i will travel and pay whatever toll u want

  • sueishere

    I thought the toll was going to done away with years ago. What a joke.