November 26, 2014

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Ohio lawmakers may ban indoor tanning for anyone under 18

COLUMBUS — Ohio lawmakers are again taking on the issue of kids using indoor tanning beds.

A proposed bill would ban anyone under 18 from tanning in a salon unless a doctor gives permission for some medical reason.

Teens wouldn’t be punished for indoor tanning, but owners allowing it could be fined and have their licenses revoked. Anyone who “aids or abets” a juvenile seeking indoor tanning could be jailed for up to two months.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that industry leaders, who contend indoor tanning is safe, are prepared to fight the measure. Salon owners say more restrictions would not prevent teens from damaging their skin.

Lawmakers have tried to pass similar bills twice before in recent years. The latest version is in the early stages.

  • agent5959

    I’m glad the state solved the unemployment problem. I mean, I know they did, because if that was still an issue, they wouldn’t be wasting their time on something this petty.

  • Joe Smith

    More Gov control, are they also going to ban people under 18 from going outside when it is sunny?

  • Rico

    Stupidity! Parents should decide not the state!