November 28, 2014


School board proposes website to combat bullying

SHEFFIELD — In the wake of the suicide of a 14-year-old Sheffield Middle School student who told friends and an aunt he was bullied, Sheffield Schools is making changes.

Superintendent Will Folger at Monday’s Board of Education meeting proposed creating a website link for parents or students to report bullying. The reports could be anonymous.

Parents also would be allowed to make presentations about bullying at orientations at the start of the school year or at open houses. And board members approved spending up to $50,000 to hire a company to help implement anti-bullying strategies.

The changes come in response to the March 23 hanging of Parti Holland in his Sheffield Lake home. A few students and Jeanie Workman, Parti’s aunt, said Parti, who was 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds, was bullied because of his size and easygoing nature and because he was black.

They said Parti complained in the weeks before he died that staff weren’t taking his complaints seriously because of his size. Folger, who wouldn’t confirm whether Parti was bullied, told board members anti-bullying procedures were followed

“(We) did what we could do,” he said. “However, we’re always looking for ways to improve.”

Folger said a couple of administrators have attended anti-bullying sessions in Columbus and he has been attending suicide prevention meetings in Lorain County. Folger said he and administrators have been told good communication with parents and students is key to preventing bullying and suicides.

He said a “code of silence” among some students in which informing is looked down upon has hampered efforts. “We don’t hear a lot of things, (and) we can’t do much with what we hear,” he said.

Sheffield’s anti-bullying policies emphasize controlling anger and conflict resolution. The middle school policy said bullying complaints or suicide threats are promptly dealt with.

However, some students and their parents told The Chronicle-Telegram after Parti’s death that administrators had been unresponsive about bullying complaints. Parti’s parents have not commented since his death.

Folger said he is considering hiring Campus Impact, which has previously worked in the school district. The Amherst-based company serves 159 schools in 10 states, according to its website. The site said the company focuses on a comprehensive anti-bullying approach including student assemblies and programs, adult workshops and in-house training.

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  • reach1teach1

    The SSD board should be a shame of themselves. Every teacher and administrator involved should have been reprimanded. Parti did not have to die. I want to know how can you sleep at night and say” We did our job”
    Parti was one of the sweetest young men that I have ever been so happy to get his bear hugs, now all I can do is hold the cross that he gave me. The bus drivers for the last four years knew about it and the it did not start at the middle school but that where it got unbearable for him.
    SSD, really failed this child and investigation was just smoke and mirrors. Each of you need to rethink the field that you are in safety is just as important as education.
    A child cannot learn (focus) if they are hungry and afraid. Please try connecting with the bullies so the problem will decrease, get to the root cause! “BULLIES” Don’t deny it fix it because it is still happening to his friends (all the good youth).
    SSD know who the bullies are deal with them, get off your hands and make a change don’t let Parti’s death be in vain. Bullies know how to apply pressure.

  • Concern parent

    Why Campus Impact? They were in the school district doing their program at that school for many years. If the program did not work before, why do you think its going to work now.

  • Zen Grouch

    **$50,000 to hire a company to help implement anti-bullying strategies**

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to find a program out there that works and copy it, rather than reinventing the wheel?

    Or maybe some feel the wheel hasn’t yet been invented, because there are no effective programs out there and someone sold the board on the idea that they can come up with one that *will* work, for a mere $50K! And the board members signed on the dotted line, just to make it look like they’re concerned and doing something, rather than using PLAIN AND SIMPLE COMMON SENSE!