November 27, 2014


Elyria worker gets 3 days in jail, fine for DUI

ELYRIA — A city worker pleaded no contest last week to DUI and possession of drugs charges after he was caught driving under the influence in a city vehicle earlier this year.

Additional charges of possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia against Matthew Jurco, 32, were dropped as part of his plea deal, according to Elyria Municipal Court records.

Jurco was sentenced to a total of 60 days in jail, but all but three of those were suspended. He also was fined $1,500, but $700 of that was suspended, court records showed. He also received a six-month driver’s license suspension but retains work driving privileges.

Jurco was pulled over near the Black River overpass on Gulf Road in Elyria on March 13 after another driver called police to report that a city vehicle was being driven erratically. Police reported they immediately detected signs that Jurco was impaired and found drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs not prescribed to him.

Court records indicate that Jurco has a history of traffic infractions, including pleading down a DUI charge to reckless operation in 2002. He was convicted in 2011 of physical control and reckless operation that led to him taking a class geared toward preventing drunken driving.

As part of the conditions of his latest conviction, Jurco must undergo drug and alcohol counseling.

Paul St. Marie, Jurco’s lawyer, said his client was taking responsibility for what happened.

“Matthew realized he had a problem and is doing his best to deal with it and he’s shown the type of fortitude necessary to be successful,” St. Marie said.

The city suspended Jurco for 30 days and he signed a last-chance agreement that allowed for random drug testing before he returned to work June 3.

Elyria Safety Service Director Mary Siwierka said Jurco passed the first drug test that he was given after coming back to work.

She said he continues to work as both a meter reader and do service work in the city’s Utilities Department.
“He’s been totally compliant and we’ve been monitoring it closely,” Siwierka said.

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  • Brian_Reinhardt

    So you can have drugs in a city vehicle while getting a DUI and still keep your job?

    Those of you who are in a union and those of you who work for the government need to take a look at him, one of many people who are protected by unions and wonder is it really that smart to have a drunken druggie driving around on the taxpayer dime looking for a victim.

  • Spec440

    Wow. I hope I am the one he hits. My odds have to better than playing the lottery but I get the same payout. Who knew the city administrators like to gamble this much?

  • Joe Smith

    Fire him, had he wrecked and hurt someone, in addition to hurting people, he would have got the city sued and the taxpayers would be stuck with the bill. He should be fired today.

  • Jean Vincent

    how many chances are we gonna give him lets wait till he hurts someone and let him off and slap his hands that’s the city for you

  • Heman Ely

    There is no reason to bring belonging to a labor union into this discussion. The majority of the people that have problems with unions are the ones who dont belong to one, or in other words, Republicans. Jealousy sparks most of these feelings due to the wages and the job security that unions bring.

    • mj

      im an independent that is very opposed to unions and i was even at one time a member of one. This person should be fired and has not bc the union is protecting him. Unions served a great purpose when working conditions were unacceptable. Unfortunately the power has swung the other way. Unions allow pieces of crap to receive WAY more money then they are worth and protect them when they abuse drugs on city time. Unions are helping to destroy America by shielding uneducated Americans to the valuable new truth…you want more money, work harder and become educated. Blue Collar jobs should have a cap on them. This guy, abuses drugs multiple times on the city dime and made almost $45,000 last year for a job that should pay about $30,000 at most. And again, still has his job after multiple offenses. If i get stoned at work guess what happens, i am terminated immediately!

    • mj

      all unions do is protect the uneducated and under qualified. They promote paying a high school educated line work at Ford $50,000 to do a $30,000 job. It is the reason that companies are going bankrupt. Automatic pay raises are given not bc they are earned, but bc they are “deserved” . Unions promote laziness and mismanagement. that is the real truth. BOYCOTT UNIONS

  • bigmacky

    Isn’t it obvious? look at the last name – His father was an Lt. on the police force – duh! the favoritism/nepotism good old boy network is alive and well. and with this levy looming – this is not a positive mark for the City. where are the audit results saying that there are too many supervisors? or the double dipper? (double dipper – one who retired from public service and gets rehired back into the public sector instead of the private one). He may get the help he “so” deserves but I doubt it. Elyria really needs to look into the mirror and take a good close look at itself

    • michael pietch

      Man everyone is so perfect from their couch and fake screen names. I agree Elyria is a trashcan with trees, but its judgemental people who cry bout none of their business. Matt’s a good kid who got pinched. He ain’t a junkie and he didn’t get off easy because of his dad. People like u guys are the reason that anyone with half a brain moved. I used to sell drugs and was a junkie now ima chef with a family, but I guess in peoples opinions like u folks that doesn’t count. Get your own business and stay out of other peoples.