November 23, 2014


Governor not saying how he’ll handle abortion related items in state budget

COLUMBUS — Gov. John Kasich isn’t speculating on what action he’ll take on abortion-related items in the Ohio budget.

The Republican, who opposes abortion, told reporters Wednesday that he plans to review the provisions later this week.

A GOP-led panel has added a regulation to the bill that would require abortion providers to give pregnant women written notice if there’s a detectable fetal heartbeat before the procedure.

The Ohio House and Senate are expected to vote on the roughly $62 billion spending plan Thursday. Lawmakers face a Sunday deadline to pass it.

Kasich said the budget contains great successes, including a $2.7 billion net tax reduction over three years.

It leaves out his tax increase on high-volume oil and gas drillers and expansion of Medicaid. Kasich says those fights aren’t over.

  • hottamomma

    thats good ssy nothing, better yet all goverment should stay out of peoples personal lives

  • Linda Groves

    I’m PRO-LIFE. If a woman doesn’t want a baby,KEEP your legs closed,or GET on BIRTH CONTROL!!, and YOU pay for it,Not tax payers!!! Do NOT use abortion as a form of birth control!! Abortion IS another form of MURDER!!

    • JPM525

      Restricting abortion access leads to more poverty and crime. I hope you are voting for more social service funding and education! You people care about the pregnancy but not the child that results. Typical and hypocritical.

      • hottamomma

        u have an excellent point, im tired of paying for all these thug a*s welfare babies

      • stargazer2012

        No, I’m sorry but your wrong. You are just repeating what you have been told. Abortion takes care of nothing, but just further degradation of the woman.

    • hottamomma

      im pro life personally, but i dont think the government the city or the state should have anything to say what anyone does with their own body. next thing you know they will say all women have to wear no shirt, or whatever. dont let them now, that way the dont have a reason to come and disrupt us women again later. let god handle it

      • stargazer2012

        Then you can not call yourself pro-life.

        • hottamomma

          so u r saying if the govt tell u to put a dildo in ur behind thats pro life and u would gladly do it. i say the govt or no human should be able to tell another human male or female what they can or cant do with thier own bodies. and if u think the govt should be allowed to do the u need a mental institution. or u can just get a abusive partner and let tell u what u can or cant do with ur own body, im telling u now if u let that door open they r going into other doors to, some people know this and others are to blind to see it, even though its happening more and more everyday. IM PRO LIFE, AND IM ALSO PRO MY OWN BODY.