November 28, 2014


Ohio bill requiring only 1 license plate advances

DAYTON — Ohioans would only be required to display one license plate on their vehicles instead of two under a bill headed for a House vote.

Supporters of the bipartisan bill including state Rep. Terry Johnson, a southern Ohio Republican, say it could save the state $1 million annually.

Backers say the proposal could also save car owners the cost of having holes drilled in vehicles not built to have front plates.

The Dayton Daily News reports the bill cleared the Ohio House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Tuesday without debate.

The bill would bring Ohio in line with Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Police oppose the change, saying it cuts in half their ability to identify drivers involved in traffic violations and crimes.

  • guest

    I like this!

  • hottamomma

    this is wonderful and it wont cut half the police ability to identify drivers, cause 9 times out of 10 the police catch you with your back license plate. plus the got that scanner that scans hundreds of cars a minute

  • K Gi

    I don’t buy that crap that it cuts the ability to identify drivers in half. They don’t seem to have a problem in all the surrounding states. Plus ALL (trust me) classic and sports car owners HATE front plates.

  • Don Grantzki

    Too late to help me. I’ve already had to desecrate my front bumper cover to put that useless bit of scrap on it.

  • Mark

    anyone else notice the police license plate readers are already set up to read rear license places… but can read in both directions!

  • Mark

    wonder if the registration fee will go lower (as they don’t need prison labor to make two)…. something tells me “uh, no”

  • taxpayer89

    Police when they use the speed gun aim it at the front plates not the rear.

    • Pablo Jones

      They shoot it at whatever reflective element there is. Headlights, grills, paint, wheel hubs, etc. and this is only when they are using a laser it doesn’t matter for radar. Shooting at the plate just makes it easier for them to identify the car.

  • Pablo Jones

    They say it will save the state $1 million annually. But the car owners are the ones that pay for the plates. That means they are still going to charge the full price for the plates but you only get 1 instead of 2.

    • Geoff

      Be happy with what you are paying for two plates. Up here in Michigan, we pay more than Ohio. I paid $86 to just ONE sticker to register my car this year.

  • Brent Piazza

    this is a Screwed Up Law i Hate it Cars need to have 2 plates not one and ur taking away from the cops doing there jobs checking cars for background history i hope this does not pass at all

  • im4ohiostate24-7

    In west virginia, I pay $90.00 for a 2 Year registration. And I’m only required to have 1 plate, not 2. I have a replica Ohio Plate, Red White & Blue design, that reads OHIO STATE in the number field.

  • john doe

    get rid of the front plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!