October 21, 2014


Ohio Democratic lawmakers call gun bill ‘pro-life’

COLUMBUS — Two Democratic lawmakers seek to turn the tables on Ohio’s strong anti-abortion movement by pushing a proposal to require safety-related briefings for gun buyers and labeling it “pro-life.”

A bill detailed Wednesday by state Reps. Mike Foley and Robert Hagan would require people to review information on gun-related injuries and deaths before purchasing a firearm.

The measure comes as gun deaths in Ohio increase and abortions decrease. Its sponsors contrast it with a last-minute budget amendment requiring abortion providers to inform pregnant women if a fetal heartbeat is present.

The gun legislation stands little chance of passing at Ohio’s Republican-dominated Statehouse.

Hagan, of Youngstown, is challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, of Cincinnati, in 2016. He cites Portman’s opposition to expanded background checks for gun buyers as a central issue.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Oh for Heaven’s sake, there were around 400 homicides by gun in Ohio in 2010 while 28,000 fetuses were aborted during the same time frame. These two libtards take the cake.

  • http://PricesKarate.com/ DavePrice

    i lean left and am sickened by the constant attack to our rights on guns… just leave it alone and try to RETURN some of the freedoms already taken! bye the way… i do not even own a gun.

    • Michael A. Figueroa

      What freedoms have been taken?

      • Joe Smith

        With the gov attacking the 2nd amendment, sending the IRS after you for your political beliefs, monitoring citizens phone records, emails and internet data without probable cause and tapping reporters to get their sources and so on do you really have to ask?

        • Michael A. Figueroa

          The government didn’t “attack” the 2nd Amendment, they simply tried to have better background checks due to 22 children being massacred. Rest easy though, they failed. There is no evidence that the IRS was “sent after” anyone for their political beliefs, and if you must know, it has recently been disclosed that they went after liberal groups too. And all of that wacky government spying on its citizens…well that’s what everyone hoot and hollered that they wanted after 911 which resulted in the Patriot Act, signed into law by Dubya.

          • Zen Grouch

            …ever feel like you’re p***in’ in the wind?

          • jz

            The dereanged kid in Newtown’s mom passed the checks.

          • Zen Grouch

            …they should add a literacy test too.

          • jz

            You know what Imean. Oops.

  • Michael A. Figueroa


  • Joe Smith

    Comparing the 1 in a million chance a gun may take a innocent life against the 100% chance of a innocent life being taken by abortion?

  • Joe Smith

    I guess you should have to have a background check to have an abortion and like states who have CCW owners getting their names and addresses posted on the internet by newspapers, lets post the names and addresses of people who have abortions too then

  • Americaschild

    These two men should be voted out of office!

  • Danny Boy Blue

    Take my guns? Next my slingshot, Cheerios and then my sneakers, too. We used to have a Constitution. Now no one in the White House gives a damn. And anyone who voted for Obama never did any reading or research to find out what a socialist/communist life he grew up to crave.
    You might recognize my personal photo in the Post Office. Obama’s administration will publish it there as they take away my freedom of speech. I’m not racist, I’m just a honky whose tired of politicians needing to be changed more often than stinky diapers.

    • Bob Vincent

      Could not of said it better Danny Boy, These liberals better wake up. One morning people lose all the benefits they’ve been getting in exchange for their vote. Why did Home Land Security and IRS buy 500 millions rounds of AR-15 ammo and military armored vehicles plus giving Egypts Muslim Brotherhood all those tanks and F-18 aircraft on top of billions of dollars.

    • Zen Grouch

      **And anyone who voted for Obama never did any reading or research to find
      out what a socialist/communist life he grew up to crave.**

      Paranoid raving…

  • ken m

    tens of thousands are killed each year by automobiles but we don t ban cars,thousands are stabbed to death each year,we don t ban knifes,people are killed by baseball bats,we don t ban bats,i could go on and on on different things used each year to murder other people,you can look up these figures on the web, you d be really surprised with what you ll see…people that want to kill others will always find a way, this has gone on for thousands of years..I ve said for many years, when we grew up our fathers and gran fathers taught us the safety of our guns and to respect them,you don t see much of this anymore..i agree it should be made a little harder for anyone to just walk in and buy a gun…if nothing else maybe a 8 hr course on gun safety unless you can prove years of ownership..but this will only help a small percent of people that may have an accident with there gun, it still won t stop the criminal..the criminals don t care what you ban,they ll still commit crimes, and they still have a weapon..we should push to have more teachers,office workers,store owners,home owner etc to learn how to shoot,and then carry guns ..as has been said,the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun..

    • jz

      Ditto. Agree totally.