October 23, 2014

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Probation for man who caused explosion at Elyria workplace

Robert Shaw receives probation Wednesday for causing an explosion in his workplace last year. At left is Shaw’s attorney, Mike Duff.

Robert Shaw receives probation Wednesday for causing an explosion in his workplace last year. At left is Shaw’s attorney, Mike Duff.

ELYRIA — A LaGrange Township man was sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation for building an explosive target that exploded in his face last year.

Robert Shaw, 51, said he made a “huge mistake” before Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Christopher Rothgery handed down the sentence.

Shaw was building explosive targets at Diamond Products, where he worked, when one exploded on March 2, 2012. Shaw suffered facial burns in the explosion, which prompted authorities to evacuate the Elyria factory for about three hours while his office was searched.

Shaw’s Whitney Road home was later searched by state and federal agencies.

Assistant County Prosecutor Stephanie Malanowski had asked that Shaw receive prison time, but defense attorney Mike Duff said that his client had done nothing more than pursue his hobby.

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  • Mark

    strange comment (but it is from a lawyer, so…)… that he did nothing more than pursue his hobby? With explosives?? What if this had been at his home? Where was he going to use this explosive target? We are talking “boom” here, right? How was he going to transport it from work? There are many many regulations on how to transport, and I guarantee he didn’t meet one of them. In essence, he would’ve endangered every person and vehicle he passed doing it.
    The defense attorney spoke like most do – stupidly, and the judge missed it with his finding. This man was a risk to society, and now has learned… well, we shall see about how he behaves in the future.

    • Trisha Stevens Jones

      I work at Diamond Products & was there on that day. I don’t
      personally know Bob Shaw, but I know who he is. I don’t believe that he
      deserves prison time. Probation is fine. It’s not like he’s a terrorist!
      Yes, it was stupid. And yes, he shouldn’t have been doing it at work,
      but these explosive targets weren’t big enough to blow up the entire
      building. This man worked at DP for more than 20 yrs and he has lost his job due to his poor choices. That, along with probation is sufficient enough. He has a family, mortgage, car payments, etc. Losing his job at 51 yrs old & with the economy in the state that it is in…I’m sure he regrets what he did.

  • hottamomma

    now he can stay home build more explosives

  • Phil Blank

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