November 26, 2014


Another Clearview school board member resigns

SHEFFIELD TWP. — Name tags might help when Clearview Board of Education members meet July 15.

Less than a month after two board members angrily quit, a third board member has resigned, according to Clearview’s website.

The application deadline is 3 p.m. Monday to fill the new vacancy. The site didn’t say who quit.

Board President Eddie Corcino, who in a March 16 letter to the board said he was resigning when his term ends Dec. 31, didn’t return calls Tuesday. Cars were in the driveway of Corcino’s East 42nd Street home Tuesday night, but no one answered the door. Corcino wouldn’t say last month whether he planned to serve out his full term.

Board members Richard Marcucci and Melissa Newsome didn’t return calls Tuesday and Superintendent Jerome Davis couldn’t be reached for comment. Davis, promoted from Durling Middle School principal in April, announced in a news release this week that Heidi Adkins and Giles Brown II were replacing board members Connie Finney and Brenda Newman, who resigned June 7 and June 10, respectively.

Finney and Newman denounced Corcino, Marcucci and Newsome when they resigned. They said they were blindsided when former board member Judy Maldonado — now an Educational Service Center of Lorain County board member — was allowed on stage during last month’s high school graduation to present her son with a diploma.

Corcino had written an email proposing a lottery for parents to be allowed onstage and proposed using the lottery as a way to “mask” allowing Maldonado’s participation. He later emailed Finney that it was a “dumb idea” after she said it would be showing favoritism to a former board member. Newman had also questioned whether board members were following Ohio Sunshine Laws.

Corcino said last week that several candidates were interviewed before Adkins and Brown were chosen, but Adkins said she wasn’t interviewed after applying and learned she was chosen in a call from Davis. Brown couldn’t be reached Tuesday regarding whether he was interviewed.

Finney said Tuesday if interviews weren’t conducted, then a disservice was done to taxpayers.

“Why weren’t other people interviewed?” she asked. “What were they afraid of?”

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  • ConnieLFinney

    I am concerned that the new board member would not question why interviews were not held. Is this a precursor of what is to come? Events and requests at Clearview will continue to happen based on names and who they know… something that I was trying to avoid with Mrs. Maldonado’s request. Based on what I saw on just the two applications submitted there definitely needed to be interviews held. Paper is paper…spoken words are a whole new ball game.

    • itsashame123

      Sad to see you and Brenda go! Clearview School Board is such a “click”. I wish a few others would resign. You both worked for the school as a whole, not just for your own agenda. I agree, IF you are elected, and were never interviewed for the position, that right there makes one think it’s all “who you know over there”? I thank both of you for the time you served our school district! We will see how November elections go….one can only hope things will NOT get worse!

  • Mike Woskobunik

    Why would a candidate ask why they are chosen? Is this a precursor to what we can expect from you Miss Finney? To denounce such decisions on a message board that you do not agree with? Maybe instead of resigning you should’ve finished your duty as an elected official and not quit and then decide to question said decisions thru social media.

    • ConnieLFinney

      Say what you want Mike. I was there for 5 1/2 years. You weren’t. Maybe Mr. Corcino should have resigned the first time and then all this would have been avoided. Why shouldn’t I denounce it on a message board? All board members are public officials and what happens with them should be discussed openly as long as the law allows it. Ever heard of the Sunshine Law that so many officials want to hide behind? I left the board because I questioned other board members ethics which certainly weren’t going to change while I was there and I did not want to end up being accused of things I might have no control over. I am an American citizen and have the right to complain whenever I do not agree. And that, sir, is part of the life of a school board member…being complained to and about. Get over it or get used to…I did for 5 1/2 years until questionable ethics reared its ugly head. I do not know how you were raised but I was raised poor in the country in a 4 room house with no bathroom or running water and 6 people. But my parents had ethics and earned everything they got with no handouts. I know I can go back home to Wellington and mention my parents’ name and NEVER hear one bad word. Sorry,people, but Mike ticked me off by basically telling me to, “Shut up.”

  • Brenda Newman

    Any individual that supports a board member who’s ethics are questioned, was definitely a bad choice. However, it doesn’t surprise many that she has her support group already posting to defend her. LOL Taxpayers, please remember this in November.

    • Mike Woskobunik

      Why are Heidi Adkins ethics in question Mrs. Newman? Also, who are you or Miss Finney to question anyone’s ethics? What makes you the moral authority? Why don’t you do yourselves a favor and learn the person she is first if you are going to pass judgement. Also, as a veteran and federal service employee I have my doubts of you and Miss Finney if on our nations Independence Day you are concerned about your reputation online. Today is not the day, I’m pretty sure there are town hall meetings for both your concerns. Have a wonderful holiday and you’re welcome for your freedom of speech. God Bless America!

      • ConnieLFinney

        What I said was,

        I am concerned that the new board member would not question why interviews were not held. Is this a precursor of what is to come?
        There were two board members selected this way…sorry I left the “s” off member in my original post.
        Just because a school board takes an action it does not mean it is an ethical one. A current board member and her husband were made to repay over $8000 to Clearview schools after a ruling from the Ohio Ethics Commission in June 2011 when their daughter, a Clearview student, was hired over and over again to work for her father who was a Clearview school supervisor and the mother was on the school board. It took the commission a long time to make the ruling. When the subject was brought up more than once by concerned citizens they were ignored by the board. Another example…involving same couple…for 3 years concerned citizens questioned how a board member who was a township employee could vote on anything concerning this Clearview supervisor (wife on the board) when this supervisor was a township trustee and the boss of the board member. Finally, the Ohio Ethics Commission took notice and in March 2009 ruled that the board member could not be involved in voting on anything concerning this Clearview supervisor. This board member left in December 2009. Being on the board at the time of both rulings, Brenda and I felt vindicated that the Commission agreed with us.
        I never mentioned Heidi’s name. She is my close neighbor and Mr. Corcino lives behind her. By the way, Brenda Newman’s son will be graduating from Air Force basic training in Texas in a few days. Maybe you owe her an apology.

      • Brenda Newman

        Did you really read the post at all? I stated “Any individual that supports a board member who’s ethics are questioned, was definitely a bad choice.” Where did you get that it had anything to do with Heidi Adkins Ethics? Wow, read the posts alittle better before you begin to spew at the mouth. Her comment in the paper supporting Eddie, that “to me” means she was a bad a choice. I have every right to judge his ethics, heck, I have the email that he even questions his own ethics. I have many emails that he questions his ethics. The entire appointment is questionable since not one was interviewed. And, not to mention the fact that neither of these two individuals “EVER” attended one board meeting in my 8 1/2 years on the board. Things that will continue to make you go HMMMMM!!! LOL

        • Mike Woskobunik

          I’ll just say this, Heidi Adkins was an outstanding choice. If you have the students best interest at heart Mrs. Newman, you will see this in the near future. Also, I disagree with your opinion that she is a bad choice solely because she supports Mr. Corcino. I supported any president elected while I was serving in the Air Force. I still do. Does that make me a bad choice for any future endeavor I may have? I don’t think so. A person’s character is not defined by who they put support behind. What I have seen is 2 women “spew’ their thoughts and opinions on a message board in the last few weeks. Running their mouths to anyone who will listen. (Journal,Chronicle) Two women who fail to recognize that they do not have any RIGHT to judge anyone’s ethics, morals, integrity, character or lack there of. You have a right to free speech, a right to have an opinion in these matters. You cross the line when you go above that. That is the only reason I chose to respond to both your immature statements and slander. You 2 both are everything wrong with leadership and I am grateful you both did CHS a service by stepping down. You lack the commitment to excellence. One thing I have noticed in this is Mr. Corcino has chosen to quietly step down. He hasn’t run to the papers. He hasn’t gotten on a message board to defend himself. I applaud him for that. That to me shows some character.

          FYI, don’t believe everything you read in the papers. A news story is only as credible as the reporter reporting. Check facts,

          • ConnieLFinney

            WOW!! Look at who is spewing now! It is very bothersome, isn’t it, when opinions do not agree with yours. You have no connection to the district, Mike, except through your freindship with Heidi and the air reserve. You are someone who knows neither me, by the way MRS. Finney, nor Mrs. Newman. You feel we should go to town meetings that don’t exist. I, personally, am slandering no one. When the public does not know what is going on then they need to be told. You obviously know nothing about the other people who applied for the positions. I thought the papers dealt very fairly with Mr. Corcino. Mr. Corcino and Dr. Marcucci both got on the board through INTERVIEWS along with another board member who was on for 9 months…all at different times. Dr. Marcucci then went through the election process when the time came. I know enough about the other current applicants for board seats who were not chosen to know that they had some very DEEP and long time roots in the district. Like I said before, NOTHING on the copies of the applications for the 2 newly appointed applicants was reason enough to not hold an interview.

          • lookingin

            Mike is Heidi’s brother