November 28, 2014


Commissioner: County possible site for 2 gun makers

ELYRIA — Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams said Wednesday that the county is in the running as a possible home for two gun manufacturers looking to relocate in the wake of a flurry of gun laws passed around the nation after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December.
Williams began sending out letters to gun makers earlier this year trying to lure their manufacturing facilities to Lorain County. He received a letter from Colt’s Manufacturing Co. in May that stated the company was open to learning what the county had to offer.
Williams confirmed Wednesday that Colt is still looking at Lorain County, along with other sites in Ohio. He said the company might be a good fit at the closed National Gypsum plant in Lorain or at other locations, possibly in Avon or Avon Lake.
Colt would bring with it 200 to 300 jobs, Williams said.
He said a second company, which he declined to identify, also has expressed an interest in Lorain County. That entity, which has a signed agreement not to be named with the controversial JobsOhio development company, has a payroll of around $85 million and would bring with it 800 to 1,000 jobs, Williams said.
A call to JobsOhio wasn’t returned Wednesday.
Williams said the only location in the county that would probably be large enough to accommodate the other company, which also is looking at other sites in Ohio, is the old Ford Motor Co. plant in Lorain, which now houses a several small manufacturers.
Williams said he’s hopeful that Lorain County will lure at least one company to the area.
“We’ve got a good chance at it,” he told his fellow commissioners Wednesday.
Williams said he’s also been working with Team Lorain County, the county’s economic development arm, to attract another company that focuses on green technology. That company, which he also declined to identify, would bring with it 12 jobs.
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  • Logdog

    Oh mercy me ! We’ll all be killed when those wicked guns get loose ! I’d rather see us making fertilizer and refining diesel fuel ! Oh wait,, they make bombs out of that ! How about making knives ? Oh wait,, people get stabbed with those ! How about we go back to making cars ? Now everybody KNOWS that cars don’t kill people,,, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE !!!!!

  • infinitefancies

    No to any gun makers in Lorain County! Tom Williams is a foolish man.

    • jerry zaleski

      Get a grip. Guns don,t shoot people, people shoot people.

    • Bob Sweatt

      Yeah. Because bringing jobs to this county that has lost the Ford Plant and god knows what else is foolish move.

  • grannyof6

    “Tom Williams is a foolish man”! Yes, that’s why we need to elect Matt Lundy as one of you next commissioners.

  • Steve

    I’m all for it! bring jobs, and share our 2nd amendment rights!

  • Phil Blank

    Well, I’ll place my bets on either Ruger or Beretta.
    Smith & Wesson is in Mass.

  • Phil Blank

    “the massacre at Sandy
    Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December.” (Just had to toss that in there, ha)

  • Phil Blank

    ‘Berettas Don’t Bluff’: Major Gun Company Threatens to Leave …
    Feb 24, 2013 – Beretta USA is threatening to leave Maryland over new gun control proposals, the Washington … restrictions in the 1990s: Beretta responded by moving its warehouse operation to Virginia. ….. Come to Ohio we need the jobs!

  • Bob Owens

    So in the wake of one of the most horrific mass murders committed by a gun, you “reach out” to gun manufacturers? I’m glad I didn’t vote for this guy.

    • Chris G

      OMG…Let’s get rid of FORKS next… they make people FAT!!

      The only thing that will stop a BAD guy with a gun is a GOOD guy with a gun!

  • Bob Owens

    So in the wake of one of the nation’s worst massacres committed with a gun, you reach out to gun manufacturers. While you’re at it, let’s reach out to the people that owned the West, Texas grain plant.

  • kris

    Jobs are jobs. Would be a great addition to the city. We need it.

  • Jake

    Toy all you anti-gun people out there: your ignorance disgusts me! I’m all for jobs and all for gun rights!

  • brandon

    Stupid people guns can be controlled. Everyone is like oh no guns in Lorain well as a veteran I need a better job closer to home and I worked in the arms room in the military. Its people like you who cry about guns that will be the first to be killed if a war ever broke out here on your home land and if you think it cant happen their are countries around the world that has considered bringing the fight to your front door. Finally, the only reason these countries has not hit home yet Its not because our military but for the fact that they would have to fight the American people, as they feel they we are just as well armed as our military. So keep being stupid and stopping job growth in Lorain that’s why all of our companies move to other states or overseas but they people cry about not having jobs what morons are all of u.