October 25, 2014


Police investigating lighthouse break-in

LORAIN — You’d expect that police have seen it all.
Not quite.
“I’ve never ever heard of that happening,” Lorain police spokesman Lt. Roger Watkins said Saturday of a break-in at the Lorain Lighthouse that is believed to have taken place between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
A report of the incident was not available from police Saturday, but Watkins said detectives had recovered unspecified evidence inside the 1917 lighthouse that has been analyzed by detectives.
“That may or may not lead to us being able to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators,” Watkins said.
It is not known if more than one person entered the structure, which can only be reached by boat or other watercraft.
“That’s the only way you can get out there,” Watkins said of the structure, which is among a small number of lighthouses that are not built on land and which cannot be reached by a walkway.
“I’ve been out to it in a kayak, and it’s not that easy to get to, going through the inlet and all,” Watkins said.
One of the most-photographed locations in Lorain County, the four-story lighthouse was manned by crews of Coast Guard personnel through 1954.
The structure included a kitchen, sleeping quarters, and office.
The lighthouse operated until 1965.
Police are still in the process of determining just how the lighthouse was entered and what was taken.
“We believe it was some lenses (used in the lighthouse beacon) but we’re not sure what else,” Watkins said.
Watkins asked that anyone with information relating to the incident call the Lorain Police Detective Bureau at (440) 204-2105.
Contact Steve Fogarty at 329-7146 or sfogarty@chroniclet.com.

  • Phil Blank

    The water is so shallow on the east side of the pier, they could walk
    across the gap in the break-wall, and walk the break-wall to the

    “IF” there is barbed-wire on the pier, they could cut it or swim around that.

    you follow the pier on the 2013 Google Satellite view, you can see a
    boat close to the concrete part of the pier that runs out to the light
    house. If you look back south toward the shore, you can see how small that gap is.

    There is no lens in the lighthouse despite what the they
    say, it was donated years ago and is back, and in storage waiting to be
    placed into the yet to be built new ferry terminal display case.

    Most likely kids or young adults out there drinking/smoking pot, etc. and watching the fireworks, then made a mess and left.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    35 years ago, we used to walk almost the entire way out to the break-wall, having to swim a very short distance. A short walk on the break-wall and voila, you are on the lighthouse. We used to dive into the lake off of it and scurry to the ladder so you weren’t the last one out for fear of the monsters living underwater. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of that little beach just east of Lakeview.

    • The_Banker

      harmons beach

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        That’s it! Thank you.