November 26, 2014


Ex-head of children’s agency to get $70,000 payout

ELYRIA — Former Lorain County Children Services Director Gary Crow is receiving $70,125 in retirement payouts, according to the agency’s interim director Jane Robertson.



Crow retired June 30 after making the announcement to Children Services board members via email April 10. He led the agency for 18 years.

Robertson, deputy executive director the agency, is serving as interim director until a new candidate is chosen.

According to Robertson, Crow accumulated 1,250 hours of sick time and will be paid $70,125 for that time. The time can be accumulated and rolls over each year, she said.

Crow will receive the payout during the Jan. 26 pay period.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Rolling over of sick time is a public service perk that needs to be stopped immediately. By definition, it’s a benefit that’s supposed to be used if you’re sick, not a piggy bank.

    • Michael A. Figueroa

      You would cash out too if you could. Everyone on here would. Hypocrites!

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        I don’t believe I suggested Crow was wrong for accepting the payout, I simply stated that this perk needs to be discontinued. Benefits like these are part of the reason we pay such much in taxes. And like I said, by definition, this benefit is intended to cover when an employee is sick, not to be an additional retirement payout.

        • Michael A. Figueroa

          Well then using that philosophy, all benefits at all businesses or government agencies should be discontinued because all of those costs are eventually passed off to everyone else. If you accrued sick time, yet didn’t use all of it because you actually had a work ethic, why should you lose it?

        • Michael A. Figueroa

          Seems to me a lot of this self-righteousness about benefits that people still get is more like sour grapes.

  • Guest

    Just another example of a corrupt and incompetent government agency. History again repeats from this inept agency!

  • Kevin Baker

    Not surprised, AGAIN!!

  • Tom

    There just needs to be a cap on it like any other business. You accumulate time up until a certain point, then you use it or lose it.

  • Bruce Tennant

    Let’s get with the times people, how many operations even have sick time anymore?. Most have some form of short term or long term disability. for 1 or two day things either no pay or use vacation days. Why do these agencies have these Cadillac benefit plans when most of the “real” world is far different ?

    • Michael A. Figueroa

      Waaa…I don’t have benefits, so neither should you! Envy is a deadly sin.

      • Daniel Sutter

        What about greed? Good thing the tax payer is keep being (forced)asked to pay more when most are getting less so those buddy buddy public servants can get more.

  • Michael A. Figueroa

    Congrats to Mr. Crow on your retirement. Enjoy your payout.

  • goodygirlrn

    Instead of calling off sick he came to work. Take away payout for banked time means people will call off so they don’t loose it. Limit the amount, people will call off so they don’t loose it. You either pay 100% now when they call off or pay a discounted rate later when they payout. If you work for a business that doesn’t offer sick time then go to another business that does. Don’t hate on the ones tha do.

  • Nancy Mcdougal

    Wow! $56.10 per hour! How do I apply for that job?

    • sunnysunday

      Get a good education with a relevant and useful college degree, work hard to get meaningful references and focus on the skills and values that will make you a desirable candidate rather than worrying about others.

  • 2muchgovernment

    Sick time is sick time. To be used if you are sick. No sick time should be carried forward. Taxpayers can no longer afford to throw money into union, city, state & federal bottomless coffers.