November 23, 2014


Hot Stove: Vermilion Impact racks up 22nd straight win

GRAFTON — You could say Vermilion Impact knows a thing or two about winning.

Twenty-two wins in a row would seem to be a pretty good indication of that, anyway.

Vermilion needed just an hour and 15 minutes to get that 22nd win, disposing of the Stow Beef O’ Brady’s Cubs 11-0 in a five-inning mercy-rule-shortened Class H (age 10) Ohio Hot Stove district championship Sunday at Reservoir Park.

Pitchers Sean Saterlee and Hunter Eitenne combined to strike out 11 batters while the offense struck for three runs in the first inning and five in the second to build an early 8-0 lead.

“We didn’t know if this other team was good because we hadn’t played them this season, but I felt confident we were going to win as soon as I stepped out on the field,” said Eitenne, who caught the first three innings before coming on to pitch in the fourth. “I was a little nervous when I started pitching because they were at the start of their lineup, but our offense did such a good job of scoring runs I didn’t have to worry if I gave up a run. I could just relax and throw strikes.”

Nick Werth led the Vermilion offense with two hits and two runs scored. He was one of eight Impact players to score at least once.

“I kinda surprised myself that I hit the ball so hard today,” Werth said. “It was exciting to win today now we have to keep playing Impact baseball to keep winning.”

Vermilion will play in a regional semifinal Saturday at 10 a.m. in Grafton.

“The boys played strong today, hit well, pitched well and played great defense,” Vermilion coach Jim Wells said. “These boys and their parents are dedicated. They want it. Their parents want it and the coaches want it. Everything we do is a total team effort.”

Class GG (age 11)

Firelands Big Red 22, Olmsted Falls Bulldogs 6

Grant Price scored four runs and Nate Damron had three hits as Firelands improved to 22-1.

Despite the large margin of victory, Big Red coach Chris Yoby said his team didn’t necessarily bring their best game to the ballpark.

“We were somewhat focused but we’ve played better,” he said. “I think the heat got to us and some of the guys might have been looking forward to the county championship game on Wednesday. We made plays we need to make, but we’re hoping to improve next game.”

Price, the leadoff hitter, had a first-inning single and walks in his next four plate appearances.

“I think we could have fielded better and maybe had a little bit better hitting,” Price said. “We made some mistakes we normally don’t make today. I think everyone lost focus a little bit because of the heat.”

The Big Red had 10 hits, including doubles by Vince Morales and Logan Howington.
Damron knows what his teammates need to do in the county championship and beyond: “We just have to keep getting singles and playing good defense.”

Class G (12)

Columbia Jakobsky Plumbing 10, Medina Sharks 5

After splitting two regular-season meetings, Columbia won the season series with the Sharks and with it a Class G district championship.

Coach Mel Grills said his team, which improved to 10-12, is peaking at just the right time.

“The boys really came to play,” he said. “We’re two evenly matched teams. We hit the ball and caught the ball today so here we are. This is the first year we haven’t had two teams in Columbia Station. We have 14 kids on the roster so that means there are 10 kids who have to sub out and sit at times. It’s been tough at times but the kids have really learned how to play together.”

Bailey Coleman went 4-for-4 to provide a spark at the top of the lineup.

“We made a lot of good plays and played as a team,” Coleman said. “It gives me pressure sometimes batting first, but I just think of something happy, relax and hit the ball, and hopefully it goes somewhere where they can’t catch it.”

Carson Heidecker scored two runs and came on in relief in the fifth inning and pitched the rest of the way.

“When I come in to pitch in the middle of the game it’s tough to get into the proper mindset,” he said. “You just have to be consistent. I think if we practice hard this week we can find a way to keep winning.”

Trevor Warren started the game for Columbia and struck out six in four innings before Hot Stove Class G rules forced him to give the ball to Heidecker.

“Pitching is hard because you never know if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day,” Warren said. “I will admit I had butterflies in my stomach before the game. After I threw my first strike I felt really good. I only threw like around 41 pitches in four innings. I wanted to go back out there. I was mad our league rules said you can only pitch four innings. It’s kinda scary watching everyone else pitch but it was so exciting when we won the game.”

Class E (age 15-18)

Plain Local Eagles 19, North Ridgeville Rays 1

Class EE (age 15-16)

  • Vermilion Sailors 4, Firelands Falcons 1
  • Plain Local Young & A 4, North Ridgeville Rangers 3
  • Grafton General Plug 7, Spencer Pirates 5

Class F (age 14)

  • South Amherst/Firelands Raptors 11, Columbia Cottom’s 10
  • Midview North Cavanaugh 27, Keystone Vantage 1
  • Buckeye Knotts Family Dining 15, North Ridgeville Rangers 5

Class FF (age 13)

  • Midview North Ross 12, Elyria Gladiators 6
  • Columbia Morgan Trucking 5, Garfield Thunder 4
  • Medina Indians 5, Columbia Scott’s Party Rental 1

Class G (age 12)

Columbia Jakobsky Plumbing 10, Medina Sharks 5

Class GG (age 11)

  • Firelands Big Red 22, Olmsted Falls Bulldogs 6
  • North Akron Orioles 13, Firelands Fierce 2
  • Buckeye GMP 12, Vermilion Sailors 5
  • Columbia Kile Construction 7, Ellet Indians 0

Class H (age 10)

  • South Amherst Firelands 17, Grafton Branham Automotive 16
  • Vermilion Impact 11, Stow Beef O’Brady’s Cubs 0
  • Wellington Rampage 10, North Olmsted Chambers Funeral Home 0

Class HH (age 9)

  • Buckeye Carter Lumber 17, South Amherst/Firelands 5
  • Keystone Hot Stove 16, Keystone Kinkaid Kallers 9
  • Wellington Dukes 17, North Ridgeville Bullfrogs 7
  • Grafton Marco’s Pizza 16, Columbia Jake’s 252 Garage 0

Farm Major

Medina Swarm 10, North Ridgeville Aquatic Dream 7

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  • Bob

    When you bring in kids from other schools like Vermilion does you will have a good team. Find out how many kids are actually from Vermilion. Lorain County Hot Stove strongly discourages this practice but it allowed to happen

    • Phil

      Vermilion has two kids from out of town you are allowed 3. It helps to be informed before you comment on things you know nothing about.

      • Bob

        It also says this practice is strongly discouraged

        • suck it up

          But if hot stove signed the paper work and APPROVED it, then there should be NO fuss about it and i agree with mark maybe you should have stepped up and coached a 9u team…….strongly discouraged or not both hotstove parties signed for the release and the acceptance papers!!!!!

    • Susan Wells

      Hot Stove league rules allow any Community team to have up to 3 out-of-community players on their team. This Vermilion team has only 2. Also, one of the boys is from Huron were there is no travel league offered. These are 9 and 10 year old boys that work really hard, does an adult really have to discount that????
      Susan Wells

      • Susan Wells

        Most importantly…why do people have to put down winners? These kids practice and play baseball 9 months out of the year, they are dedicated and they play with the utmost sportsmanship!

    • Amy

      I guess its easy to be a bully to 9 & 10 year old boys, Bob, especially when its done over the internet. These boys have worked extremely hard and they deserve this win. Please give them the respect that they deserve.

  • Racheal

    We follow our charter rules. You are allowed to have up to 3 out of town transfers to each team. IMPACT HAS 2 perhaps next time you should know facts before speaking out of place.. Go IMPACT!!

  • Linda

    I have been affiliated with hotstove for many yrs and as anyone knows the hotstove board has to sign for all out-of-town players…..all proper procedures were followed and GRANTED!!! 1 of the boys was refused to be on another team in his home town,( which is also not suppose to be allowed but it happened to my kid, I did throw a big old fuss(like some did) i just found a team that would benefit my son in his baseball career as any good parent would do). It is just sad that adults cant let little boys who have worked hard to get where they have gotten, be proud of themselves, shame on you jealous adults!!!! These boys have earned this title fair and square!!!

  • Linda

    *That should say “i did not throw a big fuss!!!”*

  • Joe

    I won’t argue whether the boys worked hard or not. And yes you can add from outside the community to fill a team. That being said, the comments I’ve seen are only half right! The rule is that you must accept all boys from the community first. That’s where they are wrong. A boy from Vermilion was denied being able to play with his community team and played for another! So that is where the coach was wrong and people who read some of these comments are getting half the truth!

    • Stacey

      That’s not entirely true, Amy. League signups are February, this boy tried entering in March when teams are already established. There are only 10U, 11U and 12U teams in Vermilion. Sadly lots of boys age 8 and 9 miss out playing in Vermilion because of the lack of coaches.

      • Stacey

        My previous comment was to Joe. But I will add… this is very sad. That such a positive moment in these boys lives, or any boys for that matter, has to be defended. Many boys did not get to play Vermilion Hot Stove because of not enough coaches and sufficient teams in their age group. Why is this team being singled out????

    • Amy

      And again, your comment is only half truth also. There were many kids wanting to be on teams but were unable to due to not enough coaches to fulfill this need. So the boy being denied to play on his community team was just one of many. Why should he be given any preferential treatment? And dont forget, Vermilion also has recreation baseball.

      • Joe

        Ok, but he had team he have played! Plus if they did nothing wrong, than why is their coach suspended Fromm all post season play?

        • flying squirrel

          First off I have no idea what your response means because it makes zero sense. Lastly, just remember that there are two sides to every story. That is all.

  • jim

    where u at now bob

    • Bob

      I’m here. Why is the coach suspended for tournaments?

  • Sandy

    Congratulations Vermilion Impact!! You are a class act team with great parents and great coaching! I have enjoyed watching you all season and earning every victory and expecting nothing to be handed to you…I may be your biggest fan!

  • Colleen

    The boy was also 9u and Impact is a 10u team…….bob and joe you are making it sound like if they didnt have these 2 boys from other cities they would not have won….yes they are great players but there are 9 boys on the field and they have to work together to make it all happen. They are still boys they make mistakes and strike out and play teams that have friends on them…..they play baseball because they LOVE playing……most of the boys on this team live baseball, and this is all foolish that a grown man has caused this much chaos…..and as for the coach being unable to coach is just a low blow, coaches volunteer their time, again because of their love of the game. This is a sad situation for both the coach his family and the team….as a coach this is what you coach and try for ALL yr and all because 1 boys family threw a big old fuss that cant happen. :( It is very unfortunate that their arent any dads, grandpas,uncles,moms or who ever to coach the 8u,9u boys in vermilion…..but shouldnt become another teams coachs problem. I am pleased to say my son plays for Impact and couldnt have asked for a better coach to help my son grow and follow his dream of playing in the MLB some day! He is a 10yr old boy with a big dream and maybe or maybe not that will happen but while he is striving for that he has a damn good coach and baseball team helping him with that! WAY TO GO IMPACT! We your parents and biggest fans love you and are so very PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Janna

      well said…..

  • ImpactRocks

    Sounds to me like there are some people out there that are perhaps a little jealous that they aren’t a part of a team that is as awesome as Impact! Keep up the good work boys! You guys are awesome!

  • Grandpa Steve

    I would like to cordially invite Bob to come watch this team play. Can’t help but think that he would be impressed how these kids handle themselves. I can attest to what he won’t see…lack of respect for their opponent, Hot-dogging, lack of hustle…what’s not too like?

  • Mark

    im wondering since Bob has a comment about what he thinks happened maybe he should of stepped up and coached a younger team and all would of been solved. Maybe should step up and help or stay out of it!

    • Bob

      I’ve been coaching ball for 9 yrs thank you very much. You?

  • Carol Koepp

    Lagrange team Alco beats Impact 11-10 for the county championship ending their 22 game winning streak! Impact coach is banned from coaching tournament games! Yea! It was a sweet victory! We almost took the regionals too! Lost by one. We “Alco” have a real team! Kids that have been together since Tball! Vermillion is a great town what Impact did was wrong! The victory was even sweeter for Alco since one of Impacts kids is from our community! Proud Momma today!

  • impact 2013

    Carol our kids on Impact have been together a long time too. Remember the regular season games when we run ruled alco twice? Oh and your a mom bashing a hot stove 10u team? Really? IMPACT plays almost all year round and they are a great team with even greater things in store next year.. wow Carol get a life and pick on someone your own age 55 or so..

    • Carol Koepp

      Waaaaa! We have some of your choice parents on video saying nasty stuff to our kids! BTW…. Not picking on the kids just you parents! & you’re older! :)

  • Ralph

    Vermilion offers a recreation baseball league as well as Hot Stove. Rec baseball has 8+ teams. It helps to be informed before making comments. As a Vermilion resident and mature adult, I am proud that we have a team like Vermilion Impact in our community with outstanding coaching to lead these boys into their High School careers. If Hot Stove allows 3 out-of-community players and this team has 2, no crime there. If this team was full and didn’t take on all the players that didn’t have a team and went to recreation league, don’t see a crime there either. What saddens me most that in all my years, and I have lived many…I have never seen a grown up attack children like this. It seems to me that people have a problem with winners and great coaching. I hope all boys involved are not aware of the adults raining on their parades. I watch our hometown newspaper weekly and have for decades, I have seen pictures of these boys for years….I can say I haven’t seen many new faces. Good Luck boys in your post-season play, you make me proud!

    • Carol Koepp

      If no crime…where’s your coach??????????

      • coach

        this is the coach its a shame you are so bitter in your life that you have to talk about someone you dont even know all i do is teach these boys the game i love and they love before you make a fool of yourself again you need to learn all the details of this situation before you spout off i surely am glad you are not a parent on my team wow

        • Oge

          I’m all confused….so is the coach banned from the tournament or what? And, if so, what is he banned for?

          • Carol Koepp

            Our parents don’t get kicked out of the park for using bad language directed at the umps or kids from the opposing team!

          • Sober Parent

            Carol I’m surprised you are still posting isn’t there a happy hour somewhere? Impact game time for Saturday has been changed to Wellington at 430 you should come by and watch impact advance if you are able to drive.