November 27, 2014


Commissioner casts deciding vote to hire relative

ELYRIA — Lorain County Commissioner Lori Kokoski cast the deciding vote last week to hire her half-brother to work at the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge in Lorain, which the county oversees.

Although Ohio’s nepotism laws typically bar government officials from being involved in the hiring of their siblings and other close family members, Kokoski said she was told by Assistant County Prosecutor Gerald Innes that in this case there was an exception.

Kokoski said she was adopted as a young child into a different family than Edward Mervis and Innes’ opinion was that the adoption effectively severed the familial ties that would have prevented her from voting in hiring Mervis.

“Because I was adopted, Jerry Innes said it was not considered a violation,” Kokoski said.

She also said that while she and Mervis do know each other, they aren’t close and don’t have what people would consider a normal brother-sister relationship because they weren’t raised together.

Susan Willeke, education and communications administrator for the Ohio Ethics Commission, said to her knowledge her agency has never officially opined on anything like Kokoski’s situation.

Willeke said Kokoski did the right thing by consulting with a county lawyer before casting the vote. She said in general if a public official gets legal advice and follows that advice, even if it turns out to be wrong, the official likely wouldn’t face legal repercussions.

But Commissioner Tom Williams said he thinks Kokoski shouldn’t have voted on hiring Mervis for the bridge operator job that has starting pay of $11 an hour.

Williams, the lone Republican commissioner, said he voted against hiring Mervis because of his relation to Kokoski, while Commissioner Ted Kalo voted in favor of the appointment. Both Kokoski and Kalo are Democrats.

“I don’t believe that she should have voted for a relative for the position when there’s other people qualified,” Williams said. “I believe it sends a bad message to the public.”

County Administrator Jim Cordes said Kokoski passed along her half-brother’s resume to the bridge Superintendent Al Zocchi, who came back with a list of the top three candidates. Mervis was Zocchi’s top pick, according to an email he sent last month.

“I base this on my experience working here at the bridge and 5 years at JSI supervising and assisting in staffing … (body language, eye contact),” Zocchi wrote.

Kokoski said aside from giving Cordes the resume and casting a vote, she had no other involvement in the hiring process.

“There was no influence or pressure put on anybody,” she said.

Kokoski said she tried to be upfront about her relationship with Mervis and that’s why she consulted with Innes before she voted. She also said that if her half-brother was qualified for the position, he shouldn’t be denied the job just because of who he’s related to.

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  • givemeabreak1234

    Give me a freaken break. Are you kidding me. It appears that you know each other well now so what is the difference REALLY

  • Ray Venn

    She passed the application to the guy who she supervises, he picks her candidate then she votes to hire him? Even if the guy wasn’t her brother it would be unfair.

    What concerns me the most is that they had the audacity to do it and think it’s going to be ok with us.

  • nomokids

    Bad choice Commissioner! Bad choice. It appalling that politicians lose their moral compass when they become one of them. If she was sitting where we are, she would or should see how wrong this is. Shame!

  • K Gi

    Corruption at its’ finest. Tired of this crap… from both sides. I think it’s time to do a nationwide cleanout of state and federal politicians and start completely fresh.

  • Ken Behner

    Below are the qualifications that the County requires for the position of Bridge Tender

    Qualifications: include completion of secondary education or equivalent, (along with 12 months experience as a Bridge Tender Trainee), and the ability to demonstrate physical fitness. Candidates must have a valid Driver’s License and be able to maintain continuing eligibility for coverage under the County’s existing
    insurance policy.

    One would think playing London Bridge with Lori in their Pajamas when they were kids wouldn’t be a Qualification for the Bridge Tender’s Job

  • Joe Smith

    Nothing shifty here, a person with decent morals would have abstained from the vote.

  • Americaschild

    so what else is not new or corrupt?

  • Spec440

    Nothing to see here. Move along, citizens…move along.

  • guest

    how typical. boneheads belong in soup!!!