November 23, 2014


New board members installed on Clearview board

SHEFFIELD TWP. — The six candidates for the open Clearview Schools Board of Education position will be interviewed — this time.



Brown III

Brown III

Board President Melissa Newsome and Richard Marcucci have taken heat for not interviewing candidates to fill the positions of Connie Finney and Brenda Newman, who resigned in protest June 10 alleging a lack of transparency on the board.

New board members Melissa Adkins and Giles Brown III were chosen from nine candidates to replace Finney and Newman.

The board has until July 27 to replace departed President Eddie Corcino, who quit June 27, citing work responsibilities. Five of the six candidates for Corcino’s position had applied to replace Finney and Newman.

Marcucci said after Monday’s board meeting that the interviews will be conducted in private as in the past. The practice has been criticized by open meeting advocates.

Board members have 30 days from the resignation of a board member to appoint a replacement. After 30 days, a probate court judge would choose the member.

Newsome, questioned by candidate Amy Anderson during the public-speaking portion of the meeting, said interviews weren’t conducted in June because board members were running out of time. Superintendent Jerome Davis previously said board members wanted replacements named in time to approve the first reading of an evaluation policy by July 1.

“It was nothing personal, just bad timing,” Newsome said.

Marcucci — unanimously elected vice president of the board on Monday — said Adkins and Brown’s plans to run in November worked in their favor. Marcucci said some appointees in the past have not sought election, which he said was unfair to voters.

While interviews aren’t legally required, Anderson said after the meeting that she wasn’t satisfied with Marcucci and Newsome’s explanation. Anderson, a school district resident since 1995 with four sons who graduated from the district, said board members’ recent conduct has hurt Clearview’s reputation.

“They need to really get a hold of things before it spirals downhill,” said Anderson who said she also applied in June and plans to run in November. “It’s terrible that interviews weren’t conducted. You have to make the time to do what’s right.”

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  • nomokids

    Its time the administration and the board step up their game to meet the level of excellence the district boasts. These antics of the Board and superintendent is tacky, embarrassing to the community, and harmful to the district. I will not — NOT — vote to support any additional funding for the district. The level of professionalism of the current Board and Administration is horrible…grade F.

  • itsashame123

    The way these two new board members were appointed is NOT fair at all! It’s “who” you know in that school district, not what you know! That is how it’s always been, and will continue. Hopefully these two new appointed members will do a good job and be elected by the people of the district? It is not their fault HOW they got in, that is the fault of the school and board! The school board is a total disgrace! They need to get rid of ALL members and bring in ALL new! Harry Guerrieri was the best! He worked for the kids of our district, NOT for his OWN personal gain! Hopefully these two new members can clean up the mess that the “remaining” ones created? I also, will never again vote “yes” for a levy like I have in the past. The total misuse of funds, something they don’t want you to know, is the reason. Sad that the kids have to suffer from the poor decision of those in charge of the $$$.

  • guest

    It’s a shame that Clearview school district has so much drama, what’s the big deal, they had to have 2 new people for the board. They had no chose but to act fast to put someone in there, when the two that were holding those spots left. If you leave then you leave it all for someone else to handle, now let’s give the new members a chance. I still believe in the Clearview school system, and what they stand for. As a graduate of Clearview and my kids now going to school there. I know that the board only wants what is best for our kids and the district.

  • CHS Grad

    It is business as usual at Clearview, monkey business that is. What a joke. Again it is who ya know, not what you know. I too am done supporting any more money for these yahoos to blow.