November 25, 2014


Patrol hands out nearly 16,000 seat belt tickets in a week

Several arrests were made and 15,992 motorists were cited statewide for not wearing their seat belt during Click It or Ticket Week, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol.

During the 2013 Click It or Ticket campaign May 20 to June 2, an additional 530 people were cited statewide for child-restraint violations. Officers arrested 2,180 impaired drivers and conducted 1,455 felony arrests, according to a release from the patrol.

Click It or Ticket week illustrates the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies working together for a common cause, said Thomas Charles, director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

During the campaign, 500 law enforcement agencies around Ohio worked 148,958 hours.

“Lives were saved because of the diligence of these officers to enforce Ohio’s motor vehicle laws,” Charles said.

  • tickmeoff

    The police state has been fully implemented. they need no logical reason to pull over anybody. In the 70′s it was called harassment, now it’s called fair. Take the flag off their uniforms for they no longer represent the United States, but an ever increasing police state. The union jack would be more appropriate since we did fight a war against them for what our officers are doing to us now!

    • Spec440

      It’s a police state because they are writing seat belt tickets? Wow. Overly dramatic much? This country is so soft. Maybe you should go live in a real police state for a year and then come back and let us know how the two compare.

  • d c c

    Wonderful job by a great group of dedicated men and women.

  • hottamomma

    what were they bored? dont they got better things to arrest people for? i bet 5000 drunk drivers passed them, but they were worrried about seat belts. I never really understood that law (probably there for money). if people want to put their self in harms way and not wear a seat belt it should be there stupid prerogative!

  • mj

    the seat belt law is b.s. exactly who am i endangering by not wearing my seatbelt? the answer is myself. If i choose to exit my vehicle thru the windshield that is my decision. who exactly has the right to tell me that i have to buckle up in a car i own.

  • Mark B

    Look at the amount of money spent on this 148,958 hours of work and hard telling how many hours that was at a overtime rate for 20,157 arrests or citations. This equates to 7.38 hours per arrest or citation. If you take those hours at a modest rate of $15.00 per hour , this cost the tax payers $2,234,370 .. Yes that is over 2 million dollars. not to factor in bennifits and the cost of vehicles , equipment and fuel. The Police state money machine is racking in the cash. The american citizen is the enemy . The war against the american citizen.