November 26, 2014


Amherst rail overpass completion delayed to next month

AMHERST — Construction on the railway overpass on North Lake Street has been delayed, and Mayor David Taylor said he has raised concerns about the project to Norfolk Southern Railroad.

“I had noticed that there was a lack of progress down there,” he said.

Taylor said construction on the overpass was set to be completed by July 31, but Norfolk Southern Railroad pushed the date back to Aug. 14 because of problems obtaining materials for construction.

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Norfolk Southern Railroad, through its contractors, The Ruhlin Co., has been rehabilitating the overpass, during which time North Lake Street has been closed to all traffic for Milan Avenue to West Martin Street.

The detour has caused some headaches from drivers, Taylor said.

“Not a lot, but we’ve had complaints, and I don’t blame them,” he said.

Currently, traffic has been routed around the work site and both lanes are closed to traffic on a portion of North Lake Street. Taylor said the train still runs on the overpass, however.

Taylor said the city has no involvement in the project because the overpass is owned by the railroad company. He said the city also has no control over traffic in the area while the project is under way.

Dave Pidgeon, spokesman for Norfolk Southern Railroad, said the company hopes to be finished by the end of August.

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  • Frustrated

    Maybe if they worked past 3:30pm, or on Saturdays this project could of been completed on-time. There is NO sense of urgency on the railroads part to complete this project!! The trains are still running, so it causes no adverse effects to their operation, only to the CITIZENS!!! The city should levy fines against the railraod for each day this project runs past it initial completion date. If it starts costing the railroad money then it may speed up the project!!

    • Brian Dembinski

      While I agree there could be more urgency from the railroad and their contractors the crews were working past 6pm yesterday. Hopefully they are pushing to get it done.

  • Detour

    It’s also affecting the businesses like IGA and The Junction drive thru. Nobody wants to deal with going to that side of town. Their union probably only allows them to work 4 hours a day three days a week.

  • johns62

    Maybe if people learned to navigate better, they’d relize there’s more than one way to go south