November 28, 2014

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Police raid suspected drug house, arrest two

ELYRIA — Police arrested two people Monday afternoon at a home on Baldwin Avenue, ending the revolving door of foot traffic police said signaled to all that drugs could be purchased at the home.





It happened about 5:30 p.m. when officers from the Elyria Narcotics Unit went to the home at 726 Baldwin Ave., a stone’s throw from East Park Recreation Center and Prospect Elementary School. There, they arrested 19-year-old Michael Grissom Jr., and 33-year-old Penny Opdyke, who was the occupant of the home.

Grissom was charged with trafficking in drugs. He was being held in the Lorain County Jail on a $250,000 bond. Opdyke faces a count of receiving stolen property.

Police Capt. Chris Costantino said officers were alerted to the home by people who live in the area.

“They would see people coming in and out of the home and suspected drug activity,” he said.

Earlier this month, an undercover officer went to the home and purchased drugs from Grissom, Costantino said.

No drugs were found at the home when officers returned Monday. However, Costantino said they did find some items that may belong to a neighbor who reported a burglary earlier in the day.

According to a separate police report, Samuel Gonzalez and Rachel Handley told police they left for work at about 3 p.m. Friday. When they returned just before 2 p.m. Saturday, they found their bedroom had been ransacked.

A dog was left in the front room, but the bedroom door was closed and that was the only room disturbed. Police believe someone came through a back window.

Several items were reported missing, including a 37-inch flat screen television, a jewelry box containing eight men’s watches and change. A second jewelry box with women’s jewelry including a gold Italian necklace and silver necklace also was reported stolen and was found at the Baldwin Avenue house.

“This may not be just a drug case, but help us with a burglary as well,” he said. “This just shows the significance of the narcotics unit. We will be seeing more of these cases.

“When we left that house neighbors were outside clapping — shows the true impact of that house in the neighborhood,” he said.

The city brought the unit back about four months ago as a three-man division to work alongside the Neighborhood Impact Unit.

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  • karmas sweet

    good jon john bias…love the family ur tangled up with and allowed in ur home…..sweet sweet revenge….karmas a *itch aint it….sure made my day to see this hit the news….lmao!!!!

    • Pjo

      The truth will come out and all these negative comments need to stop if u don’t know what the hell your talking about, when everyone sees who is gonna be found guilty, then people will shut up!

      • karmas sweet

        i know EXACTLY what im talking about….im guessing pjo,,,u must be penny…lol…I know that penny is staying in johns house and I know that penny is not the only sibling with criminal activity behind their belts or suing for dumb shit…I do know what im talking about….trash trash trash is all I can say…..way to make johns house the “drug” house of Baldwin….im sure mary would be sooooo proud!!!!!!!

  • sassysue

    This is so amazing…neighbors complain about the foot traffic and they raid the house. Hmmm seems our street complains about our convicted drug dealer who has nonstop traffic allll day and night and yet he’s still there dealing everyday…don’t get it

  • smdh

    Yea real smart people…. Maybe now this is what he needs to get them out of that house!!!!

  • Pjo

    Cause what I’m
    Seeing repeatly is Michael Grissom not the occupant!! Smdh

  • cant get out of here fast enou

    EPD come sit on my porch I’ve got a bird’s eye view of ALL kinds of drug activity.

  • the dreadinator

    ha haaaaaaa carmas a bia bia!!!! these so called drug dealers rob and
    jump people. iv even seen someone get over on them for a couple dollars so call the cops on people and make false
    reports on other people…what kind of drug dealer is that?? where they do that at?? i mean what kind of big brother has his lil
    teenage brother selling drugs out the house for him??? Thats a great guy!! sad part of it all the mother lets it all go on… DREADS, hated by many loved by few


    Finally this so called WOMAN got caught being dirty! She was so consumed with trying to be somebody she will never be, she was NOT being a mother! Kids are like 12-15yrs old,got tattoos already, she leaves them at night to go be a whore and they sell drugs and steal in a house she thinks is hers. See what happens when u try to be a cool mom. YOU FAIL! You got everything coming to you, If you dont get in trouble for improper use of your kids foodstamps, or leaving little kids at home exposing them to drugs and alcohol and tattoos. you can consider yourself lucky! U better go grocery shopping while you can cuz your loosing your stamps, as a matter of fact your going to loose everything. Including that house that aint YOURS! Karma is a Mother f*****

  • karmas sweet

    haaa haaa hey…pjo….looks like ALOT of people know what their talking about!!!!

  • Penny

    Wow! Now this is penny Opdyke and the bullshit you want to talk about me on this page is above and beyond! I know my truth and dread head was not my son, get your facts straight!! People think they know the truth, but by far is this close to it!

  • Penny

    How funny this is like I said the truth will come out! And to all u bias bias I’m still living there!! Next time people should do more research before they talk bull on here!

  • ekwaykway

    Well Penny, can you tell us what really happened?