November 23, 2014


Elyria stabbing victim harmed herself, police say (911 Audio)

>An Elyria woman who was a victim of a stabbing Monday has admitted to police that she harmed herself.

According to a news release from Elyria police, Mary Palange, 55, initially told police that a male subject approached her while she was in her garage at 430 Longfellow St. and punched her on both sides of her face. She then fell to her knees at which time the subject came from behind and slashed her on the left side of her chest and left forearm with a sharp object, she said.

After interviewing Palange several times after the incident and reviewing evidence, detectives found inconsistencies in her statements.

When confronted with these inconsistencies, Palange admitted that she fabricated the event and actually harmed herself with a knife. Palange directed detectives to the area where she disposed of the knife. The knife was located by detectives and placed into evidence.

Palange was taken to EMH Elyria Medical Center for an evaluation.

Detectives will review the investigation with city of Elyria prosecutors office to determine if charges will be filed.

911 Call #1 (edited to remove long pauses)

911 Call #2

  • Mark B

    Charges should be filled and she should have to reimberse the city for the cost of responce and investigation.

    • Christopher Frederick

      “responce”= R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E”. Good god.

      • Becky DuBois -Anastasiadis

        Who is in charge in this city?? It’s like Hitler and his jumbo size sewer rats. I can’t take the all the crime in this area anymore. Hopefully, God is still on our side. I would hope he is. I have tried to move to California and Florida my whole life. Can’t do it….

  • Janet Jone

    Wow! Not only was EPD involved but there were State Hwy Patrol officers up and down 57. She needs to reimburse the city for this. And the Hwy Patrol. She took officers away from their zones where they could have been catching real criminals!

  • mis

    She left a good neighborhood scared. I didn’t even want to go outside at dark. I hope they give her a harsh consequence