November 23, 2014


Stop the Hate rally at Ely Square on Monday

ELYRIA — A local woman outraged by the not-guilty verdict handed down by a Florida jury in the Trayvon Martin case is organizing a local rally.

Heather Zimmer, 26, of Elyria said she has looked to no avail for a local rally in response to the verdict, but could not find one in the county.

“So, I just decided to start my own,” she said. “I just want people to come together as a community.”

The Stop the Hate and Violence rally will be 1 p.m. Monday at Ely Square. Zimmer will speak along with DeJonna Parker, a community member.

“I attended the hoodie rally when Trayvon was first killed,” Zimmer said. “I wanted to know when we were going to speak out now. Someone has to have a voice and stand for something they believe in. I know a lot of people who say, ‘Let it go because the case is over,’ but I can’t.”

Zimmer has a 2-year-old son and said she can’t imagine losing her son in a similar situation.

“I want him to grow up to be a good person, but what happens when you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Anything can happen,” she said.

The verdict resolved the racially tinged Feb. 26, 2012, fatal shooting of the 17-year-old Martin, who was walking in a Florida gated community. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch member who shot Trayvon, was eventually charged with murder, but acquitted by a jury of six women.

For more information on the rally, call Zimmer at (440) 420-6722.

  • Anita Rhone Michael

    my message to this lady just raise your son the best you can what happen to the Martin boy is done and over with my oh my lady he did ram he guys head in the ground what would you do to defend yourself and just stop what you are trying to do and raise you son God Bless you and your son

  • hottamomma

    keep doing what u r doing, we need to come together as americans. no black no white just americans. i probably wouldve slammed someone head in the ground that was following me closely also. i would thought zimmerman was about to do something to me and i wouldve been like trayvon, let me try and get u before u get me. but we need to come together cause a country divided against itself cannot stand and we are slowly falling and a lot of us cant see that. so you keep doing what u r doing and try to bring us together so we can prevail as a country. you are a very good person to try and stop the hate. i amend you.

    • Den

      This is great. If you see someone walking to their car (as testimony in the trial claims) and you THINK they are going to cause you grief, you would just throw them to the ground and bash their heads on the concrete. God help us all.

      • hottamomma

        i said if someone was following me to closely, not if they were walking to their car, learn to read. no one knows what happen there but we all just speculate. god help people to read. white america we need to come together with black america before the illegal immigrants take over. u r right den god help us(to quit hating)

        • Pablo Jones

          Following you too closely and you would attack them? That is really stopping the hate and violance.

        • seanmacnair

          OK, you want God to help us to quit hating, when a sentence before you want white America and black America to unite “before the illegal immigrants take over.” WTF is that all about?

      • hottamomma

        den, my little butt couldve whipped trayvons little a*s, so i know zimmermans big a*s couldve whipped his little a*s

        • erik

          You could whip a 180lb 6ft 2in man thats a mixed marshal arts fighter? I highly doubt that ;)

          • hottamomma

            you could shoot a guy on top of you banging your head on the concrete? i highly doubt it. matter of fact martial artist said its impossible

          • erik

            I could, but being a marshal artist myself, I’d have done broke someone’s leg ;) it’s not impossible to get to a firearm in that scenario.

        • Pablo Jones

          Zimmerman’s physical condition on a 1-10 scale was called a .5. Just because you are big doesn’t mean you are strong and can fight.

    • Ray Venn

      You want to come together as Americans?

      Let’s start by eliminating programs, services and contests specifically for black people like:

      The Black Miss America pageant
      The Congressional Black Caucus
      United Negro College Fund
      Federation of Black Cowboys
      Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
      Black American Racers Association

      National Black Republican Association

      And So on…

      • hottamomma

        thats true as long as they eliminate


        Paula Dean
        Skin Heads
        Country Living,
        White Supremacy Group
        Martha Stewart Living,





        National Journal

        and so on and so on

        • Bob Sweatt

          Honey I usually agree with you. But every example you gave are magazines or hate groups.

          All of those examples but the White Supermacy and KKK allow black people involved.

          The examples Ray gave, I as a white man can not get involved with or benefit from.

          • hottamomma

            oh bob i just gave those magazine names cause ray gave some magazine names so i purposely did that cause i didnt understand why he put magazine names in there, like ebony, and jet. and the tv station thats owned by a white b.e.t. thats all i was saying, that those certain thing had nothing to do with it, i know it sounded silly but i just wanted to make a point

        • Pablo Jones

          How many members of the KKK or a white supremacy, or skin head group have you come across? I’m not saying they aren’t out there, but the actual impact they have on people’s lives is slim to none. It’s like saying if you are going hiking in Canada you need to be on the lookout of hippos, lions, and alligators.

          The amount of racism in this country is very small compared to how things were 40+ years ago. Unfortunately people now claim racism when someone judges them on their actions.

          • hottamomma

            you r right, but also i havent come across and of the black groups at all. ive never came across jesse jackson, the black caucus, or any naacp members. and yes racism is less than is was 40yrs ago, but it seems to be more than it was 10yrs ago

          • Pablo Jones

            Well then you are living a very sheltered life. I don’t seek them out and I still occasionally come across them. And that is in person. You can’t go a week without seeing them on TV. Aside from tv (Jerry springer, or history documentaries) I’ve never seen attention paid to the KKK or other hate groups. Even when they do a protest in cities, the majority of the coverage is of the people that are against them. Yeah America is really a racist hot bed.

            But I do agree that racial tension has increased most of it in the last 5 years. People thought President Obama would help ease the racial tension but he has intensified it. A policeman in New England sees a person climbing through a window and questions him. The black guy goes off on the white cop for questioning him and gets arrested. The President makes it a racial issue and the news says a white cop arrests black man entering his own home. In this case the President says Trayvon looks like the son he never had and it was a tragedy. The President keeps racially commenting on issues without knowing the facts which leads to racial divide.

            Why do you think racial tensions have increase recently?

    • Pablo Jones

      It is not a white or black thing. If Trayvon were hispanic and Zimmerman black it would barely register in the news. If Trayvon were white it wouldn’t have blown up like it did. If someone attacks someone who isn’t doing anything wrong and starts bashing their head into the ground they should be shot, black, white, or Hispanic. Trayvon’s family should have raised him better. If he never attacked Zimmerman he would never have been shot.

      • hottamomma

        if zimmerman wouldve never followed him like the police said not to then he wouldve shot him. and if zimmerman was black you know he wouldve went to jail. im looking up statistics and im starting to believe blacks when they say they r being targeted for no reason. a black woman shot a bullet in the air to scare her husband and got 20 yrs. a black man shot a dog the dog lived and he got 15yrs. a white man stabbed a dog to death and got 120 days. and yes trayvon shouldnt have touched him, but im sure he was scared also with a stranger walking behind him. and i think the blacks are just saying they do yrs in prison for stuff that other races do months for. so they r kindve on edge. u r right it wasnt a white or black thing, it was a black thing. but like i said they r on edge. and yes we are to. but they are even more. and its really our ancestors fault. If they wouldve left them where they were this wouldnt be happening. so we gotta deal with what our great great fathers did to them.

        • Pablo Jones

          Zimmerman was never talking to the police, he was talking to a 911 operator. You don’t know if Zimmerman was black he would have gone to jail (he was actually taken to the police station anyway). A guy shot a person breaking into his home in Elyria and he didn’t get taken to jail. I can pull up lots of statistics too that show repeat black offenders get warnings and probation while first time white offenders get much tough punishment as well.

          As far as blaming ancestors. There has been (and still is) slavery on the African continent for thousands of years. The Africans were the ones selling their fellow Africans into slavery. If Trayvon were born in Africa there is a good chance he would die from aids before 30 or die from Malaria, starvation, genocide, disease, war, thirst, war, etc., etc., etc. Even the most impoverished Americans live better than 95% of the people in Africa.

  • Mike Jackson

    This rally, just like the Fla. ones are just anti-white rallies. Is the Chronicle really supporting a racist rally in Elyria, because that is what we will have? The court and the FBI have both said race did NOT play a role in the shooting. The only hate that has been shown so far has come solely from the black community aimed at the white community. Zimmerman isn’t even white. His mother is from Peru and his father is Jewish. So what excuse is there for yet another anti-white rally in disguise. The headline is appropriate though. we should “stop the hate rally”. This kind of thing will not help Elyria .

    Stop the Hate rally at Ely Square on Monday

    • Bob Sweatt

      Right. Which is why I will not be attending.

      Have you seen the story out of Houston, were the grandmother was trying to get her granddaughter to the hospital and the Zimmerman protesters were blocking her and not letting her take her ill and very sick granddaughter to the ER.

    • hottamomma

      its not suppose to be about race, according to anita. its about coming together and stopping all this hate against each other. its not about only elyria, its about our country. which really isnt our country, we took it from the indians. im not attending to support zimmerman or trayvon, thats old news, im attending to try and stop this mess before we take it to far and then we will be sorry in the long run that we didnt come together. when the terrorist come over for war we wont be ready cause we r to busy fighting each other. or in my neighborhood they will be to busy fighting about feral cats

      • Bob Sweatt

        hotta, I am not going because it is on Monday afternoon at 1pm. I work during the day. Plus because of what happen at the rallies/protests in Fla. Houston, Texas and In L.A., California. I am not going even if I could.

        • hottamomma

          what happen at those rallies? was it bad?

      • Pablo Jones

        Why do you say this is not our country? The native American’s continuously fought each other and when they won they took claim of the others land. The same thing happened when the Europeans came here, they just did it better, playing by their rules.

        You keep talking about coming together, but you keep bringing up the past. Is it coming together to say that America really doesn’t belong to us? Is that going to help Native American’s come together with the rest of the country. Did the US also steal the southwest? Will that help bring together Mexican American’s. Will bringing up the injustice of slavery bring together black and white American’s?

        • hottamomma

          you need to know the past in order to not make the same mistakes as they did in the past. thats all. or to make better decisions. thats like saying a man raped a girl 10 yrs ago and now hes on trial again for the same thing, are u say they shouldnt look at the past?

          • Pablo Jones

            Who is suggesting we should go back to slavery? Who alive owned slaves? No one. Your argument would carry weight if there was. Blaming the mistakes made 150 years ago for current problems will get you no where. We see it all the time within the black community, reparations need to be made for the injustice of slavery. Who alive was a slave and who should pay those reparations.

            You say we must remember the past so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Well if you keep reliving the past you will be stuck in the past. If you want to live your life like slavery just ended 5 years ago your life will never change. You can’t blame racism for not getting a job, when you don’t dress professionally, can’t speak proper English, and have an attitude that your “bad luck” is all because of the white man.

            Why is it that the black community holds it’s members down. If a black person pays attention in school and gets an education, talks proper English, dresses professionally, and doesn’t want to live in the ghetto, the black community calls him/her a sell out, uncle tom, being too white, etc.

  • Bob Sweatt
    • DeJonna N Williams

      First off I am about all races. Hell I am marrying a white man and my kids are mixed not to include my mixed family. I am one the girls running the rally and I can assure you. Its for everyone.

      • Bob Sweatt

        I am sure it is for everyone. But since you are having it at 1PM on a Monday afternoon. I (even if I wanted to) can’t attend. How about having it on a Saturday afternoon.

        And it is because of the other rallies that happened in Houston, Texas, Los Angles and in Florida degraded into riots were white people were targeted. I will not be attending.

        If you ask me. You are having this rally at a bad time. People are concerned about their safety. It has to do with the examples I gave above. I am sure your rally will be civil and everyone will be well mannered. But we wont know that until Tuesday morning.

  • Nathan Opfer

    This case was an open and shut case. Zimmerman was innocent from the very beginning. The MSM just painted Zimmerman for death. So all these rallies like ‘stop the hate’ and the others across the country are stupid and uncalled for. Apparently the people putting these rallies on are not fully aware of went on that night, don’t know all the facts, and were brain washed by the MSM of all the lies about this case. Martin was no angel by any means even tho the MSM painted him that way and there was no proof Zimmerman was racist…. just blew your minds!

  • hottamomma

    Martial Arts Instructor PROVES George Zimmerman LIED!

    Posted on July 18, 2013

    In order to demonstrate the impossibility of George Zimmerman’s
    defense, that he was pinned on his back, with Trayvon Martin in full
    mount on top of him, while bashing his head into the ground, the Three Temples Internal Kung Fu school
    has presented us with this sequence of photographs, showing a
    reenactment of the story, and that it is impossible to draw a weapon
    from this position.

    Shifu Micah Naziri, of Three Temples Internal Kung Fu is being mounted by an attacker.

    This position is standard for all systems of grappling, including the
    MMA instruction that George Zimmerman was trained in. Trayvon Martin,
    however, had no such martial arts background. Zimmerman’s defense,
    however, repeatedly insisted that it was the much skinnier Martin on
    top. We see here that regardless of the size of the attacker, the person
    on the ground simply does not have access to a waistband holster,
    either behind the back or on the hip.

    Micah tries unsuccessfully to reach his hip holster, while having his head hit into the ground.

    Even with a much smaller attacker mounting him, Micah cannot possibly
    access his firearm. This was problematic even without the added
    complication of having his head bashed into the grass. Were this on
    concrete, it would be even more ridiculous a scenario.

    Accessing the holster behind the back, inside of the waistband was even more difficult while the attacker was mounting Micah.

    Reaching for the holster behind the back proved even more difficult,
    resulting in no successful draw. This was compounded – of course – by
    his head being bashed into the ground, even lightly. The disorienting
    effects made it impossible, as did the position of the attacker.

    SPREAD THE WORD! George Zimmerman’s defense is a LIE. The prosecution that never wanted to charge him simply THREW THE CASE!

    • Nathan Opfer

      That doesnt prove anything…

      • Zen Grouch

        It does, if it “proves” what you *want* to believe.

      • hottamomma

        i didnt put it there to prove anything, i just put it there cause people been putting a lot of post on it. i just wanted to see the reaction it got. and it sure did what i figured it would do

        • Pablo Jones

          A post from people that weren’t even involved with the case means very little. I’m sure there are other posts out there and reenactments that go the other way, are you posting them? You are pretty one sided on your views.

          • hottamomma

            they r plenty of other posts that goes the other way, thats why i posted that one. yes i am one sided, im on americas side, to stop all the hate

          • Pablo Jones

            Sounds like you have a lot of hate within you. Do you think standing around a park saying we need to stop the hate is going to change anything? When I was in high school there was some rally about stopping underage drinking and drug use. The majority of the kids in attendance were out drinking and using drugs that weekend. The moment you bring race into the conversation you are going to generate hate. Saying if Zimmerman were black he would have gotten arrested, fuels the hatred that he got off because he’s “white”.

            If you want to stop the hate start telling everyone that they themselves are to blame for any problems they have in life. If they can’t get a job it is because they blew off school and don’t know how to act appropriate in the work place. If they don’t do drugs they could pass their drug test. Tell their parents they need to do a better job at raising their kids. This goes for everyone not black, white, hispanic, or asian, everyone. If you are waiting around for someone to feel sorry for you and give you a handup its never going to come. All you will be doing is just begging for a handout.

          • hottamomma

            its a start

    • Pablo Jones

      Zimmerman’s trainer said Zimmerman only came in to try an get into shape, he was not a fighter. In fact when asked to rate Zimmerman’s fitness level on a scale of 1-10 he said it was .5.

      • hottamomma

        of course thats his trainer. u talk about me talking about the past . but im done with trayvon and zimmerman, i just want america to come together as one before its to late. we are not black or white we are american

        • Pablo Jones

          So are you saying his trainer, is lying for him, a person he barely knows and has no real connection to him. And based on what information have you come to believe that?

          If you want to come together as American not black or white why do you keep bring race into the discussion?

          • hottamomma

            i dont keep bringing race into this, everybody else is, so i allowed to say something also

  • Greg White

    Look George Zimmerman should have listened to the police dispatcher and we wouldnt be here. Lets not forget that Trayvon was no angel either. He was suspended 3 times from school for drugs and possing criminal tools found in a bag of womens jewlery. This according to the Daily Mail a UK paper. And did you see the twitter pics of the smoking and the grill in the mouth. What the hell was that. BOTH parties bear some responsability in this whole mess.

    • hottamomma

      you have the best post here! It was exactly both there faults. thank u very much for that. you are one of the few that have common sense

  • hottamomma

    keep trying anita. dont let my people or should i say our people get u down. i think my people is to scared to come together as one. some of us will be there cause we r not scared

  • JCW

    Until we grasp the total idea of a boundless society, it can never be one.

    Think we are now? Let’s test that. It’s as easy as dropping the “n” word.

    Dividing property and liberties by race is segregationist and wrong. We addressed it in the earlier days, but it still exists. We lambast a caucasian for saying it years ago, and yet pay popular musicians to say it daily. if we want to eliminate racism, we have to eliminate the concept of racial immunity.

    Either the word is taboo or it’s acceptable. BY EVERYONE.

    And if you think it’s just that simple, ask a store what FUBU means. This attitude has permeated our culture to the point where it’s gonna be extremely difficult to sell the concept of evening the field.

    Trust me … I want a world where we are all on the same page.

    But we’re nowhere near it yet.

    • Bob Sweatt

      Well said.

      • JCW

        Thanks, Bob. Just calling it like I see it.

        I would love a world in peace, but peace by delusion is not peace, but longsuffering.

    • Zen Grouch

      So you’re a Communist?

      • JCW

        Cheap swing. To say that you are wanting people to be treated equally doesn’t inherently apply Communism. People can earn what their skills allow, not what their skin dictates. They can reform their world by their wisdom, not their caste. Read more Wikipedia.

        It means that we’re gonna seek societal equality, we need that equality to be exactly that … and not just a segmented index of rules which plug and play to one culture and not another. We need to be above that.

        • Zen Grouch

          Sorry Bubba, but when I hear someone talking about how they aren’t happy with the way properties are divided and a “boundless society” the first thing that comes to mind is Communism.

          When people talk about being held back because of “culture” you can bet there is a better than average chance they’re undereducated and unqualified for the jobs that would give them the “property” they feel they should be given.

          • JCW

            Try re-reading it. The ‘properties” statement was past-tense, and more directed at our progress of coming past it.

            I do find it rather amusing that boundless to you instinctively triggers a label. Boundless means everyone has a shot, but not that everyone is guaranteed to be the best. “Make yourself into something better if you aren’t happy with where you are” is hardly the same as “pay me what you make because we’re both breathing”.

            And please tell me you’re joking. In the modern society, even folks with degrees are struggling. As of May 2013, 12.6% of college graduates between the ages of 20-24 are unemployed, compared to the national rate of 7.6%. To say that it’s entirely about education and qualification is monumentally naive’. It’s a fair shake of knowledge, timing, and connection. Anyone who says otherwise is sporting some really nice blinders.

          • Zen Grouch

            Maybe if YOU try re-reading it, you might trip over the word “is.”

            Wasn’t past tense Bubba.

            As far as my interpretation of the word “boundless” as it was used… I don’t care to waste my time explaining it to you.

            And sure, college graduates are struggling, but how many of them are pulling the race card about their situation when they’re all in the same boat?

            Seriously, **try re-reading** the statement I responded to. It made claims about society singling out people because of race and denying them liberty and property. That’s Bull Squat.

            True enough, there are the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s,’ that’s a fact of life. But to say we should make things equal for everyone, when it comes to property, is a Communist philosophy…

            …a childish philosophy that looks good on paper but doesn’t work.

          • JCW

            Good focus … and totally ignored the whole part about dividing by race. Selective dissection is not a talent … it’s a fear, but most folks afraid of change tend to do that. ;)

            If you don’t care, then why even respond? I love cyber-warriors, especially ones who have myopic views on history. I suppose, in your world, there never were whites-only bathrooms or coloreds-only sporting sections. If so, you already have the perfect world … welcome to Communism! The rest of us are in catch-up mode. *shakes head*

            Let’s cover this again.

            Classless, moneyless, stateless social order: Communism

            Treating everyone with equal dignity and respect:
            COMMON SENSE.

            As far as pulling the race card, I would imagine that just as many are pulling as the ones who have nothing better to do than gripe about it. Maybe rather than focus on what the other guy is doing, you can focus on making *your* world better. What did *you* lose from that guy, other than a few minutes on a website and an expose’ on your faulty logic? If your talent pool is so shallow that such a tactic (which, by your words, seems to bear your contempt) actually works to set you back, maybe you should worry more about improving *your* situation? Just a thought.

            The tragedy is that you allow the smaller percent to form your opinion. A larger world is waiting … I hope you see it one day.


          • Zen Grouch

            **Selective dissection is not a talent … it’s a fear**

            How ya’ gonna eat a pig if you don’t cut it up?

            A lot was thrown out there and if I don’t break down what I’m responding to, how do I respond to vague generalities?

            For example, you said a statement was about the past…

            I pointed out the usage of the word “is,” which showed the statement pertained to the present.

            You then tell me that I’m trippin’ over the word…

            I then say, “Good luck and bye-bye,” since I realize I’m wasting my time trying to actually explain anything to you.

          • JCW

            Works for me, as you managed to deftly avoid any of the facts for the sake of linguistic sparring. I hear the Weekly World News needs a columnist … good luck!

            Now back to more enlightened conversation …

          • Zen Grouch

            How can you expect to have an “enlightened conversation” when you get all befuddled when someone corrects you when you are obviously and irrefutably wrong?

            **…it depends on what your definition of “is” is!**

          • JCW

            Still waiting on -anything- related to the subject here. Anything? Buehler?

            You’ve gone past being even remotely contributive and, thanks to you, so have I. Wait … that makes us equal …

            So you’re a Communist? ;-)

            So done with this. I’ll yield it just to end the spelling bee. -shakes head-

          • Zen Grouch

            Sorry to make you wait…
            …but I had to attend to life for a short time there.

          • JCW

            To Zen Grouch … argh, reply got eaten. Take two.

            There’s something ironic about you calling me Bubba, and yet you’re tripping over the word “is”. Just hang on to that blue dress, ‘kay? :)

            If you don’t care, then stop responding. It makes it easier for the vultures to stop picking your dated ideas apart, such as:

            Stateless, moneyless, classless society = Communism

            Treating everyone with equal dignity and respect = COMMON SENSE

            By your logic, every church in the free world is preaching Communism. ;)

            As far as the race card goes, it’s only a problem if you perceive it as a threat. People play to whatever advantages are available … don’t hate the player, hate the game, so to speak. We may not like it (and, yes, it bother me, too at times), but I’m also not threatened by it.

            If the race card is such a deep threat, maybe you should examine your skillset again and adjust *your* life. Just sayin’.

          • hottamomma

            sorry jcw for that comment below, it was for pablo,and i hit the wrong reply button

          • Pablo Jones

            12.6% is pretty low for people that most likely have very little experience. But not all college degrees are the same. If you have an engineering degree the unemployment rate is around 1.5% or less. If you have a degree in mid-evil French literature your unemployment rate will be much higher.

    • hottamomma

      u r right, and when paula dean said that, all the our white companies dropped her, not the black companies, but the white owned ones. so we r blaming blacks for getting dropped cause we r to stupid to c they had nothing to do with it

      • hottamomma

        this wasnt for u jcw^^^ i hit the wrong reply button

    • hottamomma

      what does FUBU mean? i see that on clothes a lot i never knew what it meant

  • Ray Venn

    I need to do something you assume(wrongly of course, which in my opinion is RACIST) that I’m not already.

    The only kids that have been in my house to play with my son regularly have been black or hispanic/black. As a matter of fact, his best friend is black.

    The only person I socialize with on a regular basis is a guy I lived in the projects on Abbe in Elyria with and he’s black.

    I am respectful to everyone I come into contact with, white or black. I have held doors for both, shoveled snow and cut grass for both, jumped people’s cars, pushed vehicles out of intersections belonging to black people and even paid for a black woman’s groceries in Apples a few years ago when her debit card was messed up.

    I have no clue what “more” I can do for you.

    I’m certainly not kissing anyone’s behind because of what happened before I was born and my kids will not be subjected that type of mentality either.

    Like I said, if you want to be “part” of America, then start acting like it, stop perpetuating the separation and whining about your “plight” otherwise pack your junk and get out.

    • hottamomma

      yeah thats true, but we have to ignore those ignorant ones and the rest of us should come together. there will always be ignorant people both black and white, but we have to try to ignore them and get this country together

  • Skidmore Famiily

    As I have learned, labels affect our life.

    My family has been labeled “TRUANT” even though they have only missed school as a result of illness. When we went for the investigation, we were denied due process and the attendance officer was threatening and treated us as if we were guilty, while at the same time refusing to look at any of our documentation.

    It is not even about just being Americans. It is about race….the HUMAN RACE.

    Check out the attendance officer’s Facebook page. Alex Heier from Elyria.

    He has a comment that states that he “pisses excellence”, a post regarding hating to be taxed for working and then giving that money to people who won’t (highly inappropriate considering he works in the social services sector) and a racist post entitled “Proud to be White”.

    I have spoke to his supervisor but no change has been made to his Facebook.

    Oh, and he has police powers including the right to turn your children over to the state.

    Label me human, truant, poor, proud to have civil rights.

    • Pablo Jones

      If a black person posts of comment “Proud to be Black” would you say that was a racist comment as well?

      • JCW

        Good point. Harkens back to what I was saying about racial immunity. If we’re gonna hold one group to a standard, all groups should be able to embody that standard.

      • Skidmore Famiily

        You have to read the content of the article, which is clearly racist.

        • Pablo Jones

          I have read the post. Which wasn’t his post just a post he shared from another person’s page. In your opinion what were the racist points in there?

          Is it racist to say society is ok with having a Black Miss America pageant, but it would be racist if there were a White Miss America pageant?

          Is it racist to question why it is ok to have a college specifically for black people, but it would be racist if there were a college specifically for white people?

  • DC

    Ironic because the women whom was speaking at the Elyria Rally was the mother of the 17 year old that was later be found to have committing some shooting throughout the local area. But she spoke of her son as if he was an angel, guess she is still in total denial. She or the boys father have no credibility what so ever

  • Ray Venn

    You guys need to go read the Morning Journal and see what a wonderful example of motherhood this Heather Zimmer is.

    Wakes up in her granny’s front yard at 5 in the morning and has no idea where her child is…LMAO.

    And she has the audacity to make this statement:

    “I want him(her son) to grow up to be a good person, but what happens when you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Anything can happen,”