November 28, 2014

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CORRECTION: July 19, 2013

A story in Thursday’s edition regarding the swamp at the former Brentwood Lake contained incorrect information. The former Brentwood Homeowners Association did not sue developer Alan Spitzer. The association and Spitzer’s company, Spitzer Hardware and Supply Co., were sued by the state over lake deterioration. Also, resident Sarah Ann Overs said that a reference to eminent domain she made at a Wednesday meeting was incorrect. Overs said she wants Carlisle Township to use eminent domain to take over Waterfall Drive, not the swamp.

  • greenlady0

    Regarding the article Plan to Clean up Brentwood Lake Swamp Gets Bogged Down and next day’s correction, this publication misconstrued my QUESTION about eminent domain and miss stated facts of public record.
    To clarify, I asked about eminent domain, in response to a comment over Mr. Innes’s 2 year struggle to obtain easement rights for turnarounds at the two dead ends that used to be a complete road, (connecting Edgewood Dr to Waterfall Dr which leads to Rt. 57)before the road and dam were removed in 2010. These dead end roads are still used by school busses, emergency vehicles, etc. hence my Question –was to why eminent domain was not used for the turnarounds. I was in NO WAY referring to the lake/no lake situation. Nor am I now or have ever suggested/stated that eminent domain be used to “take over Waterfall Dr., not the swamp”
    As a matter of public record, the HOA NEVER sued Spitzer, Spitzer Hardware etc. The record shows Spitzer Hardware named the HOA as a third party defendant along with the township and county in the suit originated by ODNR against the dam owner, Spitzer Hardware. It was about Class2 dam deterioration not the lake. In other words, ODNR sued Spitzer Hdwr. and Spitzer Hdwr. Turned around and sued the Township, County, and HOA.
    My final question: Why is it ok for Spitzer Hardware to sue the township, county and HOA?
    Thank You Sarah Ann Overs