November 23, 2014


Facebook takes down ‘Creatures of Lorain County’ page

Facebook has stepped in and decided to take down the Creatures of Lorain County group page.

Amy Clark of Elyria said she learned in an e-mail late Thursday the page would no longer be published on the social networking site. She was told it violated Facebook’s Community Guidelines, but was told she could appeal the decision, she said.

As of 11 a.m. today, the Creatures page has not been completely removed. The name will still pop up when searched even though clicking on it will only take users back to their own home page. Clark said she is appealing the decision to yank the page, but does not anticipate winning.

“I’m just going to make a new page today and make it a private group page,” she said. “That way people will have to ask permission to be on it and I can delete people and add people when I want. That way Facebook really can’t touch it.”

Clark’s argument may have some validity as some very risqué group pages with adult content can be found on Facebook, but are viewed by invite only.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is with my page because there are way worse pages out there,” said the 32-year-old.

Her page had a huge following. At last count, there were nearly 26,000 followers from all over the country. Clark said it has been viewed by Facebook users as far away as Russia.

Clark’s biggest opponent was David Stewart of Elyria.

He lobbied Facebook to have to page removed, started a petition on calling for its removal and even started an anti-Creatures page, the Creatures of the Creatures of Lorain County.

“I’m not the only who complained to Facebook ,” Steward said. “There have been numerous people who have silently been against the page. I was just the most vocal in saying this is not right for our community.”

Stewart said the page only served to tarnish the image and reputation of Lorain County, which is trying to rebound and rebuild. In an attempt to distance himself further from the page, Stewart has renamed his page Strength and Loyalty for Lorain County.

“I have plans to move forward and help the community more. I want to be the voice for people to be against hate, bullying, violence and racism,” he said. “There are better ways to help those misfortune people out. By putting a page online of pictures showing how the people dress knowing most of the people will not see the page, will not help.”

Clark said she will not be deterred. Her new page The Creatures of Lorain County 2 will go up as soon as possible.

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  • SweetScarlet

    It bothers me that someone is so persistant in tearing others down within our community. If the woman who organizes this Facebook page put as much time and energy into improving and encouraging the community, she would be worthy of attention. This? This is a disgrace.

  • victim of creature

    ok this gonna make one private…that way noone can see when their pics r posted still illegal..n everyone will still know whats goin on on there it to will b taken down

  • Melody

    Thank you facebook, chronicle, and supporters. I hope the admins see the good in people and do not use to ‘new’ page to bash people, again. Nobody deserves that, including them. People deserve privacy at hospitals, doctors, banks, public assistance places, as well as the the homeless & disabled. Keep it clean Lorain County, that’s all everyone wanted. :)

    • LOL

      No, Thats all YOU wanted. Dipstick

    • Mans Man

      No Thats all that YOU Wanted. So its ok right?

      Dont worry it will be back and stronger because of all the free press.

      You wanted that also right LOL

  • Sean Owens

    “Stewart said the page only served to tarnish the image and reputation of Lorain County, which is trying to rebound and rebuild”
    Really?Once you figure out how to polish a turd,please let me know

    • Tim Stoughton

      Indeed you should read the other major
      newspaper of the county..That one does
      more to destroy the image with its hack
      editorials and comments then any facebook
      page could ever do

    • SweetScarlet

      I find it ironic that in Amy Clark’s private Facebook page, (the woman who is organzing this waste of time project), her title banner says, “I’m a classy Mother F*****.” And also that she is posing in her bathroom, with the toilet in the background. THAT’S CLASSY. Ms. Clark needs to take the plank out of her own eye before she criticizes others.

      • Matt Barile

        Pretty sure that’s meant to be ironic.

        • SweetScarlet

          Pretty sure it shows how not funny she is, and how she in fact belongs on her own page.

          • Mans Man

            Pretty sure you should call the whaaambulance.

  • Ron Burgundy

    You stay classy, Lorain County.

  • Becky

    Freedom of speech. Learn how to live for yourself and good, then the little things won’t matter. Let it go people.

    • Melody

      They failed to read the fine print. Harassing, hate, and bullying does not fall under “Freedom Of Speech” Now the right to “debate” is gone… lawsuit anyone?!! :D

    • K Gi

      Sorry, freedom of speech doesn’t fly everywhere. We learned this in school.

  • Traci

    Yes! It’s about time Facebook took that trashy page down. A bunch of clueless, classless, miserable people who are as ugly on the inside as the people they THINK are ugly on the outside. And OF COURSE she will make another page; people like her are compelled to spew hatred and bully others, because it’s the only way possible for them to feel good about themselves. But, in due time, that group will get taken down as well. I think I’m most disappointed in the local media outlets for even giving that hateful page a second’s worth of coverage. Way to report the “news,” C-T. Stay classy.

  • Austrian Schönheit

    then they need to take down the damn black panthers page too..

    • Zen Grouch

      The Black Panthers don’t live in trailer parks, shop at Walmart, pig out of KFC four times a week and take pride in their butt cracks to the point of showing them off in public.

      • Austrian Schönheit

        no they just go around city to city igniting race riots, black on white violence, and say how much they wanna “kill crakka’s”..then promote it all over facebook and twitter.

        • Zen Grouch

          I believe you have the Black Panthers all mixed up with Al “LOOK AT ME!” Sharpton and Jessie “WHERE’S MY CUT” Jackson…

  • Traci

    What’s it going to take for some of you people to realize that words DO hurt? The old saying of sticks & stones is nothing more than that, a saying. It’s what parents tell their children to encourage them to remain strong in the face of bullying, but not everybody is mentally and emotionally designed to keep having their feelings hurt and their spirits broken day after day. So what happens when one of our locals commits suicide because they’ve just had a little bit too much of people saying horribly cruel things to and about them? Oh, I know; they get bullied even after they’re dead, being called pu**sies, weak and whatever else. God forbid something like that happens, because their loss of life will be on some of YOUR hands.

  • Bob Sweatt

    This is just the end of a free society. Next thing you know we’ll all be wearing the same uniform and goose stepping.

    And if you think this is the end of pages like C. of L.C. you are sadly mistaken.

    • Bob Sweatt

      Just a bunch of overly sensitive numb nuts. It was all meant as a joke. Get over yourselves.

    • Zen Grouch

      Get over it, it’s friggin’ FACEBOOK for crying out loud!

      If you don’t like their policies, pick up your flaccid football and go set up your own web site.

      • Bob Sweatt

        Right and your comment goes for all the people against the page.

        Get over it, it’s friggin’ FACEBOOK for crying out loud!

    • SweetScarlet

      Why don’t you leave the country if you don’t like it then?

      • Bob Sweatt

        Hey you are all bitching about the site. Sounds like your dumbass should leave.

        I don’t have a problem with someone using their right to free speech. All I see are numb nuts trying to stop others from expressing themselves. You know just like what happened in most communist countries.

        • SweetScarlet

          That’s funny, because all i see are people trying to defend others and stand up for moral and respectful behavior.

  • Dan Kingofbrb

    It’s funny how some people will rally around The First Ammendment, ONLY when they agree with what’s being said. Anyone has the right to say what they want. Groups burn the American flag and are protected by the right to do so. I don’t agree with it, but they have the right to do so. Hate groups are all over FB, Twitter, and are legally allowed to be there. You may not agree with Amy Clark OR her views, but she has the same rights as you and I to say what she wants. THATS OUR RIGHT!!! Agree or disagree…You’ll have to deal with it.

    • imxxboredxx

      Freedom of speech does not give you the right to shout “fire” in a crowded theater. There’s restrictions and it also comes with responsibilities. Posting pictures of someone and harassing them online is not covered under freedom of speech, and this has been indicated by the numerous amount of times that teenagers have tried to use the same excuse. Also, regardless of your argument on freedom of speech, Facebook has their own policies that you agree to follow when you sign up: “Facebook does not tolerate bullying or harassment”.

  • Phil

    The constitution governs the government. Not Facebook. Facebook can and should be able to do what they want.

    • Traci


  • Roxanne

    She is 32?? Shame on you, you should be smart enough to know that the pictures you posted were wrong on so many levels. SMH Amy you are so very lucky none of my family was on that page….

    • Bob Sweatt

      Get over it, it’s friggin’ FACEBOOK for crying out loud!

  • Crystal Nutter

    Such Cry Babies just wanting attention…get over it already and deal with how trashy this county is anymore! Im glad she showed the ignorace and i hope she does it again!! Worry more bout the prostitution and drugs in the community and less about a facebook page Cry Babies!!

    • Traci

      And why don’t people like you worry less about others look like or what others do that aren’t hurting you or anybody else for being “less than perfect?” Even prostitutes and drug addicts have more compassion for people than some of you. You bullies just can’t handle the fact that “outsiders,” “losers,” and “trash” are finally beginning to outnumber you and are realizing that we DO have a voice SOMEWHERE, and that they can and now DO stand up for themselves and others who have put up with your crap for entirely too long. We may be “crybabies,” but at least we’re not a bunch of sheep follower wannabes.

  • todddurst

    you people are a bunch of little crybabies who wanna police everything…..

    • Lynn Crevda

      Yep !!!

  • Big Shug

    The fact that you people worry about something so minor considering how big of a crap hole Elyria is is pretty pathetic. Maybe if people in this county weren’t a bunch overweight disgusting people with ZERO self-respect, then a page like this couldn’t occur in the first place because there wouldn’t be anyone to take a picture of to begin with. Use this as an example, get out of your Lay-Z-Boy recliner chair, stop eating so much fast food and put on a half decent outfit when you go out and hey what do you know, nobody will wanna take a picture of you.

    Get real.

    • Traci

      I pick being fat over hatred, ignorance and cruelty any day of the week. Hands down. Perhaps you should also get off your rear end and partake of some knowledge, understanding and practice a little human kindness and hey, what do you know, nobody will want to call you out for your character flaws and lack of empathy or a soul. :)

      • Zen Grouch

        Nobody ever held a gun to anyone’s head and made them choose between being full of “hatred” and being morbidly obese…

        …it’s more of a personal choice.

        • Traci

          LOL. Touche, I’ll give you that one.

      • Big Shug

        I assume you by your illogical soft-hearted response that you must be one of the type of people that this web page targeted.



    ” STAR TO FAME”…….

  • Beth

    Check your other folder on FB Ms Clark, I’d love to be part of your private group…

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    And yet, “Kill George Zimmerman” remains an active Facebook group.

  • ridiculousness

    Many people are just missing the point of all of this. Hope someday the creators and followers have some sort of epiphany about how wrong and inhumane this was/is and change their ways. There must be some reason or circumstance behind their need to purposefully humiliate and embaress others. Maybe someday they can reflect on themselves and realize how nasty they have been to others. Would hate to be them on their judgement day. It’s gonna be hot down there!!

  • Carol Jones

    Amen!!!!!! Thank you Facebook! And Dave Stewart!!!!!

  • Blah

    When is this Amy Clark going to post herself on her creature site? Her personal site shows how pathetic she is anyway. Throwing insults and posting pictures or people to publicly make fun of is unacceptable but she’s too dense to realize it. I really wish her friends I know and see on her personal site realize that this is bullying and not something to be a proud member of.

  • Joe

    Typical Lorain County way….when someone holds up the trash and shows you how ugly things are in our community, people start crying and screaming about law suits instead of addressing the issue. Don’t go outside looking like a fool if you don’t want people to see you, or don’t do dumb things in public if you don’t want people to talk about it. If this page helps to clean up the trash and embarrassing “creatures” then I’m all for it……besides, it’s a joke. Clearly she doesn’t take herself too seriously, neither should the rest of us.

  • K Gi

    Report the new page and have it shut down! I’ve posted the link in multiple places!

    • K Gi

      Thanks guys! So far, we’ve had over 1,000 people report the new page, thanks to Reddit! I got an email from Facebook stating that the new page will most likely be removed as it’s a copy of the removed page.

      • Zen Grouch

        This is a page you need permission to look at, and you still want it shut down?

        What -is- your problem?!

        …oh right, you’re probably the kind of public embarrassment that would show up on such a site.

        Wouldn’t it be easier to just put a paper bag over your head when you leave home?

        • K Gi

          Grow up.

          • Zen Grouch

            Since I refuse to go anywhere near Facebook, I’m probably one of the few grown-ups here.

            **If you can’t figure out what the product is on a multi-billion-dollar web site is… YOU are the product!

            …especially if you’re tipping the scale at over 300 pounds.**

          • Lewis LaCook

            Your last sentence? That’s how grown up you are.

          • Zen Grouch

            Your 6 month response time…

            …that’s how *quick* you are.

  • Trace

    Here’s the scenario…My teenaged daughter and I are waiting in line at Speedway. Two girls walk in behind us, immediately start giggling and one said; “We should get a picture of her and post it to creatures!” We were the only females in line. I had to wonder what it was about us that made them decide we looked bad. (It is at this point in my story that I am inclined to describe what we were wearing to defend the way we looked. But, I SHOULD NOT feel inclined to defend our choices of clothing to anyone. For the sake of question, I was dressed appropriately for a woman of larger size, and my daughter was dressed appropriately for the modest 17 year old girl that she is.) I was stunned. Suddenly because people don’t feel that I look the way THEY feel I should, I have to be afraid to go out?! And for what? Entertainment… Entertainment? So now I and people like me are the court jesters for an elite group to ridicule and belittle. At their discretion. Without my knowledge. With no way to defend myself. Yeah, that makes tons of sense. Oh! And these people find USED FEMININE PRODUCTS ENTERTAINING??!! Wow. REALLY? Wow. Me and used feminine products. That’s entertainment, let me tell you. Damn. I and whomever it is leaving these used products in random parking lots should be making Tom Cruise money!!! We’re entertaining the masses, people!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I’M A KARDASHIAN!!

  • Mark

    if there are worse pages, why not file a complaint with Facebook about it. Facebook is a modern fay evil, and you only perpetuated it. Slander and defamation of character are criminal offenses, yet you publish them and get away with breaking the law, with Facebook being the tool.

    Get a life. Better yet, a real job.

  • Tammy

    Stay classy not trashy Lorain County.

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  • Roxanne

    I really hope that the people that support this type of crap end up on someone else crap page, or maybe someone in your family who is mentally ill or sick or elderly end up on someones page so others can point and laugh. If you were in a public place and seen someone like these so called creatures would you point at them and laugh? Are you all so uncaring that seeing the poor or ill is your idea of comedy? If this page or any other page that is designed to trash another persons life is how you get your chuckles then mayhaps you should consider checking out cuz your idea of humanity is not needed in the gene pool.

  • Sumz

    Hmmmm…. Oh well, there’s many ways to look at this into perspective of “Right” and “Wrong” Perhaps someone was just humorous enough to create a page like this for Lorain County, whereas someone has yet to get their home cities “CREATURES” to light… Seriously EVERYBODY knows about THE PEOPLE OF WALMART, How’s that affecting their sales or reputation?
    As for the negatives in the Creatures of Lorain County, I see its total entertainment, comical, and no reason whatsoever to have a negative comment except for a FEW RESIDENTS that should be banned from the entire community haha they know who they are!!!!!

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  • Nichole Lynn Seni

    There’s a website now. Lookout Creatures.. muahahahaha.

  • Savanna

    They’re at it again with The Original Creatures Of Lorain County…bullies and just plain mean people…and its not private its an open one too…