October 23, 2014

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Sen. Sherrod Brown, wife Connie Schultz moving out of Lorain County

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Avon, soon will be U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland.

Brown in a Sunday email through spokesman Yianni Varonis confirmed he and his wife, Connie Schultz, are moving out of Lorain County.

“After almost two decades in Lorain and Avon, Connie and I found a smaller home in Cleveland,” Brown wrote. “Lorain will always be important to us and I’m proud to keep an office there.”

Varonis said Sunday night Brown was unavailable for an interview, and the email didn’t say when Brown and Schultz are moving or how much they’re selling their Avon home for. Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist who grew up in Ashtabula, wrote in a Facebook post Friday that the couple was moving to the Mill Creek development in Cleveland.

Brown, a senator since 2007, took office as a congressman representing the then-13th district that included Lorain County in 1993. He grew up in Mansfield.

  • levtrotsky

    He carpetbagged into Lorain from Columbus in the early nineties when he was unemployed & ran for Don Pease Congressional seat in the 13th District …….. this move must have some political benefit, but what can it be?

    • Paul Facinelli

      Gee, I wonder, what could it be? Perhaps there is no political benefit.

      • levtrotsky

        CRA area …..the neighbors pay for his services!

  • Linda Groves

    I wish he would move out of ohio.

    • Paul Facinelli

      Why, so we could have another Bob Portman?

  • Ray Venn

    Typical politician. When you can no longer benefit them, they leave you behind.

    • Paul Facinelli

      Regardless of where Sherrod Brown lives, how do you benefit him when he lives in Avon, but not when he lives in Cleveland? More to the point, how do you benefit him at all? He’s in public life; you’re not. Your comment makes no sense, so of course there are three “up” arrows.

      • Ray Venn

        I vote…

        I voice my opinion for a candidate or voice my opposition.
        I support or oppose their endeavours.
        If you think voters do not benefit “public officials”, then maybe you should stop smoking what you’re smoking and come back down here with the rest of us regulars.

  • bpbatista

    Property values in Avon and Lorain County will probably go up now. All of our property values will go up once Sherrod “Never Had A Real Job” Brown is out of government.

    • Paul Facinelli

      Sherrod Brown’s presence in the Senate affects our property values??? It’s hard to over-estimate how foolish that comment is (again, three “up” arrows). The cowboys on Wall Street, unregulated by the Bush Administration, created a housing bubble and when it burst, that’s what affected our property values. And I’ll bet my last bagel that you voted for the guys who do the bidding of the Wall Street cowboys. Did you?

      • Bdog

        Hey learn your fact big willie started the house bubble

      • bpbatista

        Bush and Republicans tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — which were run by Democrat hacks like Jamie Gorelick, Ron Johnson and Franklin Raines — but we’re blocked by Dems. And Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers gave far more money to Obama and the Democrats than they gave to Republicans.

    • LGrube

      I really appreciate that United States Senator isn’t a real job to you, bpbatista

      • bpbatista

        Darn right. Brown has NEVER worked in the private sector in his entire adult life. Instead he has leeched off of tax payers for 30+ years. He has never had to make payroll, or worry about his employer making payroll, or satisfying a customer, or dealing with a vendor, etc., etc. yet he pretends that he is the comrade of steel workers, and private office workers when he has never set foot in either place except for a campaign photo op. Brown doesn’t even have live under the laws he passes in the Congress since they routinely exempt themselves from the oppressive regulations they foist on everyone else. Brown didn’t even study business in college, he majored in “Russian Studies” which is code for Marxist-Lenninism which every good socialist/Leftist studied in the 1970′s. Nevertheless, Brown feels qualified to dictate to every business owner and employee in America how they should conduct their lives. Brown has spent 30+ years in government and he has nothing to show for it. He has no signicant legislation to his name, unless you count his vote for Obamacare and tax hikes that are destroying American healthcare and the job market simultaneously. The only thing that Brown has accomplished that Brown has accomplished in 30+ years of “public service” is to vest a generous public tax payer funded pension that the rest of us can only dream about. I am profoundly unimpressed.

        • LGrube

          He taught college for a few years in Mansfield and he’s written several books, both of which are real jobs.

          I’m sure that studying Russian Studies at Yale taught him plenty about socialism. But that doesn’t make him a socialist, just like learning welding doesn’t make you a blowtorch.

          I’ll also point you to Brown’s support of the STOCK Act, which actually undermined the sort of exemptions from normal laws that you’re talking about.

          I don’t think he’s perfect, but he’s not some carpet-bagging, socialist, hippy. And if you think that, your politics are simplified to a series of buzzwords and backhanded insults. Ironically, that’s exactly the kind of politics you’re complaining about. Raise the bar please?

          • bpbatista

            I guess that’s why Democrats in Congress wanted to exempt themselves from Obamacare. And “teaching” a “class” at CSU or LCCC or “writing” a campaign book hardly count as real jobs. On the contrary they are the sort of no-show sinecures that lifetime politicians count on to further leech off of unsuspecting tax payers. And for 30+ years in office all you can name is his “support” for the obscure and ineffectual STOCK Act as a Brown accomplishment?!?! That is truly pathetic.

          • LGrube

            You want me to link you to 30+ years of Sherrod Brown achievements on the Chronicle message-board? How about just a couple:




            But I’m getting tired of that little frolic. I want to bring this tiff back to your original point about increasing property values in Lorain County. As far as I can tell, the new fire truck and the federal money Brown is trying to get for the Lorain harbor sound like the kind of thing that would raise property values. I assure you that Brown’s move itself will have less of an impact on property values than your sourpuss attitude about the government. They call it service for a reason.

          • Becky DuBois -Anastasiadis

            No, you people bankrupted the town practically, causing stock markets to plunge. We have all our proof, plus you abuse children that are very wealthy, taking them away from their real parents. Sherrif of Notingham runs this town, the crime has risen drastically and just because you hurt someone to get in a house, doesn’t mean its yours. I have to pay taxes on my houses and businesses, what about you???

          • bpbatista

            Are we supposed to be grateful to Brown for recycling tax dollars originally paid by Ohioans and Lorainites? If Brown voted for lower taxes and smaller less intrusive government Lorain wouldn’t need to go begging to the federal government for a new fire engine and river dredging — we could pay for those things ourselves. But then that would make Sherrod Brown a lot less important and give him less control over our lives and businesses. You’re like a slave thanking ole massa Brown for giving us a new shirt and pair of pants once year at Christmas.

            Brown has been in Congress since 1992 and only NOW — 21 years later — he realizes that banks might charge high overdraft fees? I have an idea for fixing this problem that doesn’t involve government regulation —
            depositors should not write checks for more than what is in their accounts, that way it doesn’t matter what a bank charges for over drafts.

            Maybe if Brown had had spent the last 30 years keeping government lean, regulations to a minimum and taxes low instead of doing the bidding of his union boss puppeteers the Ford Lorain Assembly and Elyria Fisher Body plants would still be open — that would do a lot more for property values than a new fire truck.

          • LGrube

            Brown actually opposed NAFTA, which was one of the main changes that resulted in the closing of manufacturing plants all over, including Lorain County.

            You just took things to a vulgar place with that racially insensitive comment, and I don’t appreciate it.

            I’m not even a democrat. I’m not shackled to either side, unlike you. I can tell you’re deep in republican excrement because you’re still spouting off that reaganomics trickle-down hogwash.

            How do the people of Lorain get together to buy themselves a fire truck once they are freed of oppressive government? Probably through some form of communal decision making and planning. Sounds a lot like more government, eh?

          • bpbatista

            Spare me the faux outrage. Brown’s entire schtick is to make us grateful to him for doling back to us some fraction of our own tax dollars.

            Without big state and federal government and high taxes, the local economy would be in better shape meaning more local tax revenues (even at a lower rate) so that Lorain could pay for things on its own instead of begging the federal government to step in and without having to comply with whatever conditions the feds put on the money.

            As for NAFTA, in the years following its passage by Bill Clinton and Republicans in Congress the economy boomed, exports doubled, stocks rocketed, unemployment dropped to 4% and the federal government ran a surplus. But Brown opposed all that. What a genius.

          • LGrube

            Spare me the revisionist history. You just told me 1994 to 2000, and you’re ignoring everything after that. Was the Lorain County economy in a boom at that time? No. Does Lorain County export much? No. Does a high volume stock market mean anything? Look how high it is right now, and you’re still complaining.

            And I think MOST IMPORTANTLY it was tax cuts that ruined the surplus. So save it. You’ve got the lowest taxes on income in 70 years, and it’s an extreme position to say that we can have ordered liberty with less.

          • bpbatista

            Top tax rate today is 39.6% (not including Obamacare surcharges) — in 1988 it was 28%. Lorain did not boom in the ’90s thanks to anti-employer “leadership” from politicians like Brown and unions like the UAW who throttled Fisher Body, Ford and any other employer. They pursued the same policies that bankrupted Detroit. If Lorain were more employer friendly maybe it would have more employers.

            The surplus vanished because of increased spending and the recession of 2000-2001 which the tax cuts pulled us out of. Obama raised taxes and we still have trillion dollar deficits.

            Lorain has a chance to rebound with fracking — maybe Brown will finally get out of the way and let employers and the free market create jobs.

          • LGrube

            The number of individuals for whom the top tax rate applies is vanishingly small in Lorain County. For the vast majority of people here, the current tax rate is 28% or lower.


            And the economy briefly tanked right after that tax break.


            It’s also worth pointing out that the period of the highest tax brackets was also the golden era of American economic power. I assume you were alive for most of that based on your arcane medieval political views.

            And a note on fracking: haven’t you seen all the seismic activity that fracking has caused? What about the people in Lorain County whose well water will start catching on fire like in Pennsylvania fracking regions? You’re belligerently naive if you think it’s a good idea to grow the private sector at the cost of general safety. I guarantee you an earthquake under Lorain County is worse than the ongoing recession is for small business.

          • bpbatista

            Yes, we had high taxes and a booming economy for a while after WWII — because all of our competitors were literally in ruins. You’re the real political troglodyte who thinks 90% tax rates will return us to a Golden Age.

            Fracking is creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in real wealth. But you would rather believe a bunch of California environmentalist fanatics who want to live in the stone age and falsely claim that fracking is leading to groundwater contamination. Even Obama’s EPA can’t find any proof of that — though I bet they and Sherrod Brown are trying real hard.

          • Pablo Jones

            You need to do more reading. The latest test came out and there is no link between fracking and contaminated ground water. Also those videos of people’s taps on fire were staged, they were taped into the natural gas line. A truck driving down the highway causes more seismic vibrations than Fracking. Besides the best way to prevent a massive build up of energy that cause massive earthquakes is to bleed off small amounts of energy. I’d rather have small insignificant earthquakes that can’t be felt vs. a massive one.

          • LGrube

            You need to do more reading. First assignment: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/07/11/us-science-fracking-earthquakes-idUSBRE96A0TZ20130711

            For those who only read headlines: “Powerful earthquakes thousands of miles (km) away can trigger swarms of minor quakes near wastewater-injection wells like those used in oil and gas recovery, scientists reported on Thursday, sometimes followed months later by quakes big enough to destroy buildings.”

          • Pablo Jones

            Your assignment is to skip pasted the news paper articles and read the actual studies. I’ve read dozens of the different studies on fracking. I’ve followed them from the news articles to the actual studies, I’ve even seen others that site each other as the source without ever getting to the actual study. What happens is the study finds 1 specific case out of 100 and they make some comment that this should be looked into more thoroughly to see if it is a problem. Then as it spreads people pull that 1 instance out and talk to others “scientist” who say in that situation the affects could be devastating. And then it gets to the news and they do an article about the devastating effects that are soon to come.

          • Pablo Jones

            The tax cut ruined the surplus? The middle class received the largest percent reduction. But I will do the numbers for you. The “Rich” received a 2.5% tax cut, but I’ll bump it up to 5% to make my case. Total tax revenue was about $1.8 trillion in 2004. If the “rich” paid all of the taxes here is how much that 5% (really 2.5%) “cost” $1.8 T * 5% = $90 billion. Now remember the “rich” only had a 2.5% cut and they only represent roughly 70% of the tax base. So the reality is those tax cuts “cost” about $35 billion. And guess what that year tax revenues grew by over $100 billion. I think that means they paid for themselves.

            So now you do the math for me how is the Country benefiting by the government spending trillions of dollars more than it has every year?

          • LGrube

            You’re doing your math wrong. The tax increase isn’t based on revenue. It’s based on the top marginal rate. The cut was 4.6% taken off of the top marginal rate. The cut was not 5% taken off of revenue. It was a little more like 11% of revenues.

            More importantly, you’re vastly understating the effects of the tax cuts. It’s actually like 40% of the post surplus deficit spending. The wars we got into stupidly are pretty much the rest of it.


          • Pablo Jones

            It’s simplification for you, without having to get into all the details of tax schedules. It really is insignificant, I’m showing their tax savings on their millions and you are concerned that they are saving a little more on a very small portion of their income. They make $10 million most of which is taxed at the top rate, roughly $1-200,000 is taxed at the other rates. Wow 5% cut on the first 10,000, 3% on the next 90,000. I was looking at the change from 02 to 03 (38.6%-35%) but either way the tax cuts were not hundreds of billions of dollars.

            But even with the tax cuts Revenue’s increased, by about $100 billion the first year $150 billion the next (going by my memory I don’t feel like looking it up right now). Each year more money was coming in than what the tax cuts “cost”.

            And more importantly a tax cut is not spending. A tax cut does not increase the US debt level, spending does. If my job paid me 10,000 less a year I wouldn’t be $10,000 in debt unless I spent $10,000 I didn’t have.

          • LGrube

            Please feel free to take me right to the Internal Revenue Code, Tax Schedules, and Revenue Rulings in the future, Mr. Jones.

            A tax cut is not spending in principal, I agree. But here in reality, a tax cut passed with no spending cuts IS spending. That’s what happened with the Bush tax cuts.

          • Pablo Jones

            Unfortunately spending did increase too fast during the Bush Presidency, the Republican congress tried to buy votes with their spending and got voted out because of it.

            But before the full tax cuts were passed in 2003 tax revenue was going down. The year after they were in force for the full year (2004) tax revenue started growing. You don’t have to cut spending if you have tax cuts because the revenue grows. But you still have to keep spending in line.

            In 2007 the last year with a Republican budget the deficit was only $160 billion. The next year with a Democrat budget the deficit was $458 billion with roughly the same revenue followed by 4 years of trillion dollar deficits. Those tax cuts weren’t even close to the trillion dollars of spending.

            Keep in mind government spending is part of GDP and the deficit is equal to roughly 8% of GDP. So the flat to little growth the US has had over the last 5 years really means we are still in the whole.

            Tax brackets by year


            Tax Revenue and outlays by year


          • Pablo Jones

            From the passage of NATFA Ohio’s exports increased every year until 2008. The net Import/Export was in Ohio’s favor. The closing of manufacturing plants happened because they were over staffed with too many facilities. Plants weren’t closed because the work was being sent to Mexico they were closed and the work was consolidated in other states that were more business friendly. Kentucky and Tennessee received many of those jobs.

    • Becky DuBois -Anastasiadis

      OHHHH, your property value? Not Becky’s? Yeah, bash the government of the United States and let Germany take over and become Nazi German soldiers.

  • Paul Facinelli

    Sherrod Brown is an outstanding Senator, compassionate, empathetic, a champion of those of us who aren’t CEOs and a bulwark against the corporate and monied interests that try — mostly successfully — to run this country. Anyone who thinks Republicans care one fig about anything other than carrying water for the likes of the Koch brothers and their ilk is naive or ill-informed or both. I’ll say this again: Anyone who’s not a CEO or a hedge fund manager who votes for a Republican at any level of government is voting against their own self-interest. Worse than wasting your vote, your vote for a Republican does you and your family harm. By the way, why does it matter where Sherrod Brown lives?

    • Matt Barile

      so how have you benefited from democratic rule then? Please elaborate how great they made your life.

      • Paul Facinelli

        Virtually every piece of social legislation that benefits untold tens of millions of us was proposed and passed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, environmental protection, the Affordable Care Act and numerous initiatives that keep a check on Big Business, a segment of our population who would fornicate with close relatives if it meant larger profits and to hell with the rest of us. The Republicans, however, deal mostly in fear because they know that a fearful populace is a compliant populace. Anti-union efforts (will I have my job?), ridiculously high student loan rates (those who owe don’t agitate) and opposition to humane health care (will I die?). They apparently think that we should die before our time or suffer from treatable medical conditions because we lack money, unlike every other — EVERY OTHER — developed country in the world. And you vote for these guys, apparently. Why? Tell me why!

        • Ray Venn

          …fornicate with close relatives?

          Ok, your credibility just went out the window.

        • bpbatista

          Why do we vote for the other guys? So the entire country does not end up like Detroit, that is why.

    • Melonie Reazor Houske

      Democratic rule has certainly done a lot for Detroit and Chicago.
      Senator Brown a personal friend Mr, Facinell?

      • Paul Facinelli

        No, not a personal friend, Ms. Houske. He’s just a good guy who works for initiatives that benefit millions and not just a few and is worthy of our support. Perhaps you’ll do for me what so few here do: Explain to me what it is about Republicans that you like. Have you bought their nonsense that tax cuts, spending cuts and balanced budgets will save the country and be good for you? Other than that snake oil, what is it that you like about them? Please, I’m genuinely interested.

        • bpbatista

          Republicans for the most part leave me alone and do not have the ignorant arrogance to believe that they can run my life better than I can.

        • Pablo Jones

          As a well educated person every time I hear Sherrod Brown talk he sounds like an idiot that talks of things he knows nothing about. Maybe he just talks down to people, acting stupid so stupid people will like him. People can have bad days, but the last 10 times I’ve listen to him he was the same. This isn’t a partisan view there are a lot of Republicans as well that sound like idiots.

          Seriously he will talk about how bad things are and he is working for change, we are doing this and that and we are working for this. But the things he mentions won’t change the problem he is talking about. Then any science stuff he talks about he repeats what he was told because he isn’t a scientist and he can’t even get it right.

          It pains me that idiots get elected and are running this country.

      • Ray Venn

        Seeing how they lived less than a half a mile from each other for the past few years, they could be “buddies”.

      • Bob Owens

        What does it matter if he is a personal friend. Detroit and Chicago are unique. However, there is a constant thread of poverty, poor health care and lack of education in most southern states that have been governed(not ruled) by Republicans. It’s a joke. If republican policies are so great then why do these states fare so poorly? You just don’t get it.

        • Pablo Jones

          Incomes have grown at a faster rate in those states than others. Also the majority of the population in those states is concentrated in the major cities that are run by Democrats. Your same argument could be made of Cleveland.

    • Dru

      Really Paul because he use to show his face around our company in Wooster TGS when he was campaigning… He used to boost about the place with our CEO… His seal of approval helped them win government contracts and 6 months later the owners sold the company for to CACI a publicly traded corporation. 2 years later CACI closed the Wooster facility and 200 people were out of an irreplaceable job devastating much of their workforce. The company’s reasoning was Obama’s mandatory defense budget cuts. Paul I am not convinced you know entirely what you think you might. Sherrod Brown is a rat just like most his colleagues…

    • bpbatista

      Sherrod Brown is great if you like record unemployment, record debt, record deficits, record tax increases, record spending, record food stamps, record disability checks, record povert, etc, etc.

    • Peter Aldrich

      Sherwood is a loser that has never put in a real days work. He’s a carpet bagger. So was his brother….you know, the one that had a Fed Vacation.

    • Pablo Jones

      The people and workers of Detroit voted for their own self interest electing Democrats and now look at that city. Spend Spend Spend, they promised raises and pensions and healthcare the city couldn’t afford. Now they might lose everything. How was that looking out for the people?

  • Shelley Miller

    Not quite sure why this is news but good luck to Sherrod and his family :-)

  • Dan

    Someone needs to crawl back under the rock under which he had been living in editorial exile and refrain from confrontational responses that used to be published as commentary by this printing and publishing company. Your responses to people are unnecessarily rude and sarcastic, and they cannot be taken objectively or seriously. And ask Sherrod Brown how his constituents benefit him – I don’t like the guy and I don’t agree with him on much of anything, but I guarantee that he’ll provide an answer that appropriately states the many benefits of constituents to himself and any other individual who is an ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE of the people.

    • Paul Facinelli

      Tsk, tsk, Dan. Your ad hominen argument cuts no ice. Attacking me rather than responding to what I wrote is an indication that you have nothing to say beyond, “I don’t like the guy.” On the other hand, tell me what it is you like about Republicans? Please. I’m genuinely interested. What policies of theirs prompt you to vote for them? (P.S.: Snarky comments should not be dismissed out of hand. Sarcasm is a form of humor and humor often contains a great deal of truth. Not saying my sarcasm does, but…)

  • Spec440

    I don’t know that I really care. The entire political system is all smoke and mirrors anyway. It’s all about them and no longer about us. To think we have any real impact on what happens anymore is hopeful at best. The entire term is orchestrated from the election, doesn’t matter where they live.

  • jb

    I never knew they were in Lorain county to begin with! Not like he ever does anything worthwhile anyway…

  • Paul Facinelli

    Hmmm, a lot of Fox and a lot of Limbaugh here, Matt. The Democratic/KKK connection and Democratic opposition to civil rights in the South is from the 50s and 60s. The party has evolved. Southern Democrats (not many left, I’ll admit) abandoned that stance decades ago, to their moral if not electoral benefit, and it was Nixon and the Republicans who then adopted the so-called Southern strategy of trying to appeal to racist whites, a campaign strategy that’s still going today. Your argument is weak, Matt, ancient history mostly and your China reference is irrelevant. And I bet you believe that Obama’s coming after your gun, right? That Wayne LaPierre, wow. He has more blood on his hands than most brutal dictators, but he sure knows how to stoke the fears among gun owners about “the black guy in charge sending out the jack-booted thugs to grab the guns.” It’s hard to imagine anything more preposterous.

    • Matt Barile

      Lol. I see a lot of Stewart and Msnbc here if you say that. When you say they opposed the civil rights act that would make anyone believe you were speaking of the 50s 60s when it was being passed. I don’t have a gun but I don’t oppose people having one. I’m moderate maybe a little right leaning. My china story is relevant because that is how social health care works there and is an example. Writing Is on the wall from multiple sources.

      The only people with blood on their hands are the ones going out and giving it. Look at Chicago. Or our president drone bombing everything. People can die from other things like car wrecks ot stabbings. It’s the society not guns. There are millions of gun owners not killing everyone.

      • Nathan Opfer

        Hey Matt you’ll have to excuse Paul, hes just another demorat that doesn’t know the truth and rather argue with lies than face the truth.

    • bpbatista

      Bull Connor was a member of the Democratic National Committee. Sen. William Byrd (D W.Va.) was a member of the KKK.

  • Nick Mascari

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Bill Willis

    Better watch out Paul, the CT might fire you again.

    • Paul Facinelli

      :) ))))

  • Americaschild

    PLEASE let him do nothing in cleveland as in lorain county–does this mean he will be the no nothing next cleveland mayor soon to banckrupt cleveland like detroit?

  • bpbatista

    Actually, it was Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it was Republican Earl Warren who wrote the Brown v. Board of Education opinion.

  • Peter Aldrich

    Good riddance Sherwood. That’s a start. Maybe you should move to a Socialist Country (which you are trying to make ours). You might be happier. Don’t let
    the door hit you where the Good Lord Split you!

    • Bob Owens

      Maybe you should Pete. Sour grapes from last year when he whipped your little Mandel puppet fair and square.

  • Bob Owens

    Matt, that argument is old and tired. if you know anything about history in the last 50 years you would be aware of the shift in ideology. the social programs are NOT broke, the republicans only want you to think that so they can privatize them or eliminate them. You guys just parrot what you hear. No facts. The 2010 elections were supposed to be about jobs. Where are the jobs?

    • Matt Barile

      Bob: I’m well aware of the so called “shift”, while sitting back and watching the left harass anyone who doesn’t agree with them, hell also the rIght for that matter. We’ll see about that when the time comes. It’s funny to see everyone harp on each other with the continuous, no facts, parroting what we hear from both sides comments. The 2008 and 2012 elections were supposed to be about jobs, transparent government, less war, less spending,less government etc. Where is all that? I see more spending, more war, more government, and etc. When you have unions starting to look against Obama care, you know there is an issue.

    • Becky DuBois -Anastasiadis

      A couple rich so called families are taking over the other real rich families money. This is a revolving door. I know for a fact that I have worked for the government since I was a kid, and not sure how to fix what they just did. Did someone just die or get buried alive to ruin the whole world? Some kind of cash flow was going out, houses were being built without any jobs in this area. Where do you all work? You retired? Believe me I have the money to retire, you DO NOT.

  • Becky DuBois -Anastasiadis

    First of all, the Secret of the NIMH took over. National Institute of Mental Health. The whole town is acting like Zombies, who can get in a word in edge wise with all you nobody know it alls. You want to blame the United States Government and you might as well put the East Berlin wall up again. Oh, is this Germany or United States? I get confused sometimes. Control your woman aginst the real baby mama’s men , you can’t just steal yourself a baby.

  • Pete

    LOL, and all you Republican idiots think that him leaving is a good thing. He’s still in ofice, just in a new location. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    Wow, a lot of people here ate a lot of lead paint chips when you were younger, right?

    It has to be the explanation for why you don’t have the sense God gave a small dog.