November 26, 2014


Lorain man who abused mother released

ELYRIA — A Lorain man whose mother was discovered in his care with broken bones and covered in human waste was sentenced Monday to time served in the Lorain County Jail and probation.



Steven Whitman, who pleaded guilty in May to two counts of failing to provide for a functionally impaired person, will be monitored for three years and must perform 100 hours of community service, according to the sentence handed down by county Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski.

John Prusak said his client, who has been jailed since his arrest in November, already has served a longer jail sentence than the 180 days Betleski ordered him incarcerated.

Whitman, 52, was arrested after police were called to his Delaware Avenue home after neighbors reported hearing him screaming at his elderly mother.

When he met police in his driveway, Whitman told officers he was yelling at his mother, Janet Whitman, because she had spilled her food. Neighbors reported that the screaming was a common occurrence at the home the mother and son shared.

Inside the house, police found Janet Whitman covered in food, urine and feces. She had bruises and a broken arm, police noted, but medical personnel at the hospital later discovered she also had a broken hip and bed sores.

Police estimated Janet Whitman weighed 70 pounds when she was found and also reported that she had trouble communicating. The house smelled of trash, human waste and spilled food, according to a police report.

Janet Whitman, who had cancer, has since died, but prosecutors have said her death wasn’t related to her son’s treatment of her. Prusak previously has said Janet Whitman had refused efforts by her son to get her medical treatment. “He said he did the best he could under the circumstances,” Prusak said Monday.

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  • Ray Venn

    The responsibility for care for an invalid adult is just the same as for a child. If your child “refuses” medical care do you just say “ok Jimmy we don’t have to get a cast for that broken arm”?

    She refused medical care my eye. He should have spent a much, much longer time in jail. At least now she doesn’t have to put up with his abuse anymore.

  • Joe Smith

    So where is the mom now?

    • Phil Blank

      They said she died, but not because of his actions or some junk like that.
      I’ll bet!

      • Joe Smith

        He probably at least shortened her life span, thanks for the answer, I missed it in the article

  • Sarah Boesger

    Absolutely repulsive.

  • feawen

    “the best he could under the circumstances”??? Really?? If that was his “best,” I’d hate to see his worst! How can anyone do that to another person, much less his own mother???