November 26, 2014


Sheriff’s Office: Woman attacked son after refusing to baby-sit so he could have sex

AMHERST TWP. — An Amherst Township woman was arrested after deputies say she assaulted her son after refusing to watch his child so he could have sex with his girlfriend.

Deborah Heyer, 49, was charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest.

Deputies were called by Heyer to Maple Street in the Westwoods Mobile Home Park just after midnight Sunday, according to a report from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Heyer told them that her son, Adam, 21, punched her in the face. He then left the scene but returned by the time deputies arrived, the report said.

He told deputies that he asked his mother, with whom he lives, to watch his son so he could have sex with his girlfriend. His mother then became upset and approached him in an aggressive manner, the report said.

Adam Heyer told deputies he tried to grab her by her arms and hold her back, but she was able to grab him by the neck and scratch him. He said he never assaulted his mother.

Adam Heyer had scratch marks on his neck but declined medical attention and said he didn’t want to get his mom in trouble, the report said, and Deoborah Heyer admitted injuring her son.

Deborah Heyer said she told both her son and his girlfriend to keep their genitals in their pants.

Deborah Heyer demanded her son leave her home, and deputies explained to her the eviction process, the report said. Deputies then asked her if she would be OK with her son going to sleep in his bedroom.

She responded to that by pointing her finger in the deputy’s face and yelling “If something happens to me, you will be sorry,” the report said.

When Deborah Heyer was told she was under arrest for domestic violence, she began screaming hysterically and trying to kick a deputy. After a brief struggle, deputies were able to handcuff her.

While being transported to the jail, Deborah Heyer told deputies that at some point in her life she had been abducted by police but would not be more specific, the report said. She also told deputies she is bi-polar and is off her medication, the report said.

After arriving at the jail, she was searched for contraband and began screaming “this is sexual harassment!” the report said.

Heyer pleaded not guilty in Oberlin Municipal Court Monday and has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Aug. 15.

  • Joe Smith

    Can you feel the love?

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      I’ll have to ask my mom first! LOL

  • Mike Rush

    Oh yea, the LCSD will charge ANYONE with domestic violence for disciplining their child.. Take it from me, been there, done that… and Oberlin court will not let the case go, even on the recommendation of the prosecutor.. They want that money.. It will get reduced to Disorderly Conduct Persisting, which will pull about 500 – 600 dollars out of your pocket.. and you didn’t do a damn thing wrong, heck you’re the one that called the cops for help… That’s what sucks…

  • Zen Grouch

    So mom is trying to stop her son from knocking out more babies she’ll inevitably be responsible for, and SHE goes to jail?!

  • Bob Sweatt

    That whole story sounds like it should be on COPS.

  • Ralph Davis

    Mom, please do whatever is necessary to keep him from procreating. There just aren’t enough reality shows to go around.

  • hottamomma

    the mom shouldnt have been arrested, and why didnt the police call child services if it was such a problem with the mom?????. if she come home and kill her child( which i doubt) them it will be the police fault for not taking him. she said she wanted him gone, so they shouldve took to child services

    • Joe Smith

      You don’t call child services when the “kid” is 21 years old

      • hottamomma


  • Carisa Bowen

    This whole story is bullshit.. honestly people how stupid can u be..if he seriously punched his mom in the face why would she go to jail. U don’t know this kid or the whole story..