May 27, 2016


Police say woman harbored missing boy

LORAIN — When police arrived at the home of Kelly M. Flores, 35, on Tuesday, they found a missing boy in a back room and a woman who insisted she had no idea he was there.

The boy, 13, was reported missing Jan. 9. The woman was his girlfriend’s mother.

Police spokesman Roger Watkins said it isn’t a case of abduction or kidnapping, however.

When the boy was found, there was no evidence that he had been held against his will, nor were there any signs of abuse. Instead, Watkins said, the boy ran away from home more than six months ago to live with his girlfriend in her mother’s house.

“He went to a place where he knew he had shelter,” Watkins said. “(Flores) was just harboring him.”

Flores insisted that she was unaware that the child was in her home. However, over the past six months, police became increasingly suspicious as they visited her house and were turned away each time. Finally on Tuesday after knocking on Flores’ front door for almost an hour, they were allowed in and found the child in the back room.

“It was a small house,” said Watkins, adding that he did not believe Flores’ contention that she was unaware of the boy in her house.

Flores was arrested on Tuesday in her home for interference with custody and obstruction of official business. She was being held at the Lorain jail.