November 26, 2014


Mother charged with leaving son

ELYRIA — A local mother who recently organized a “Stop the Hate and Violence” rally for Trayvon Martin was arrested Thursday after she told police she blacked out from drugs and alcohol and lost her child.



Heather Zimmer, 26, called police at 5:25 a.m. Thursday to report that her 1-year-old child was missing, and said she didn’t have any idea of where he would be. Zimmer told police that she woke up at a Quincy Avenue home and realized that her child was gone after “blacking out” from drinking, according to a police report.

Police spoke with a witness, Heather Trembly, who told police Zimmer was drinking during the evening, and she had her child, who was in the stroller. Trembly told police that she believed Zimmer was under the influence of heroin, too.

According to the police report, Trembly discovered Zimmer sleeping outside of her grandmother’s house later that night, and she noticed that Zimmer did not have her child with her.

Police said officers tried contacting Zimmer’s friends, who she said may have had the child, before finding the child at an apartment on Washington Avenue.

A resident, Tracy Guest, told police Zimmer came to the apartment and asked her if she would watch the child, telling her that she would be right back. She said Zimmer never returned for the child, and she fell asleep waiting for her.

Guest told police that she knew Zimmer from high school, but she hadn’t seen her in 10 years. The child was taken to his grandmother, according to the report, and Zimmer was charged with child endangering and taken to Lorain County Jail.

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  • KZ14

    Great cause to protest all drugged up I’m sure it meant a lot to you

  • Pablo Jones

    Wow this didn’t take long. I said there will be those at the protest that are there saying they need to stop the hate and violence, but once they leave they won’t do what is needed to stop the cycle.

    Sorry kid, most likely you will be stuck in a life of poverty, violence, and drugs. The main cause will be your mother and probably your father who really isn’t in the picture.

    Lady you want to know to stop the hate and violence, don’t do what you do.

    • Guest

      Why do you blame her parents for her decisions? She is an adult! She is responsible for her own actions. I am sick of hearing adults blame their parents for everything that happens to them. Grow up and be responsible!

      • Pablo Jones

        That middle paragraph was not for her it was for the child she is raising. Kids are a product of their environment. That doesn’t mean good kids can’t come from a bad home or bad kids can’t come from good homes. But the odd aren’t in their favor. I would bet that little child will have an arrest record before they are 18.

  • keepsmewonderin

    Find it hard to believe this loser could organize anything. How is that possible when her own life is such a mess? Loser and a rabble-rowser.

    • Zen Grouch

      She used the same Rolodex to find protestors that she uses to track down smack.

  • Spec440

    Too bad she doesn’t love her kid as much as sweet little Trayvon.

  • Ex_Subscriber

    The woman in that mug shot is twenty-six? Yow.

  • Judy Offutt

    what a wonderful life with drugs and alcohol and raising a child!!!!!!! if your not interested in your child give him to someone who car, there are many people out there who will give him a loving home and bring him up right !


  • oldruss

    Time for Children’s Services to permanently terminate this woman’s parental rights.

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  • bpbatista

    Did she have iced tea, skittles and Robitussin too?

    • Zen Grouch

      There’s “Skittles” and then there’s *SKITTLES!*

    • Bob Sweatt

      It wasn’t ice tea. It was Arizona Watermelon Cocktail. But the media didn’t want to put that because it sounds to racist. Even though it is what Trayvon Monster actually had on him at the time of his death.

  • Zen Grouch

    **A local mother who recently organized a “Stop the Hate and Violence”
    rally for Trayvon Martin was arrested Thursday after she told police she
    blacked out from drugs and alcohol and lost her child.**

    THANKS… for letting me start the weekend on a high note!

  • Thomas Calkins

    We need to start a rally to “Stop idiots from having children”.

    • Bob Sweatt

      Dude if I could Like your comment more then once I would. LOL

      • trucker1_68

        I want to add to Thomas’ comment……”Stop idiots from having children while drunk”…

    • hottamomma

      i say have people on welfare spayed and neutered in order to get their check and stamps