November 22, 2014


Invacare lays off 25 additional employees

ELYRIA — Invacare laid off 25 more employees at its Taylor Street facility, bringing the number of employees who lost a job there to 235 since December, according to Invacare spokeswoman Lara Mahoney. 
The layoffs were made Thursday, and Mahoney said they are permanent. The company provided transition assistance to the affected employees, such as pay, benefits and help finding a new position.
Mahoney said the reduction of manufacturing associates — most hourly employees — was made to meet the company’s production needs, which have shrunk since a federal consent decree.
The decree ordered Invacare Corp. to work with the Food and Drug Administration after the FDA halted design, manufacture and distribution of manual and power wheelchairs and components at its Taylor Street facility. The order was made after the FDA found violations of quality control regulations.
Mahoney said the company is making progress on regulations ordered by the consent degree. The company has completed two out of three independent audits that are required to resume full production at the facility. The FDA also will have to complete its own audit and inspection under the terms of the consent degree.
Mahoney said the decision to lay off the employees wasn’t an easy one for the company.
“These are top-rate associates, and these decisions are difficult to make,” she said.
Mahoney said there are 115 employees left at the Taylor Street facility.
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  • Bob Haas

    Meanwhile, China has gained 235 jobs.

    • Zen Grouch

      The jobs are probably going to Mexico…


  • Deacon

    Just another example of a poorly run company.

  • Heath J

    This isn’t about outsourcing, it’s about government over-regulation effectively killing a once prosperous company.

  • Don Grantzki

    And the political appointees know all about making wheel chairs?
    What is the name brand of those which they produce?
    Looks like the demmunists are just trying to drum up business for their allies in red China.

  • Mark B

    Lets not forget that the unions are extorting them to the point that they cant remain competitive in america.

  • hottamomma

    they wouldnt have to lay off if they didnt build there other plant in china,. i would never buy my parents anything from invacare because of that

    • Mark B

      Maybe if the Unions didn’t demand so much , and if the Taxes in America wasn’t so high on business then maybe they would not be building in China. Who’s fault is it that china is more business friendly than USA ?

      • hottamomma

        its not the american peoples fault. the americans buy most of their product (which they r fools for buying them). you see im american all the way i support america, i buy american even though japanese makes better product, i support our workers. soon all the jobs will be over seas and they wont have anyone buying their products

        • Pablo Jones

          It’s the American people that vote for the politicians that say they are going to give them all the benefits and programs they won’t and it won’t cost them anything because they will stick it to big business. That big business needs to pay their fair share. Well businesses aren’t tied to any area. They can go to where business is welcomed they can make their products for a lower cost and sell them for a lower cost. The American people complain when businesses leave but they are the ones pushing higher taxes on them.

          Remember businesses higher over 100 million people in this country. They pay over a trillion dollars in wages that support millions of families. They pay trillions in taxes already. I think businesses are doing their fair share and our country needs to stop driving them away.

          • hottamomma

            all americans didnt vote for the politicians. are u saying u voted for obama, then thats on u. america should stay in america. yes they keep raising taxes on businesses, they also keep raising taxes on schools, but they schools arent leaving the country. they keep raising taxes on americans but we r not leaving the country. i will not buy anything that was produced in this country and went elsewhere. thats just me. my spouse loves stuff made in other countries cause they last longer than american built, but me i will only buy american. when america dont have any jobs, i will tell dont complain you bought non american items to hes part of the problem also. lol

          • stillsleepyeyes

            If you buy gas……………your not buying American products

          • hottamomma

            u r just being an a*s. if u cant buy it american made then u just cant duh!. plus i dont buy gas my spouse does it for me

          • Pablo Jones

            You can find almost anything American made. You just have to be willing to look for it and be willing to pay for it.

            Would you buy a Honda, it’s a non-American product, but built in the US (Ohio).

          • Pablo Jones

            I said it’s “the American people that vote for the politicians that say….”

            I wasn’t aware that schools are taxed. I know tax payers, specifically property owners are taxed. And they have responded by voting down tax levies, or by leaving for other areas. They raise taxes on American’s and American money is leaving the country. You don’t need to be a rich tycoon to invest out of the country most retirement funds have investments out of the country.

            The US is at the top for corporate taxes and because of that American companies are shipping operations out of the country and once those profits are out of the country they are not bringing them back because they will be taxed again so it just stays out of the country.

            Also because of our high corporate tax rates a record number of American companies are being sold and bought out by foreign groups (what’s more American than our beer companies and now they are foreign owned).

            If you want more people to buy American you need to make businesses want to do businesses in this country. Labor cost has very little to do with out sourcing. The saving of a dollar or less per item is quickly eaten up by the transportation costs of shipping it here.

            Competition makes companies stronger and better. The US car companies’ quality sucked in the 60′s – 80′s cars were rusting and falling apart and not lasting. The Japanese built better quality cars and people bought them. The US quickly realized they needed to improve quality and they did.

      • Zen Grouch

        That’s right, blame it on Obama…

        …like the champagne corks weren’t flying on Wall St. every time it was announced that American jobs were being sent overseas, during the BUSH administration.