November 28, 2014

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LCCC arson suspect arrested

ELYRIA — Drew Manns, the man being accused of starting a February 2009 fire at Lorain County Community College, was arrested at 2 p.m. Saturday after he allegedly fled the area, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Manns was arrested by the Elyria Police Department and taken to Lorain County Jail, but Elyria police had no details about his arrest Saturday night.

Manns, 29, is facing a theft charge out of Elyria Municipal Court for allegedly withdrawing $7,000 from his mother’s bank account on Monday.

According to court records, Manns’ mother, Wanda Campolo, said Manns had taken her cell phone and submerged it in water and then left. Campolo reported the theft from her bank account on Tuesday, and prosecutors believed that Manns would not show for his Aug. 5 pretrial in the arson case.

Manns is accused of causing more than $8.4 million in damage to LCCC.

He was originally charged with arson in 2009, but the charge was dropped before he was sent to jail so police and fire officials could do more work on the investigation.

He was charged with aggravated arson charges in July 2012 after investigators gathered evidence including security surveillance footage, which Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will said in an earlier interview links Manns, who wasn’t a student at the college, to the fire that is believed by investigators th have been intentionally set.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja

    It’s been nearly four and a half years and this case hasn’t been in court? Who is sleeping at the wheel?

    • Chris

      Amen, Larry! It makes me wonder if they are creating a case or actually collecting evidence to charge this young man? Four years? Really? Regardless of his past issues, to hold this man, with previous charges dropped, from 2009-2011 while an investigation goes on is ridiculous! He was charged with arson in July 2012 and here we are headed into August 2013. I’d run too! Although he has gotten into mischief in the past, and let’s keep in mind he has a disability, that shouldn’t justify this young man’s freedom being taken away for an investigation. Not a conviction….but an investigation. I believe there is no evidence and the powers that be have intentionally put him in a desperate situation and are making this mans life a living hell. This blows my mind!

      • disqus_HolYEuCY1c

        This is so unfair to this mother ,do you know her ? Do you know what her life has been like ? Do you know anything at all ? Sad for all involved.

  • Don Grantzki

    If that’s a photo of the culprit, one is left to wonder just what he would be doing anywhere near a place of higher learning?

    • Joe Smith

      Lighting fires