November 20, 2014


Body of Lorain man found

The body of a Lorain man was found burning approximately 150 miles south of Cleveland.

Workers in McConnelsville called police to report the burning body on Thursday, July 25. The body was recovered on Morgan County Road 15, about 1,000 yards west of state Route 555 in UnionTownship.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, which investigated the case, identified the body as that of Phillip Lawrence Kimbro, Jr., 24.

Kimbro’s last known address in 2011 was at 2501 Homewood Drive in Lorain, according to a press release from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. Kimbro’s Facebook page lists that he lived in East Columbus, however.

The press release indicated that Kimbro has an extensive criminal record, but police didn’t elaborate. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office would not release more information on Kimbro’s death.

Kimbro’s last post on Facebook was made at 12:29 a.m. July 24, and a friend indicated that he had been missing since that evening.


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  • Corinna McWilliams Kirkendoll

    So Are you saying he deserved to die because he had a criminal backgroung? He was still someone child/ family member why put that in your story and he was a victim of a horrible crime?

    • Darrell Childers II

      It may lead to why he was involved in such a horrible crime. For example, drugs or weapons. It is just protocol. They never said he deserved anything. Just stating a background.

      • Corinna McWilliams Kirkendoll

        why elbaborate or assume his death had something to do with his backgroung until the investigation is complete? I think it is totally insensitive to the family. And I am part of his family thru marriage

        • agent5959

          They “elaborate” because that’s what news is… elaboration on current events. They didn’t “assume” anything. They reported the truth. If there is anything inaccurate in their journalism, I’m sure they’d be happy to look into it.

    • David France

      Just look at his last name. Thats saw you need to no.

    • Spec440

      I don’t know…..maybe they put it in the story because it was um….in the press release. Just a guess. Imagine, using a press release in a news story.

    • agent5959

      Where did they say he deserved to die? And why would you suggest they point out that he was the offspring of parents? Isn’t everyone?