November 28, 2014


Alleged garbage dumper forgets the oldest rule in crime, don’t leave your address at the scene

A Lorain man was charged with dumping a pile of household garbage last week in the lawn of West River Road N. property.

David Huhn, 43, of McKinley Street, Lorain, was charged with littering and deposit of garbage Wednesday. He was arrested on Clinton Avenue in Lorain.

Police followed an address that the Childers’ discovered in the trash to a house in Lorain with a dump truck parked in the driveway. After talking to multiple people, police determined that Huhn used it on July 24 to dump trash on the Childers’ property. The trash included loose hypodermic needles.

Because the trash presented a health hazard, the Elyria Sanitation Department cleaned it up and absorbed the $318.40 charge.

Huhn is set to appear in Elyria Municipal Court at 10 a.m. Aug. 8.

  • Zen Grouch

    I hope they sentence this guy to about a million hours of picking up garbage by the side of the road.

  • Rita Collins

    Why should the city have to pay this bill? make him pay the over $300.00 in cost,and put him on the highway picking up trash. what a low life.

  • Mark

    Not the brightest one out there, eh? Smart enough to drive a dump truck… stupid enough to use it illegally, leave it in his driveway, etc…

    Dumping used hypodermics? That is a crime he needs time for. Let alone the $318 “the Sanitation Dept” absorbed. For his criminal illegal activity? Wrong answer.

    He can sell the dump truck if he can’t pay it.

  • oldruss

    This hump should have to forfeit that dump truck, used for criminal activity, not unlike the cars used by drug dealers to haul around their heroin, coke, etc.

  • marie faren