November 22, 2014


Suspected dumper tracked down

David Huhn

David Huhn

LORAIN — It was a scrap of paper, but enough to lead police to the man who they suspect is responsible for dumping a truck full of trash in the lawn of a home on West River Road North last week.

The paper contained an address, and it led them to David Huhn, 43, of McKinley Street, Lorain, who was charged Wednesday with littering and deposit of garbage. Huhn, who told police he didn’t realize anyone lived on the property, is scheduled to appear 10 a.m. Thursday at Elyria Municipal Court.

Police were called July 24 when Telesha and Darrel Childers came home to find the trash dumped near their driveway. It wasn’t a small pile, nor was it safe: hypodermic needles were scattered among the garbage and household items.

The Childerses actually found the paper with the address on it, and they drove to the home and found a dump truck parked in the drive.

As police worked to figure out who was responsible, the Childerses worked with the city to figure out how to get the mess cleaned up. Ron Horvath, Telesha Childers’ father and owner of the property, was grateful that the city Sanitation Department stepped in to clear it away.

It took three different vehicles — a backhoe, a Bobcat and a rear-loading garbage truck — but it was done July 26.

“It was difficult to clean,” said sanitation manager Rodney Eye. “My concern was that one of my guys would get stuck with a needle.”

Horvath was thankful to Mayor Holly Brinda — “I’m really happy I voted for her,’’ he said — for allowing the crews to do the cleanup.
Eye, meanwhile, is pushing to have the bill for the cleanup — $318.40 — recouped if Huhn is found guilty.

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  • Angelboys

    what a low life.

  • The_Banker


  • Zen Grouch

    “It took three different vehicles — a backhoe, a Bobcat and a rear-loading garbage truck — but it was done July 26.”

    Including labor, $318.40 seems like an incredibly low price to clean up potentially toxic waste.

  • KZ14

    $318.00 really is that just for the fuel? Littering is a $500.00 fine alone, give me a break

  • Americaschild

    Consider having him pay? HE NEEDS TO PAY and be fined for liter and dumping.

  • rlm_Lorain

    “He didn’t realize anyone lived on the property”. Since when is it acceptable to dump your trash on vacant property that does not belong to you? I hope they throw the book at this guy. He needs to pay the fine for illegal dumping and he needs to reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of the clean-up, which I also find suspiciously low. A little jail time might also get his attention, but I doubt that our judicial system will have the backbone to order it.

  • Scott Williams

    He been doing this for years, now hes caught , he will still do it ..$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Joe Smith

    Boy that headline gave me a whole different mental picture!